My Husband Warm the Bed-1040

Jayden, even if your parents don’t love you, you have to love yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself, you will get hurt.”

Silvia thought that Jayden was really stupid at times. He was foolish enough to push the limits of his body and risk his life. To be honest, Silvia hated people who behaved this way the most. If Jayden

were really her son, she would definitely regret her decision of giving birth to


Although she hated him, she was still worried that his fever would worsen. Hence, she measured his body temperature from time to time. She stayed by him for a few hours.

It was getting late, and Silvia was feeling sleepy. It didn’t take long for her to climb up his bed and lay down beside him. Therefore, when Jayden woke up and opened his eyes, he noticed a woman

lying next to him. She had wrapped her arms and feet around him, like a koala


What caught Jayden’s attention the most was how unsightly Silvia looked while she was asleep. Maybe because she was dreaming, she was drooling and her saliva was all over his chest.

He looked at her with disgust and wanted to push her away from his body. However, she seemed to be clinging onto him with some strong adhesive. The more he pushed her away, the more she clung to him.

“Dad, your fried chicken tastes the best.” In her sleep, Silvia suddenly licked and

opened her mouth to bite Jayden’s chest


This damned woman, how long had she been hungry? How could she bite him as if he was a piece of fried chicken?

Jayden’s face darkened and he pushed her away from his body. Silvia woke up and looked at him feeling extremely confused.

After looking at him for a while, she suddenly remembered that she was taking care of him and monitoring his fever. Without thinking much, she leaned forward and wanted to touch his forehead.

However, before she could do so, Jayden stopped her. “Why are you on my bed?

Silvia was slightly stunned. She stayed up late to take care of him and she just

wanted to check on his current condition. However, this heartless man thought that she wanted to take advantage of him.

Her kindness was being mistaken as an act of hostility.


Did he think that she would willingly sleep with him just because he was good


She didn’t have any thoughts about him at all.

Silvia then got off the bed. She looked at him coldly and said, “Young Master Kyle, don’t worry, I’m not as despicable as you. I won’t take advantage of you

when you’re unconscious.

Jayden didn’t know what to say.

Silvia turned around and poured a cup of warm water. She put it on the bedside table and spoke coldly, “The doctor advised for you to drink more water.”

Jayden still kept quiet.

Silvia turned around and went out of the room regardless. “You dont have to thank me. I helped you because I just don’t want to be charged with murder.”


After leaving the room, Silvia slammed the door shut.

It was not enough for her to just slam the door Silvia raised her foot and kicked

the door hard. She shouted, “Jayden, don’t forget that I am your legal wife. Even if I sleep with you, it is reasonable and also, within the law.

She was really pissed off

He was such a heartless bastard. So, even if he was standing butt naked in front of her, she would not have any improper thoughts of him. Silvia went back to the room angrily and nestled in the soft quilt. “B”stard, you

can suffer on your own. Let’s see how capable you are.”

Suddenly, she thought something was odd. Usually, a bunch of people followed Jayden wherever he was in Madison City. However, he didn’t bring any of them to Chatterton Town during this trip

What on earth did he want to do?

Why did she care so much about him? Silvia was even angrier at herself. She was angry that she always thought about him and she was so worried about



A new WhatsApp message popped up on her mobile phone. Silvia opened it and saw that it was from Reagan, who was in Madison City, “Boss, where have you been?

Silvia thought for a moment and replied with just a word, “Honeymoon!”.

Soon, Reagan replied the message. “Boss, I would trust you if you told me you’re flying in the air. However, if you told me that you’re on your honeymoon, might not even trust that despite being held at gunpoint.”

Silvia replied, “Brat, what do you mean by that? Explain yourself!”

How could he look down on her? When she gets back, she would definitely teach Reagan a lesson!

Reagan replied, “Boss, apart from Felix, is there any man in this world who likes

you? I’m not looking down on you deliberately or mocking you, but you really

don’t act like a woman.”

Hearing the name “Felix , Silvia paused and her eyes started to grow hot, with tears welling up. She admitted that Reagan was right. Besides her father, Felix treated her the best in the world.

She would probably never meet another man like Felix. No man would love her as much as he did Silvia did not reply to his text, so Reagan called her shortly after, “Boss, I don’t

want to reopen old wounds. But, I just think it’s time to let go of the past.”

Silvia took a deep breath. “I know.

Even if she didn’t let go of it, even if Felix were still alive, so what? There was a damned Jayden between Silvia and Felix now.

Prince asked again, “Boss, what have you been up to these days?”

Silvia replied, “i’m out of town for a break. I should be back in a few days.

Reagan continued. “That Norman Turner and his people have been caught. You have avenged for Uncle. It’s great that you’re away and taking a break now.

However, please come back earlier. Lemur and I are still waiting to celebrate with you”

Silvia said listlessly, “He got what he deserved. There’s nothing to celebrate.” Prince said, “We are celebrating the fact that you got back the company that your father worked hard for. We are celebrating that you are officially taking

over Wateria Corporation.”

Silvia was very surprised, “I will take over Wateria Corporation? Reagan, where

did you hear the news? I haven’t heard about this. Reagan smiled, “Boss, the Public Relations Department of Wateria Corporation has held a press conference. When you come back, you will officially take office. The news was made public, so why are you still pretending in front of

me? Aren’t we buddies?”

Silvia was stunned.

She really didn’t know anything about this.

She only knew that the evidence of the murder caused Norman to be arrested

by the police. As for other things, she did not have the chance to follow up much and she came to Chatterton Town with Jayden right after

If this was true, then the only person who could easily control this matter must

be Madison City’s legendary “Mr. Kyle”

Silvia had no chance to meet that “Mr. Kyle” yet, and he wouldn’t help her for no reason, unless Mr. Kyle was entrusted by someone else.

Amongst all of Silvia’s acquaintances, Jayden was the only one who could meet Mr. Kyle and ask him for help.

However, Jayden was a bad person. It was impossible for him to help her.

Then, who on earth was it?

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