My Husband Warm the Bed-1038

Back at the hotel

Jayden checked into a luxurious suite with two bedrooms and one living area. He slept in the master bedroom, so this implied that Silvia could occupy the other room

Both of them were drenched to the skin. The moment they returned to the hotel, they went to their own rooms and took a hot bath.

Silvia’s hair was quite long, so it took her some time to shower and to dry her hair. When she came out wearing the childish cartoon pajamas that he had

prepared for her, Jayden was already waiting in the living area. He didn’t wear pajamas and only wrapped himself with a bath towel. She didn’t know if he was trying to show his solid abdominal muscles deliberately.

What attracted Silvia’s attention more than his muscles was a scar near his heart. It did not look like a deep cut, but Silvia could still see it at a glance.

The wound was so close to his heart, it was probably almost fatal.

Jayden felt his mood lift when he caught Silvia staring at him. He asked in a lighter tone than usual, “What are you looking at?”

Silvia sat down far away from him and crossed her legs as elegantly as she

usually did. “I think you’re good-looking, so I decided to look at you.

Her tone was a little aggressive, but the content of her words sounded pleasing. Jayden pointed to the side and said, “Drink the medicine in that glass.”

Silvia got up and stepped back immediately. “Are you trying to polson me?”

Jayden asked in a deep voice, “Silvia, are you suffering from some form of

acute paranoia?” Silvia sat back and said, I have to be careful when I’m around someone like you. I might be sold off at any time.”

Jayden added, “Do you really think of me that badly?”

Silvia shrugged her shoulders and responded, “What do you think?” She was right. He forced himself on her and kept her by his side. He was indeed a bad person.

He kept quiet. Silvia looked at the glass and asked, “Well, Jayden, I don’t think you would really add poison to this.”

Jayden answered calmly, “The medicine helps prevent colds.”

I’m very healthy, it’s not easy for me to catch a cold. I don’t need this. Silvia didn’t believe that he was so caring. Anyway, she didn’t think she needed medicine. She rubbed her belly as she answered, “I prefer eating than taking medicine.

Her stomach seemed to play along, making a low grumble, and then she said, ” only had that meal on the plane. I haven’t eaten anything since. I am starving


Before Jayden could respond, the doorbell rang. He got up and opened the door, and then he pushed the dining cart into the living area. “After you’re done, the waiter will take it away.”

Silvia’s eyes lit up at the sight of the delicious food. “Did.. Did you prepare this

for me?

Jayden did not answer her. He turned around and walked to the bedroom. Behind him. Silvia spoke up cheerfully. “Young Master Kyle, aren’t you eating? Wow. thank you so much!”

He did not respond to her again, but he was thinking about something. Why was

she so happy? He only prepared dinner for her.

How could she be satisfied so easily? Well then, why wasn’t that woman’ touched by his actions before?

He had done so many things for her, he even nearly sacrificed his life to her. However, she still treated him like an enemy and never took him seriously.

How could she be so cruel?

He had asked himself this question many times, but he had never found an


Perhaps the answer had been in his heart for a long time, but he didn’t want to

admit it.

Ahem, ahem

Every time it rained, Jayden’s old wound would hurt and his body would become weak. As he had been drenched in the rain earlier when he went to look for Silvia, hence, his condition had gotten more serious,

He coughed for a long time, showing no signs of stopping. Silvia, who was eating happily in the living room, vaguely heard the coughing coming from the


Did Jayden catch a cold?

Silvia thought scornfully of him. He was a grown-up man, how could he have such a weak body? He was even weaker than a skinny girl like herself. She continued to enjoy the delicious food in the living area. After she ate her

fill, she asked the waiter to take the dining cart away.

When she was about to go back to her room to rest, she heard a few strong coughs coming from the main bedroom again, which sounded quite serious. Silvia went over and knocked on his door.

There was no response. She twisted the door handle nonetheless, and fortunately, the door was not locked. She opened the door and walked in. “Mr. Kyle, did you catch a cold?’

“Who let you in? Get out!” The lights in the room were not turned on. Silvia

could not see him, but she only heard his gloomy roar

Do you think i’d want to come in willingly?” It was all because Silvia had heard his serious coughing. So, she was worried if something had happened to him, she could be charged with murder.

Silvia slammed the door shut after leaving the room and turned back to the door to hell, “You can hide inside and cough alone. Even if you cough to death, no one will help you.”

Jayden was unpredictable and hostile, and he would scold and hurt her all of a

sudden. Silvia thought that he should be destined to be lonely for the rest of his


When Silvia returned to her room, she crawled into the bed and was ready to sleep. However, she could not fall asleep even though she was obviously very tired. Her mind was in a mess.

Jayden coughed so hard that she could hear it from her room. If anything untoward happened to him, would Silvia be deemed as those jinxed women from old wives’ tales that would bring misfortune wherever they went?

Although she really wanted Jayden to die, he couldn’t die on her watch. She

knew she would suffer for the rest of her life if that happened. After thinking about it again. Silvia plucked up the courage to come to Jayden’s room again.

She placed her ear on the door to listen to the noise from inside After listening for a long time, she couldn’t hear any coughing coming from the room.

Perhaps he had fallen asleep. It seemed that he was not seriously ill since he was able to sleep, so she

thought of going back to sleep too. Silvia turned around and left. After a few steps, she thought of something. Not long ago, he coughed so badly and she knew that he did not take any medicine.

Why did he suddenly stop coughing? Could it be. that he was dead?

Silvia was stunned at the possibility of that. Suddenly, she felt chills down her spine. It felt gloomy and terrifying

Oh no.

If the person in the room was dead, should she call the police? “No, I have to see what’s going on. If he’s still breathing, I’ll have to call 911 to

save him!” Silvia thought to herself Although she hated him, she could not bear not to save his life.

Silvia opened the door and walked in. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew over her. The wind was so strong that it almost threw her out of the room. She grabbed the door handle to stabilize herself.

“Are you looking to die?!” Jayden was coughing so heavily, but he still opened the large, French windows in the room. It was still raining so heavily outside, “Please, if you want to die, please die somewhere else at another time. Don’t

die when I’m with you, okay?” Silvia said to herself.

The lights were still turned off. Silvia searched in the dark for a while before she found the switch. She turned on the lights and looked around, only to find that there was no one on the bed.

Where did he go?

Silvia glanced around and spotted the sofa beside the window. Jayden was sitting quietly on the sofa, looking out of the window, as if something was attracting him from that direction.

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