My Husband Warm the Bed-1033

Jayden was immersed in his own thoughts and kept moving forward. When he came to his senses, the person beside him had already disappeared. He looked around but he couldn’t find Silvia.

Jayden thought about how stupid and gullible Silvia was. Her passport was with him, and she didn’t have any money with her. Did she think she could escape? Jayden picked up his mobile phone and called Silvia. He realized that her

mobile phone was also in his bag. “This silly woman, she’d better run far away. If I caught her, I would skin her alive.”

Silvia had been holding her urine in for nearly an hour. She felt so happy when being able to use the washroom,

She was suffering, and now she felt relieved

Silvia zipped up her pants and was about to open the toilet door when she heard a familiar voice talking on the phone. I have so many doubts about that man. I gave him a card with my number on it, but he asked me to apologize to his wife. It’s my first time giving out my card. How could I be so unlucky to meet such a scumbag?”

This familiar voice was no longer gentle and sweet but sounded a little harsh.”

saw that he was good-looking and seemed kind and sweet. I just gave him a card, but he asked my superiors to fire me because his wife was unhappy. A man who was afraid of his wife, despite having good looks, what else could he achieve in life? B*stard! Scum! I curse that he would suffer from erectile dysfunction, and that he can’t sleep with any woman in his life.” It was the flight attendant, Audrey. The person at the other end of the phone was probably comforting her. Silvia then heard Audrey say, “Well, well, you are

right. Maybe the man was indeed sexually dysfunctional. Or maybe he doesn’t

like women at all. The woman beside him is just a cover-up, that’s why he

obeyed her

It was probably Audrey’s first time encountering such a situation. She was so angry that Silvia could feel her anger through the toilet door.

Silvia sighed. Audrey was a staff member in the service industry who had been

professionally trained. How could she talk this way when she was still in the airport? It would mean big trouble if she received another complaint. Silvia had never done much good in her life, but this time, she wanted to be a good person and help Audrey She opened the door and came out. When Audrey saw her at a glance, she

appeared to be at a loss. “You, what are you doing here? Are you eavesdropping

on me?”

Silvia responded calmly, “Miss Audrey, this is a public space. You were talking so loudly on the phone. Do I need to eavesdrop on you? You were simply allowing me to listen to your conversation.”

Overwhelmed by anger, Audrey stammered, “You… You… Silvia continued to speak while washing her hands, “You should act smarter when you’re talking bad about someone. If the person you’re talking bad about was in the toilet aren’t you going to get a complaint again?

Although Silvia was the main reason Audrey was dismissed from her post, Audrey thought that what she said was quite reasonable.

Audrey had been so angry that she didn’t pay attention to her surroundings.

Hence, she had bumped into the culprit who had caused her trouble!

If this petty woman complained about Audrey again, she would most definitely never be able to work in the industry again.

Silvia felt happy deep down as she heard how others spoke badly about

Jayden. When she was happy, she couldn’t hide her smile, which made Audrey angrier. “What are you laughing at? Do you think it’s fun making a fool of me?” Silvia shrugged. “If I said that I was laughing because I thought you were cursing him well, would you believe it?

Audrey had an impulse to tear up the woman in front of her. Silvia looked pure and lovely, but every word she said was infuriating,

“Don’t glare at me, Silvia explained to Audrey patiently. “In fact, we are not a couple. The reason why he was messing with you was because he wanted to frame me, so you would hate me. He just wanted to make life hard for me “Why would he do that?’ Audrey was the victim. Naturally, she wanted to understand the matter. Maybe, she could persuade the senior flight attendant

to reconsider her dismissal.

“Why? A person like him needs no reason for his actions. He just does whatever he likes.” The more Silvia said, the angrier Audrey became. “Look, you gave him

your card today. It’s okay if he doesn’t accept your offer, but he embarrassed you and cost you your job. Don’t you think he’s twisted?”

What was even more twisted was that Jayden had turned the situation around and blamed it on Silvia! Audrey agreed with what Silvia said. She changed her mind about being mad

with Silvia. Audrey nodded as she answered, “Yes, he is twisted. He could have

just kept quiet, but he made me lose my job.”

“However, he has a rich father and he’s indeed handsome. That’s why he’s so arrogant” Silvia walked toward Audrey and whispered, “Do you still want to date him? If you want, I’ll give his phone number to you”

Audrey gritted her teeth and said, “Pooh! I don’t want a b*stard like him even if you gave him to me. However, I’d like to ask him out on a date.”

It was the first time that Audrey had taken interest in a male passenger. She

gave her name card like how her colleagues did for the first time, but she got

rejected and had a complaint filed against her. She felt so discontent.

Silvia was puzzled. “Why?”

Audrey said harshly, “I will get him and then dump him later. Only in this way would my anger be vented!”

“This is a good idea! A twisted man like him needs to be punished!” Silvia clapped her hands excitedly.

Silvia and Audrey spoke like they were best friends. They planned on creating

an alliance together just to punish evil men.

Silvia added, “Many rich kids like him would act so playfully and arrogantly. They won’t be interested in women who are easily attainable. If you want him to be interested in you, you need to keep your distance and make him itch. Then, it would be easy to approach him.”

Audrey rolled her eyes at Silvia. “Do you think I need you to teach me this old fashioned trick? Let me tell you this. many men have fallen for my charm over the years. It’s just that I have high standards and did not fancy any them. Silvia reminded Audrey of her reality, “But you failed today

When she thought of this, Audrey was angry again. “Stop talking. Give me his phone number. I know what to do next.”

I like how bold you are. Silvia gave Audrey Jayden’s phone number happily. When Audrey left, Silvia gave her a little tip, “He is unpredictable. You have to pay attention to every step he makes. If you can’t get him, just beat him up


Silvia fantasized when Audrey could snatch Jayden away from her. Then, Silvia

would be free. After Silvia left, Audrey picked up her mobile phone and sent a message to Jayden immediately. “Honey, in half an hour, meet me in BIGO Cafe at No. 88. Peace Road. See you!”

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