My Husband Warm the Bed-1039

“Hey. Young Master Kyle?” Silvia approached him carefully as she was very fearful, but Jayden still did not notice her.

He appeared to be too engrossed in the view outside his windows that it seemed like his soul had left his body. Perhaps that was why he seemed unbothered by the strong wind, and also why he didn’t notice Silvia’s voice.

At that split second, Silvia suddenly felt a twinge of heartache for Jayden. It was the tiniest flash of heartache, so tiny that Silvia did not even realize it.

Silvia glanced at him and ran over immediately to close the windows. She turned around to Jayden’s side. “Jayden, do you want to die?”

This time, upon hearing her voice, his eyes lit up.

However, when his gaze fell on her face, the light in his eyes slowly faded away, and finally, there was silence again

Silvia was not her. Silvia was not the girl he had been waiting for

The bitterness built up in Jayden’s heart. He knew that no matter if he was sick or dead, that girl he was missing, would not care about him at all.

He had known this fact for a long time, but every time he thought of it, he would still feel disappointed.

He didn’t know what he was looking forward to.

He didn’t know what he was still holding on to He didn’t know why he tortured himself so badly

He was tired of this life. He didn’t want to think about anything related to that person anymore. Jayden closed his eyes slowly, wishing that everything was


“Jayden, can you hear me? Silvia raised her hand and waved it in front of his eyes. He didn’t look too well and Silvia was worried.

He was right in front of her, but she felt that a part of him was gone. He was like a body whose soul had been taken away and he was just living in limbo, floating between life and death.

Silvia guessed that he must be going through some emotional pain, so deep

down that no one else could help him with.

She knelt beside him and patted him on the back of his hand gently with her

gentleness. “Jayden, you only live once, there is no second chance at life. This is a quote from a video game that I played.”

“After reading this quote, I have always told myself that I should care about my family very much. Look at me, my father died in a car accident, others are trying to take over his company, my mother is lying sick in bed, and was fcking raped by an a*hole like you. But yet, I never thought of dying

As long as you are still alive, there is hope. When you die, there will be nothing left except for your bones. Think about it, one day, you will end up six feet under, lying in the dirt. At that time, what else can you do?”

Silvia sighed and continued, “Take it easy. Things will get better. Nothing is

more important than your life.” Silvia said a lot in one breath and shared her insights with him. She didn’t expect that Jayden had fallen asleep on the sofa.

This bstard!”

She shared such an important life principle, but he had actually fallen asleep. He did not even hear a single word she had said, so it was impossible for him to even remember them.

Silvia gritted her teeth and fought the urge to kick him, but soon, she realized something was off. When he exhaled, his breath was unusually hot. Silvia touched his forehead immediately. This time, she felt that her hand was

almost burned by his forehead.

Jayden was drenched in the rain with her in the evening, and the wind was blowing strongly in his room. Silvia realized that he must be battling a fever. “Gosh, Jayden, I can’t wait to throw you out of the window.” Silvia scolded as she supported him to lie on the bed.

He was tall and had an athletic figure. When she supported him, she felt his weight on her body and thought that she was about to get crushed. When she placed him onto the bed, Silvia lost her balance and stumbled over.

In the end, she fell into his arms.

Just as she was about to get up, he held her in his arms suddenly and said, Silvia tried to push his hand away. “Are you mad? I’m not going to get burned alive by you.

“Don’t go!”

“Don’t go! Jayden repeated the words. His voice was very weak, but he still held her tightly.


not a fever patch. What’s the use of holding me?” Silvia thought sarcastically, perhaps Jayden lacked maternal love since he was young. Every time he got sick, he would treat Silvia as his mother.

To tell the truth, at present, he was really acting like a child. He did not have his usual overbearing and tyrannical aura He was not as vicious as usual. He had become as quiet as a newborn baby

“Don’t go!” Jayden still held her tightly in his arms, and repeated the same line. “Okay, I won’t go. Son, don’t worry. I will be with you Silvia rubbed his head lovingly. If he lacked maternal love, she would just have to play along and pretend to be his mother.

Sure enough, when Jayden heard Silvia’s nurturing tone and words, he stopped talking and went to sleep obediently “If I have a son like you, I would definitely lose my life.” Silvia thought how funny

this scene was. No matter how strong this person was, as long as he was sick

he would be as fragile as a child.

She looked at Jayden attentively and thought that he was really good-looking, He had well-defined facial features, a perfect figure, and a pleasant voice.


What was she thinking about? Even if he was handsome, It couldn’t cover the despicable truth about him.

If it weren’t for her goodwill and kind heart, she would have taken advantage of

this time to teach him a lesson. She would make him beg for her mercy After some time, it took a lot of effort for her to get out of his arms. Silvia contacted the hotel staff hurriedly to ask for a doctor.

The doctor gave Jayden a jab after measuring his body temperature. He also gave Jayden some fever medication and requested Silvia to monitor his

medicine intake. The doctor also ordered that she should measure his body temperature in half an hour. If the fever does not subside by then, he would need to go to the


After seeing the doctor off, Silvia returned to his room and touched Jayden’s forehead. She felt that his fever seemed to have subsided, so she breathed a sigh of relief

She sat down beside his bed and said, “Jayden, did you hear that? If you don’t get better, you need to go to the hospital. Look at the storm outside, it’s

probably flooding out on the streets. If your fever doesn’t get better, you’ll suffer even more in this weather. Think for yourself

Jayden, what on earth are you hiding in your heart?” Silvia looked at him curiously. “Is your family broken? Or did your girlfriend run off with another man?”

After thinking about It for a while, Silvia hypothesized that family issues might be a more possible reason for his depression. Over the years, the legendary “Mr. Kyle” was gossiped about around Madison

City. However, no one had ever mentioned him having a wife before.

Silvia thought that it was very likely that Mr. Kyle divorced his wife and raised

his son alone. However, he was so busy with his career that he ignored his son. As a result, Jayden grew up without his parents’ love. Hence, he gradually grew into the twisted and bitter man as he was now

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