My Husband Warm the Bed-1035

Silvia’s family was moderately wealthy. Her parents took good care of her since she was a child. They hired servants to take care of her daily routine and wellbeing. She had lived comfortably for 20 years and she never had to do chores before.

This time, she had been washing dishes for two hours without taking a break. It was far beyond her expectations. She was so tired that her hips ached, her back was sore and her legs were cramping.

Getting 30 dollars from her hard work, Silvia thought that this money was more precious than thousands of dollars. Finally, she knew that it was not easy for most people in the world to earn their living.

For the sake of life dreams, no matter how tiring the work was, everyone

would work hard to fulfil their tasks. Sitting on the bus to the city, Silvia clutched the remaining 10 dollars in her hand. She kept cursing Jayden in her heart. She was so angry that she even

cursed him to choke to death on his drinks.

“Miss, you’re not from Chatterton Town, are you?’ A wretched man, who didn’t look like a good person, approached Silvia suddenly. He sat down next to her and stared straight at her chest.

If she encountered a hooligan like this in Madison City, Silvia would have slapped him. However, she was in a foreign city, so she had to restrain herself a little. If she offended the local bullies, she might get into trouble.

Since Silvia couldn’t afford to offend him, she chose to avoid him. There were not many people on the bus, so she switched to another seat. The wretched man followed her closely. “Is this your first visit to Chatterton Town? I can be your tour guide and take you to places

While speaking, the wretched man put his hand on her thigh. Silvia’s temper was flaring up as he had crossed his boundaries. She slapped his hand off and said, “You must be tired of living. You’re looking for death!”

Silvia used to fight alongside Reagan and Lemur a lot, so she knew how to protect herself well. When she spoke with such anger and power, the wretched man retreated

These hooligans were all the same. They would pick on the weak, but when meeting with resistance, they would flee immediately,

The wretched man ran away in a flash. Silvia calmed down and looked at the beautiful scenery and tall buildings on both sides of the road.

She sighed in her heart, Chatterton Town was a fast developing metropolis city. It was a city of dreams and looked so filled with life.

Not long ago, Silvia and her parents had planned to come to Chatterton Town

together. However, due to the long distance and her father’s busy career, they

did not get to set foot in Chatterton Town even until her father died in the

accident. At present, Silvia finally arrived at this city, but she was in a mess. This was a lesson that she could not forget for the rest of her life.

“Dad, I encountered a little setback, but it doesn’t matter. I can overcome it” She spoke to her deceased father in her heart, but in fact, she was also encouraging herself

She was just in a foreign place without her passport and any money with her. So what? She knew she would not be beaten down like this. She would survive this ordeal and make Jayden, the scumbag, look at her differently,

It took about an hour for the bus to reach the downtown area of Chatterton


Silvia got out of the bus and looked around. She was surrounded by tall buildings, which were either office buildings or shopping malls. She was unfamiliar with this place, so she had no idea where to go


Her stomach began growling at such an inconvenient time, reminding her that it was time to eat. However, she only had ten dollars in her pocket, so she might not be able to afford anything in this city

“Forget it. I wouldn’t die of hunger by skipping a meal. It’s better to keep the money for emergency use, Silvia thought to herself Even before solving the problem of starvation, another problem arose. It was getting dark and she had very little money with her. She could not afford to stay

in a hotel

Silvia tried to find a temporary job in the mall, but they asked for her passport and to go through the regular recruitment process. It would take at least two or three days to complete all these tasks.

If she waited for another two or three days, she would probably starve to death on the streets. Jayden would probably die of laughter seeing her suffer.

At present, she did not have any forms of identification, no mobile phone, no money, and no bank card. There was no way for her to ask for help from her friends in Madison City

As she stood beside the busy street, Silvia had even thought of busking on the streets. Unfortunately, she remembered that she was a terrible singer that could scare the pedestrians away.

“Silvia, don’t be afraid. There must be a way” She was a little worried now, but she kept on cheering herself up.

“Karen Joy, why are you standing there in a daze?” Suddenly, a woman stretched out her hand and pulled Silvia’s arm. The woman continued speaking while walking, “Your Brother Lionel is not a little boy anymore. He won’t run away even if you don’t accompany him for a few days.

“No. Who are you?” Silvia shook off the woman’s hand and stepped away from her in a hurry, “A human trafficker?”

“What?” The woman was in a hurry and did not look at Silvia clearly. After getting a good look at Silvia, the woman realized that she had spoken to the wrong person, “Oh! I’m sorry, I have mistaken you for someone else.

“You’ve mistaken me for someone else? Silvia obviously did not believe such a childish excuse. “You human traffickers. You’ve done a lot of evil things. You’ll suffer later


really mistook you for someone else. I just glanced at you and thought you

looked a lot like Karen Joy. However, after seeing you closely, you do not look

like her at all. The woman looked at Silvia skeptically. Not only were Silvia’s clothes similar to Karen Joy’s, but there was also some resemblance in their appearances. That was why the woman had mistaken her for Karen Joy.

*That’s alright Silvia didn’t care much about the truth anymore as she needed

to minimize contact with strangers. She also had bigger problems at hand.

Silvia turned around and left, but the woman came up to her again. “Miss, do you have something you need help with? Tell me, maybe I can help you!

“I’m fine. Silvia never believed that a stranger would treat her well for no

reason, especially in a foreign city. She had to be careful. Silvia quickened her pace and walked toward the crowded shopping mall. She thought that she could be safe in a crowded area.

Silvia walked around the mall aimlessly. Seeing that it was getting late and that she couldn’t figure out where she could go for the night, she was in a dilemma,

Just when she thought that her luck could not get any worse, it started raining heavily outside the mall

Silvia heard that a typhoon was coming up on an island hundreds of miles away from Chatterton Town the next morning. Chatterton Town had already issued a typhoon warning before this. This rain would probably last for an entire day At this time, the mall began to play some music to indicate that the mall was

closing. The announcements were also made to ask shoppers to leave the mall Silvia reflected that since she met Jayden, she had been living a terrible life. It

was one unfortunate event after another.

Silvia walked out of the mall, appearing dejected. The wind was so strong that she was almost blown away. Fortunately, there was a small area at the entrance of the mall that could shelter her from the rain.

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