My Husband Warm the Bed-1041

Reagan’s voice came from the phone again “Boss, are you listening to me? “I’m listening.” Silvia was thinking about other things, and she was a little absent

minded. “If there’s nothing important, i’ll catch up with you when I get back

Silvia was about to hang up the phone when she suddenly thought of her mother. “Reagan, I won’t be around for the next few days. If you have some time, please visit my mother on my behalf. I’m afraid that she will feel lonely being in the hospital

Reagan patted his chest and gave his words, “Boss, your mother is like a mother to both Lemur and me. Don’t worry. Whenever you are not around, we will take turns to take care of her. It’s the least we could do. Take care, bye.

Perhaps he didn’t want to hear the words thank you” from Silvia, Reagan hung After speaking with Reagan, Silvia called Daniel Cook immediately. Daniel was the head of the Public Relations Department of Wateria Corporation. She was

up quickly

hoping to get some information from him.

the call was connected, she hung up. After Silvia’s father’s accident, Daniel had been helping Norman, so his words could not be trusted. Silvia thought deeply. Who else could be trusted in the company? She thought about it over and over again. The managers who were loyal to her father were driven away by Norman Now, those who stayed in the company were Norman’s

However, after

people. It was impossible for her to get factual and reliable information from them.

Silvia returned to the bed again. She couldn’t figure out who saved her, but the

only thing she could be sure of was that the person who helped her was definitely not Jayden. Forget it, since she could not figure it out, she didn’t want to think about it anymore. After staying up for the whole night, she had some serious dark

circles under her eyes. She needed to catch up on her sleep and put everything

else aside for a while.

Just as Silvia was about to fall asleep, she received another text message. She saw the number who sent her the message, but she was not familiar with it. The message said, “Miss Turner, can I ask for a favor? From: Simon Banks

To be honest, Silvia didn’t like Simon at all. She even hated him. If it weren’t for Simon, she would not have gotten raped by Jayden that night!

However, she was curious over that sudden text message. She wanted to know what Simon wanted her help with. Also, what did Silvia have that made Simon think she could help him at all?

So she replied, “What’s the matter?”

Soon, Simon sent another message. “Miss Turner, there was a typhoon in Chatterton Town and it was raining heavily. Please take good care of the Young Master on my behalf.”

Silvia replied, “Butler Banks, he is no longer a child. Why does he need someone else to take care of him? Even if he needs someone to take care of him, why don’t you follow him? Why should be the one taking care of him?”

Soon, Simon called and explained, “Miss Turner, I’m sorry to disturb you. There

are some things that can’t be explained clearly through text, so could you

please hear me out? Simon’s tone was respectful, which was completely different from Silvia’s impression of him. This made her feel very surprised.

Silvia said, “Go ahead. I’m listening.”

Simon sighed as he spoke, “My Young Master was injured a few years ago. His wound may have healed but it left a scar. On rainy days, his old injury would relapse. It could be treated slowly, but he is not willing to take his medication.

Therefore, the situation got worse in recent days.”

Silvia’s first reaction was, “He was injured? Was it very serious? Simon said, “He was in a coma for a few months, he almost didn’t survive it!

Silvia asked, “How did he get injured?”

Simon didn’t dare to reveal the truth, so he had to lie. “Three years ago, Young Master went to Europe to travel and encountered a shooting incident. He took a bullet by accident. Miss Turner, you should know a little about Young Master’s temper. He never allowed others to talk about him behind his back. Please act

like you know nothing about this in front of him.”

Silvia said, “Well, I won’t talk about it. I don’t care about him.

Simon added, “Miss Turner, please take care of him. He doesn’t listen to anyone, and he never takes the medication prescribed by the doctor. Please persuade him to take the medication and look after him.”

Simon, I think you are asking the wrong person. If he doesn’t listen to you, why

would he listen to me?” Silvia sighed. “It’s his life. If he wants to die, what can

we do?”

Hearing Silvia’s words, Simon became anxious. He really cared about Jayden’s health. Although Jayden sent Simon away, it hadn’t ruined the bond between master and subordinate that they had for a dozen years. “Miss Turner, please. I’m begging you

Simon always acted high and mighty. Silvia felt distressed after hearing his plea, and she felt bad hearing Simon talk to her in such a manner. “I’ll try, but I can’t guarantee that he will take his medication.”

Simon breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Miss Turner, give me your address. I’ll

ask someone to send the medication over. Silvia gave him the address and hung up the phone. She thought of the scar near Jayden’s heart. That should be the wound that Simon had just mentioned.

He was shot so close to his heart. He must be lucky to be alive. However, even

if he was lucky, he shouldn’t take his body too lightly. At first, she didn’t want to get involved in Jayden’s affairs, but somehow, she couldn’t let go of it. After thinking for a while, she decided to give it a try and

care for him.

Silvia thought that if she could save a life, karma would work its way and bless her mother and herself in the future. She hoped that their life would be smooth sailing and that they would not need to go through any more misfortunes.

At the same time, Jayden also received a phone call, which was from his

assistant, Eugene Elliot.

Eugene reported the situation of Wateria Corporation to Jayden through the phone. “Mr. Kyle, although Norman has only taken over Wateria Corporation for three months, he has completely destroyed the company internally. The capable employees from the previous management were all removed from their post and driven away by him. The ones that were left behind were all a bunch of good-for-nothings.”

Jayden did not say a word after hearing the report. Eugene continued anyway. “At present, the company’s financial status is in a mess, and they owe a lot of debt. Even if we don’t take action this time, Norman wouldn’t last long

After listening to the report, Jayden said calmly, “No matter what the situation is with Wateria Corporation, we will follow the original plan. You will have full control of it.”

There were too many doubts in Eugene’s heart. “Mr. Kyle, I’ve been thinking about it, but I still don’t understand why we have to spend so much money to

help Wateria Corporation Eugene had been working with Jayden for three years. During that period, Jayden’s every decision could bring their company huge profits. However, this time, there wouldn’t be much profit through this deal, and they even had to invest money to save Wateria Corporation. Besides, they were not even

acquiring Wateria Corporation!

Eugene was flabbergasted. He could not wrap his head around it.

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