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After giving her the bottled water, Jayden looked straight ahead again. No matter what Silvia said, he ignored her.

Silvia snorted and said silently, “How could you be so arrogant if you need help one day, don’t blame me for being merciless. “Ouch. Silvia felt a strong pinch on her arm. This man was really abnormal.

How could he pinch her for that?

She glared at him fiercely, but he looked at the front of the car indifferently, as if the person who had just pinched her was not him. There were only two of them in the back seat. Who else could it be other than him?

Did he really think that she was so foolish?

Silvia certainly didn’t know that in the eyes of Young Master Kyle, she was a

complete moron who only knew how to eat and sleep. Of course, because Silvia didn’t know what he was thinking, she was cursing

him in her heart. She cursed that he would die one day from stupidity!

Half an hour later, the car arrived at Madison International Airport. Silvia thought that Jayden would take her directly to the plane, but he took her to the VIP lounge instead. Someone in the lounge had already prepared a set of

“beautiful clothes for her.

Silvia glanced at the clothes and could only describe them as “beautiful”. The clothes looked pretty but were not the style she fancied.

The pink-colored outfit would suit a young, teenage girl more, and not herself. Silvia was already a twenty-year-old adult, and she preferred mature designs and plain colors.

This time, without Jayden’s nagging, Silvia already knew what to do. After all,

she wanted to change of her wet clothes more than he did, otherwise, she would be too ashamed to go out.

After changing her clothes, Silvia adjusted her hair simply. For a girl like Silvia who was born pretty, without makeup, she could still charm a lot of people. Silvia was very satisfied with her appearance. Unexpectedly, after she exited the dressing room, Jayden did not even look at her and then dragged her onto the


The plane was not the luxurious private plane that Silvia imagined rich people

would take. They were flying on a normal plane, but with business class seats, It seemed that this wealthy Young Master was quite down-to-earth. Jayden ushered her to her seat. As soon as she sat down, a flight attendant

welcomed them. “Sir, my name is Audrey. Today, I will serve you on your flight. If

you need anything, please let me know anytime.”

The beautiful flight attendant bent slightly, and she walked seductively in front of Jayden. She discreetly stuffed a card into Jayden’s hand. Her phone number was written on it.

F*k!” Silvia was so surprised that her jaw dropped. How could the flight attendant be so daring? She gave her number to a man when his wife, Silvia, was sitting beside him!

Although Silvia didn’t want to, she needed to admit that she was Jayden’s wife.

As she was reminded by this fact, Silvia became angry thinking that others were stepping over her just because Jayden did not think highly of her? Silvia suddenly felt a heavy load on her chest. She was so upset that she felt

out of breath. She wanted to get off the plane to get some air

She would like to see how Jayden, a man who was cruel, promiscuous, and rude, would hook up with the flight attendant just now.

Silvia turned her head and leaned against the chair, sulking silently. Jayden

suddenly waved his hand and called the senior flight attendant over. “Are you in

charge of the cabin crew?”

The senior flight attendant nodded and gave a courteous smile. She replied, “Yes, sir. What can I do for you?

Jayden’s eyes darkened and he said coldly. The flight attendant over there” He

pointed to the attendant who had just given him the card and said, “Ask her to come over.”

Silvia kept quiet

They barely settled down, yet he was asking for the seductive flight attendant

to ‘service him. Silvia rolled her eyes as she found Jayden to be someone who was unbelievably vile!

She didn’t understand him. Since Jayden wanted to sleep with different women, why did he want to get married to Silvia and even bring her out with him?

If Jayden were single, it would be more convenient for him to do anything he wanted. He could commit any lascivious deed openly!

Silvia felt that he was trying to make her feel disgusted on purpose. Being in the service line, as long as the passengers didn’t ask for anything unreasonable, the flight attendants would try their best to meet their demands

as quickly and as best as they could.

The senior flight attendant smiled politely and said, “Sir, please wait a moment. I’ll ask her to come over right away”

The senior flight attendant spoke into her walkie-talkie. “Audrey, come here

right away

The cabin of the plane was not big, and it didn’t take long for Audrey to come over. Thinking that the man she gave the card to was looking for her, she was a little excited.

However, when Jayden spoke, the smile on Audrey’s face gradually disappeared. “Miss Audrey, please apologize to my wife now. Do it in front of

your senior flight attendant

Silvia was very surprised.

When Jayden said wife’, was he referring to herself?

If that was the case, Silvia felt that the suffocating feeling that she had earlier, had disappeared. She felt delighted and smug.

After the initial smugness, Silvia then realized how useless she was

Since she had been disrespected by others, it was normal to receive an apology. Why was she feeling smug over that?

The senior flight attendant was used to receiving all kinds of complaints. She

asked politely, “Sir, can you tell me how Audrey had offended your esteemed


Silvia nodded vigorously and said to Jayden, “Yes, yes, tell her. You must provide strong evidence, if not, you’re just framing her.”

Inexplicably, Silvia suddenly looked forward to Jayden’s answer. She nodded

fervently, like a nosy passer-by. Jayden did not explain, but he passed the card that Audrey had given him to the senior flight attendant. “Is this evidence enough?”

He was talking to the senior flight attendant, but obviously, it was for Silvia Silvia replied, “What kind of evidence is this? I don’t care if she has handed you a

card at all

Jayden smiled gently and said, “Alright, don’t speak out of spite. I will definitely

have them provide a satisfactory explanation on this matter.” Before she could speak her words, he pinched her waist. Silvia closed her mouth obediently and stared at him with wide eyes. She always felt that

Silvia wanted to explain further, “No… I.”

something was wrong, but she couldn’t figure out what was wrong at the


The senior flight attendant was smart, so she knew what was going on as soon as she got the card. Audrey was trying to cast a net to lure in a wealthy man. Instead of catching a big fish, the fish broke her net instead!

Audrey’s face turned red and then pale. She had never expected that her plan would fail and that her behavior would be reported to her superior.

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