My Husband Warm the Bed-1032

“How dare you.. Jayden wanted to use something to shut her mouth. After looking around, he couldn’t find anything. When she was about to speak it out loud again, Jayden lowered his head and kissed her instantaneously.

Her lips were soft and tasted a little sweet. Jayden initially only wanted to cover her mouth, but after tasting her lips, he lost control for a moment and couldn’t stop himself from kissing her deeply.

Silvia was very calm in her sleep, unlike how she behaved when she was awake. She even kissed him back subconsciously. She was so gentle and cute that she looked like an adorable little lamb.

Not only did she look gentle and cute, but she also looked so approachable and


She had such bouncy cheeks that made Jayden feel like taking a bite on them. He approached her cheeks. He pecked on her cheek gently and slowly,

Although she was asleep, Silvia was not satisfied. She tried her best to get

closer to him, hoping that he could give her more. Jayden’s lips moved downwards and pressed against her lips again, kissing her


Silvia reciprocated his affections. He did not expect that a kiss could turn out

like this, so gentle yet so addictive. Both of them were so immersed in each

other, like they were the only beings in this universe. Jayden enjoyed the kiss and was unwilling to stop. He only let go of her when he felt that she was almost suffocated by his kiss.

Looking at her red and swollen lips, he had an unprecedented sense of


He liked seeing her like this. Usually, she was like a ferocious wild cat, but now.

she was resting quietly in his arms like a defenseless kitten

Silvia was lying in Jayden’s arms and she looked relaxed and content. She lay close to him, as if he was her safe haven This scene gave him a strong urge to be her protector. He wanted to take her under his wing and protect her.

Unexpectedly, while he was deep in his fantasy, her beautiful lips called out the

name of another man again, “Brother Felix.” Jayden’s expression darkened instantaneously. He frightening. This damned woman!”


He was a prideful man. It did not matter if he had true feelings for her, he could not stand the thought of her thinking about other men while being in his arms.

He reached out his hand to press against her lips instinctively, not allowing her

to speak again He didn’t want to hear the name from her mouth, despite the man not having such an intimate relationship with her before.

However, in her dreams, Silvia appeared to have let her guard and fear down. She thought about him deeply and appeared so comfortable in his embrace. Suddenly, she moved Jayden’s hand to her face. “Brother Felix, I like the way

you kissed me earlier.

She had been waiting for a long time. In the past he only kissed her on the forehead usually. He did kiss her lips once but it was only a gentle peck. However, what happened earlier was the first time that she felt such a powerful,

possessive, and deep kiss.

Perhaps she had a wild spirit deep down. When she felt such a sensual kiss, she did not think of running away or being shy. She just wanted to be her true self as she expressed her affection and enjoyed this kiss.

Jayden was extremely triggered by her words. His self-worth took a hit. He squinted his eyes at her, as if he was going to devour her out of anger.

This damn woman!

They had registered for marriage and he had taken care of her. However, she was thinking of another man How could he not be angry?

Jayden stared at Silvia angrily. The thought of her having a tryst with her beloved man in her dreams made him angry. He pinched her nose to wake her

up. Silvia was still deep in her dreams when Jayden pinched her nose. Suddenly, she struggled to breathe and woke up. She didn’t know where she was for a

while. She blinked her big bright eyes and asked, “Who are you? Who am I? Where am 17

Jayden gritted his teeth and told her, “You are flying in the sky!”

Silvia nodded stupidly. “Oh. Are you flying too?”

This silly woman!

As long as Silvia didn’t think of other men, Jayden couldn’t care less about her.

He closed his eyes to rest. Not long after, she fell asleep again. She had no idea that she had provoked him

just a moment ago.

What annoyed Jayden after was how Silvia could not stay still when she slept. She turned over and clung onto him, holding him tight like a koala bear. Instinctively, he wanted to push her away but he did not do so. He patted her

back gently, pulling her into his arms as she snuggled in his chest.

After flying for nearly eight hours, the plane arrived at their destination. They were heading to an international metropolis, Chatterton Town!

Due to the time difference, although they set off at noon in Madison City, it was also noon when they arrived in Chatterton Town. The blazing sun was hanging high in the sky

Silvia didn’t like traveling in the summer because the weather was too hot in most parts of the world

On such a hot day, Silvia couldn’t wait to jump in a pool to calm herself down. She really wanted to stay in the pool for a few hours until she was satisfied

As she saw how bright it was outside the plane, Silvia could imagine the heatwave even though she was still enjoying the cold air in the plane.

The plane didn’t stop at the terminal directly. They had to take a bus to the terminal building. When they got off the plane and got onto the bus, they had to take a short walk.

Silvia was so annoyed at how hot it was. “Young Master Kyle, aren’t you afraid

of the heat? Jayden ignored her and walked quickly to the bus, leaving her far behind.

Jayden sat in the first row of the bus. He did not speak a word since he got off the plane, and he kept thinking about the Kyle family.

This time, it was the first time he returned to Chatterton Town since he left the Kyle family three years ago. Returning to the city where he had been adopted and raised, he had a lot going through his mind,

Jayden knew that the Kyles had respected his decisions and did not look for him on the surface. However, as long as Jayden stepped into Chatterton Town,

even if they didn’t look for him, the news of his return would have reached


Therefore, Jayden returned using a fake identity. He tried to keep a low profile. He got on a regular commercial flight and went through customs like an ordinary passenger. He did not arrange for any special treatment

Before he was ready to face the Kyle family, he didn’t intend to meet them yet.

He didn’t intend to let them know about his current situation. “I’m going to the bathroom. Wait for me at the baggage claims. When the bus arrived at the terminal building, Silvia got out of the bus in a hurry and walked to

the nearest bathroom. She didn’t notice that Jayden didn’t hear what she said at all.

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