My Husband Warm the Bed-1027

Soon, Silvia tried to tell herself that wasn’t possible. He did not touch her before that horrifying incident. How could he know if touching her felt good?

Another possibility had been ruled out. Silvia was more confused She felt

powerless as she could not figure it out If she had known that she would feel so helpless one day, she would have improved her intelligence, so that she would not have fallen into a dead end like

now, unable to extricate herself.

“What’s the reason then? Why? God, please tell me. Silvia rolled around on the bed with the quilt in her arms. Suddenly, an idea flashed in her mind.

The reason why she was in contact with Jayden was because of the black

market auction the last time. The auction had something to do with Norman as he kept thinking about taking Wateria Corporation over. So, could it be possible that Jayden chose her because he had his eyes set on

Wateria Corporation?

Very likely!

Besides this thought, Silvia could not think of another reason. This was the

most reasonable explanation.

However, there was also another question. The Kyle family was already the richest and most powerful family in Madison City, why would he be interested in a small company like Wateria Corporation?

Was there something that Wateria Corporation had that they didn’t have?


It must be!

Silvia bit her lip. She needed to investigate further. She couldn’t let Jayden, that inhuman person, cheat her in vain.

It was already very late when Silvia had that explanation in mind. The moment she felt slightly more relaxed, she became so sleepy She pulled up the quilt and covered her head with it. She couldn’t wait to sleep soundly. When she fell asleep, she would forget about all the troubles for a while.

It felt so good when sleeping. Not only could she forget about the worries, but

she could also see the person she always wanted to see. Like before, he was wearing a simple casual outfit, which were a beige T-shirt and beige pants. He looked well-groomed and cheerful.

He stood at the gate of the school. In the crowd of people, Silvia saw him at a glance. Of course, he also saw her. Their eyes met, and they smiled at the same


Silvia blinked at him and ran to his side quickly “Mr. Felix Xavier, who are you waiting for?

As he heard her teases, Felix smiled gently and said, “I’m waiting. He

paused deliberately as he saw how excited Silvia had gotten. “I’m waiting for

my girlfriend.”

Silvia asked, “Who is your girlfriend? Is she beautiful? How is she compared to


The smile on his face became more gentle. “Of course, my girlfriend is extremely beautiful. In my heart, her beauty is unparalleled Hearing his answer, Silvia smiled like the happiest child on Earth. “Mr. Xavier, I

will pass this message to your girlfriend

He smiled and played along with her. “Well then, please ask her this too. I want

to invite her to have dinner with me. Would she agree? She locked her arm with his and said, “I’ll answer this question on behalf of your

girlfriend. She’s willing to go out to dinner with you”

He smiled and raised his eyebrows. “Excuse me, Miss Turner, are you planning to take my girlfriend’s place and have dinner with me?”

Silvia replied frankly, “If you don’t mind, I’ll be honored.”

“Ouch. Boss, why are you showing off like this. You should think about single people like us!” Prince and Lemur appeared beside them suddenly, and the two looked uncomfortable.

“Prince, Lemur, you two are jealous, aren’t you?” Silvia rubbed her hands. “Why are you still around us? Go away now.

Prince and Lemur backed off at the same time. “Felix, please look carefully at the woman before you. Don’t get attached to a fierce lady”

Silvia raised her fist and said, “You two.. you’re really looking for death!” “Boss, take care of your image. Remember to be gentle in front of Felix. Men always prefer gentle women!” Prince and Lemur tried their best to escape and did not forget to diss their lovely boss first.

No matter how strong a woman’s character was, she could not resist being gentle in front of the man she liked. She would hide her flaws, hoping that he would only see her excellent side.

Silvia, of course, was worried that Felix would hate her because she was not feminine enough. “Brother Felix, do you think I’m too fierce, like what they


Felix did not answer her question. Silvia, give me your hand

Silvia insisted on getting a satisfactory answer, otherwise, she would not feel at ease. “Brother Felix, answer my question first.”

Felix still did not answer Silvia’s question, but insisted on getting her hand.

“Come on, give me your hand.” Silvia hid her hand behind her back. “Humph, Brother Felix, if you don’t answer

my question, I won’t give you my hand. Let’s see what you can do

Felix smiled helplessly and stretched out his hand to touch her smooth forehead. His gentle voice softened. “Oh come on, listen to me!”

Silvia pouted and said, “Brother Felix, you’re cheating!”

When she did not listen to him, he always spoke to her in such a gentle way.

When she heard his voice, naturally, her heart would melt. How could she reject him? She gave her hand willingly,

Felix held her hand and held it tightly in his palm. “No matter what you look like, I like you. So Silvia, just be yourself, don’t care what others say”

Besides, in his heart, she was different from her past. She was neither rude nor gentle. Instead, she was cute in her own way.

She was lively, daring, energetic, and beautiful. She was a treasure that many

people could never get in their lives.

He couldn’t wait to buy a safe to hide her so that no one else could see her. He

didn’t mind her blunt personality at al. However, Felix didn’t say it out loud.

Silvia had strong self-confidence. If he praised her again, she would be flying in the air out of conceit. He was worried that she would leave him one day.

Hearing Felix’s words, Silvia was so excited that she no longer cared that she was at the school gate and there were a lot of people around. She threw herself into his arms and said, “Brother Felix, I don’t care about how others think of me, but I care about what you think of me because you are special to me”

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