My Husband Warm the Bed-1031

The original novel had many fans, and the novel’s author was the screenwriter for the adapted film. A famous director came on board and many talented and good-looking actors and actresses were involved in the movie too. Even during its production period, the movie had garnered a lot of attention

Silvia was a huge fan of the original novel. During the early phase of the production of the film, she even visited the production site with her friends. Before the movie was released, she watched the trailer many times and any videos related to it, including the behind the scenes footage. She even promoted the movie to her friends and family. She was a big fan and was extremely excited for its release.

Since she liked it so much, Felix had bought two tickets online a few days before the movie was released. He invited her to go to the premiere on the midnight of August 8th.

They grew up together and Silvia secretly had a crush on him. Since he invited her to watch a movie together, of course, she agreed almost immediately.

The weather was good that day, but it suddenly rained at night. Silvia rode the subway on that day without an umbrella so she was drenched in rain. Obviously, she knew she couldn’t meet him looking like that. When she arrived

at the entrance of the cinema, she sent Felix a text message, saying that she

needed to rush her thesis and that she could not attend the premiere,

Soon, she received his reply, “It’s okay. The thesis is more important. We can watch it again next time. If there is anything you need help with, please tell me.”

Reading the text he sent, Silvia was very sad. She knew that she should not lie

to him, but it was too late for regrets now as she had already sent the message. She couldn’t just appear in front of him and have her “lie” exposed. This would leave a bad impression, After thinking for a while, Silvia went to a nearby cafe and sat at a place where

she could see the entrance of the cinema. She sat there quietly. When the

movie was over, she saw Felix coming out looking disappointed. She knew that she must be the cause of his disappointment. Many couples were holding hands around him. He was the only one walking alone out of the cinema.

She couldn’t bear to see him being sad. When she saw that him walking out

alone sadly, she didn’t care about her appearance anymore. She rushed out and stood in front of him.

When he saw her, his eyes widened and lit up. Silvia would never forget that look. Surprise!

She pulled an exaggerated face at him and said, “Brother Felix, are you happy? Are you surprised?” Silvia stuck out her tongue and whispered, “It’s raining, so I got wet”

Felix saw how drenched she was and asked sternly, “Why are your clothes wet?”

He took off his T-shirt and handed it to her. “Please change to this. I’ll take you home after you do.”

She smiled stupidly and said, “Okay.”

So, that night, she had missed the premiere. The next day, he bought tickets

online and watched the movie with her again. He had always cared so much for

her and had always been there for her since they were children. However, he suddenly disappeared from her life during the best years of their lives, and she could no longer find him.

Silvia’s heart would ache at the thought of him. Suddenly, she burst into tears. Then, a large hand reached over and switched off the screen. Silvia’s eyes were still full of tears, but she could sense that Jayden approached

her. “What are you trying to do?”

He handed her a piece of tissue and said, Wipe off your tears. In this world, nothing can be solved by crying.”

“It’s none of your business!” Silvia grabbed the tissue and wiped her tears. Then,

she glared at him. Such a meddlesome person, what did he know?

Jayden didn’t know why Silvia cried. He didn’t know what she was afraid of. He didn’t know what she liked, but he had become her legal husband nonetheless. Meanwhile, the happy boy who knew Silvia deeply, understood her profoundly,

and cared about her unconditionally completely disappeared from her life.

The more she thought about it, the more she questioned her life.

At this moment, the senior flight attendant personally brought a meal and said politely, “Madam, we will be flying for 8 hours in the air. The flight is very long. This is the meal we prepared for you. we hope you like it. If you need anything more, please let us know.”

“Oh, thank you!” Silvia thanked her. Slowly, she realized that no one else was offered the food. “Is this specially prepared for me? Because of that matter just now? The senior flight attendant glanced at Jayden quietly. He did not tell her that he had specially ordered someone to prepare it for her. The flight attendant did not want to expose anything, so she just played along. “Yes. We hope that it would

calm your anger.”

Silvia was angry but she was angry at Jayden’s accusations, not because of the flight attendant. She smiled and said, “I’m not angry at all. I’m sorry for the trouble.”

The senior flight attendant answered politely. “It’s our priority to serve our passengers.”

Silvia smiled and did not continue to speak. She turned to Jayden and asked, “It

looks good. Do you want some?”

“No. He had breakfast in the morning, but she didn’t. He asked someone to prepare it for her before he got on the plane. “If you don’t eat it, then I will enjoy it on my own Needless to say, she was

really hungry. She got the meal at the right time.

In the past, Silvia had always thought that meals on flights were never tasty. However, presently, the food tasted good. Maybe, the cabin crew was worried that she was going to cause a scene again and gave extra attention to her.

After eating, Silvia did not pay attention to her image at all. She stretched her body and burped in front of Jayden comfortably. “I’m full. Please ask the flight attendant to take these things away later. I am going to take a nap”

She adjusted the height of the chair, picked up the thin blanket to cover her

body, and fell asleep.

She fell into a deep sleep really quickly. She even snored, completely ignoring

the man sitting next to her.

She might have ignored him, but his eyes did not look away even after she had fallen asleep. He didn’t move his gaze for more than half an hour, and his mind was unfathomable.

Silvia had slept in the same position for a long time and got too tired. She adjusted her sleeping position slightly and continued to sleep. but when she turned the blanket on her body slipped down

Jayden reacted quickly. When the blanket fell, he grabbed it and covered her

with it

Perhaps because she didn’t sleep well in the seat, Silvia couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep. She tossed and turned several times in her sleep, and the blanket fell down every time. She had been sleeping throughout the flight. She didn’t know that Jayden would

put the blanket back on her every time her blanket fell off.

She didn’t know that she moved around so much when she was asleep. She slapped Jayden accidentally across his face, which made him grit through his teeth and he wanted to strangle her to death

If he wasn’t sure that she was dead asleep, Jayden would even suspect that she was pretending to be asleep, and her purpose was to seek revenge on him. “Brother Felix.” In the dream, she suddenly muttered a name, which caught

Jayden’s attention and he did not look calm anymore.

Jayden’s face darkened. He hed her in a deep voice, “Silvia, don’t you dare say his name again.” As if she was responding to Jayden, Silvia called out again, “Brother Felix…

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