My Husband Warm the Bed-1025

“Playing house? Did you think I wanted to play with you?” Silvia endured the pain in her arm and shouted without fear, “Even looking at you makes me feel disgusted

Jayden’s face turned gloomy and veins protruded on his forehead. He didn’t expect her to say something like this.

Silvia struggled hard and tried to get rid of his hand. “Jayden, I would rather die

than to be with you”

Jayden increased his strength over her even more. His eyes looked they were flaming up as he said, “Silvia, don’t be ungrateful.” Silvia tried to hold back and be submissive. In order to protect her mother, she

tried best to comply to Jayden’s arrangement, but she was also hot-tempered. She couldn’t control herself once she became angry. “Ungrateful? So, in your opinion, it’s my honor to have my name on your marriage certificate?”

Jayden frowned, “Isn’t it that?”

“Oh.. You’re so arrogant. Do you think that just because you have a rich father, all the women in the world would want to be with you?” Silvia then lowered her head and bit the back of his hand. When he let go of her hand in pain, she quickly turned around, grabbed the marriage certificate on the desk and tore it into pieces mercilessly.

Looking at the torn certificate, Silvia felt so happy that she could stand up for herself. “I hereby announce that we are not married

Marriage certificate? F*ck it.

How could one legalize marriage just like that? She didn’t believe it. She wanted to see what tricks they would play next.

“Do you think that the certificate was enough to prove the legality of our marriage?’ Jayden smiled coldly, as if laughing at her childishness. Since our dear Mrs. Kyle enjoys tearing up marriage certificates, then l’ll order a thousand

more copies so you could tear them to your heart’s content.”

Silvia was taken aback. “You.”

She had used all her tricks, but Jayden, the b*stard, still didn’t let go of her. It seemed that he was pushing her into a dead end.

She tried a different trick. She tried to talk to him and reason with him. “Young Master Kyle, we are all mature adults here. Can’t we just be reasonable?

He did not interrupt her, which meant that he wanted her to continue. Silvia glanced at him and continued, “Look, your family is rich and powerful, and you are very attractive. Whichever woman you like, I can guarantee that she

would also like you. Why would you want to get entangled with me?”

The woman I like will like me too?” As he heard this sentence, Jayden thought that Silvia was mocking him. Over the years, he had done everything he wanted to do, except getting the

affection from the woman he loved. Instead, he watched helplessly as she was

about to become someone else’s bride.

Silvia seemed to have read something bitter in his eyes and asked immediately. “Do you have a girl you really like?”

Seeing that Silvia was trying to pry into his mind, Jayden put his defenses back up. “Does it have anything to do with you?” Silvia murmured, “You forced me to sign a marriage certificate. I’m just asking

curiously if you have a woman you fancy. It’s not too much compared to what

you did.

Jayden asked, “Do you like me?”

I would rather like anyone else than a person like you!” Silvia blurted out without thinking. After that, she thought of something. “Do you mean to say that you like me?”

What a joke!

Even if he admitted it, she would not believe it. She could see from his eyes that he despised her and looked down on her

“Like you? Which part of you is worthy of a man’s love?” Jayden’s tongue was as sharp as Silvia’s. He still hid the secret in his heart. “Follow what I say and stop fooling around. If not, watch what I can do.”

He didn’t have any time for any arguments, and he didn’t have the time to fool

around with Silvia. The marriage registration was done. Silvia could never regret it, unless it was over Jayden’s dead body. Silvia said provocatively, “What would you do? Why don’t you just strangle me? If you could, just strangle me. Otherwise, don’t f*cking try to threaten me. Do

you think I’m easily frightened?”

“You… This woman had a glib tongue. Since she could not be reasoned with,

Jayden did not want to continue further. “What?” Silvia was very happy that he got angry. She felt that she was winning

He wasn’t the only one with the right to bully! Why should she listen to him about everything?

She was also a human, a person who loved freedom and had self-worth. Why

should she be bullied by this b*stard? She didn’t want to continue this!

No matter what Jayden wanted to do with her, she would fight until the end. She would never be a coward again. If he had the ability, he could just kill her off.

However, at the next moment, Silvia was afraid This man would not kill her, but he could torment her cruelly, and she wouldn’t be able to fight back.

What happened in the study two days ago was still vivid in her mind. The wounds on her body had not healed yet. Suddenly, Jayden grabbed Silvia into his embrace

His strength was so great and he held her tightly in his arms. Her body was tightly pressed against his, and she could even feel every solid muscle on his body clearly

It was forceful, overbearing, and rough just like the last time… Silvia seemed to feel that something terrible was going to happen next.

“You. What do you want to do?” Because she gone through such a terrifying experience previously, Silvia was so scared that she was trembling. “What do I want to do? Do I need to report it to you?” He knew that she was

afraid. She was not pretending, as she was genuinely really afraid of him.

Unconsciously, the strength that constrained her had been reduced a little

“Don’t. She bit her lip as if she was suffering. “Dont.. please don’t hurt me again!”

Tears fell from the corner of her eyes inadvertently. Seeing a beautiful woman

cry, Jayden’s heart softened, he could not bear to torment her further.

Moreover, Jayden was not really going to do anything to her. He just wanted her to shut up and have her accept the fact that they were husband and wife,

“Then please lower your defenses. Be obedient to me.” Jayden was talking,

and suddenly, Silvia lifted her leg and kicked him in his private part. Jayden didn’t expect that Silvia could still attack him despite being so scared.

This woman was so bold that she shocked him.

He had let down his guard against her, which was why this came unexpectedly.

He had almost had his fertility threatened by her assault! He Instinctively reached out to cover his groin with his hands, and his face turned extremely gloomy, fuming with anger.

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  1. Glory Kay

    Kudos dear author for this great piece
    This Jayden is worse than Kelvin Kyle
    Even when Kelvin married Karen he still considered and had her interest at heart
    Infact I don’t like this Jayden 😩😩 just tormenting the poor girl.mtcheew😩😩
    To the writer of this great piece God bless you abundantly 🤗🤗

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