My Husband Warm the Bed-1042

Jayden answered solemnly, “If you can’t figure it out, don’t think about it. Just focus on your assigned work. Don’t worry about anything else beyond that.”

Eugene tried to explain further “But, Mr. Kyle, this matter is related to..”

Jayden interrupted him and said, “Do you think that our company can’t afford to maintain a small company like Wateria Corporation? Or are you having doubts about my personal capabilities?”

After being reprimanded by Jayden, Eugene stuttered nervously, “Mr..Mr. Kyle, I don’t mean that I wouldn’t dare… I just think.”

“You think that we shouldn’t invest in something that’s not profitable! However, I

just want to do it. It makes me happy!” After that, Jayden hung up the phone.

Eugene had asked why he wanted to help Wateria Corporation. Jayden couldn’t

figure it out himself, so how could he answer Eugene’s question? After hanging up the phone, the room fell silent again. It was so quiet that

Jayden seemed to be able to hear his own heartbeat.

He moved his head slightly and looked at the cup on the bedside table. After a while, he picked up the cup and gulped the water down.

The water was warm, which warmed his stomach and also his heart.

Although he was in a feverish daze the previous night, he was conscious. He knew that the silly woman had been accompanying him and taking care of him.

Although she was silly, arrogant, and barbaric, her presence made his ice-cold heart feel a little warmer

Something flashed through his mind.

Ahem, ahem.

His fever was gone, but the pain caused by the old injury was still there, especially since the storm was still going on outside

Moreover, it was difficult for him to stop coughing once he started. Jayden coughed for a long time. Just as he was coughing so violently that he was gasping for air, the door swung open.

Silvia stormed into the room and threw a pack of medicine to him. “Jayden,

please just eat these pills.”

Jayden frowned unhappily. “Who let you in?”

Silvia said confidently, I did!

At present, she was not scared of him.

Silvia stood like she was ready to pounce at him any time if he went against her. Jayden glanced at the medicine that she threw at him and asked, “What medicine?

Silvia responded annoyingly, “Poison! Poison that could kill you. Do you dare to

take it?

Jayden said, “No, I don’t dare!”

Silvia continued to provoke him. “I knew you’re a coward. You’re even afraid of taking medicine because they’re bitter. Do you even have the guts and capability to do anything significant in your life?

Jayden raised his voice, “No, I don’t

His answer surprised Silvia. She didn’t expect that she would be so agitated by his arrogance

Since her provocation didn’t work, Silvia could only change her method. She picked the cup up from the bedside table and gave it to him, “If ordered you to eat it, just eat it. Why are you still trying to go against me?’

Jayden hated taking medicine the most, so he didn’t want to take it. He put the cup back and didn’t even look at her. He didn’t want to talk to her.

As Simon said, this man was sick yet he didn’t want to take his medicine. He was just waiting for his life to come to an end. She added, “If you don’t eat the

medicine, please cough quietly and don’t disturb my beauty sleep!”

Jayden looked at her coldly and said, “If you think I’m disturbing you, you can

go out”

Silvia was furious. “Why don’t you eat your medicine? How can you recover if you don’t take the pills? Do you think that you’re immortal? That you will recover miraculously?”

She stood her stance and made her point loud and clear. Her demeanor made her look like a tigress brandishing its power. She was fierce, yet she appeared a little cute

Inadvertently, the figure of the girl whom Jayden had loved for more than ten years flashed through his mind. The figure slowly overlapped with Silvia’s face, who was right before his eyes. Then, the figure slowly became blurred, while Silvia’s face became sharper.

Jayden, are you listening to me?” No wonder Jayden felt that Silvia’s face wash

getting sharper in his vision. She was approaching him so closely that she almost touched his face. How could she not be clear?

Jayden pushed her away from him. “Silvia Turner, what does it have to do with

you whether I’m dead or alive?” He muttered.

Silvia explained calmly. “It’s true, what does it have to do with me?” She shook her head again. “No, it does have something to do with me. If you are dead, I will have to accept being a widow at such a young age. If you don’t take the

medicine, let’s get divorced. After we are divorced, I don’t really care if you are dead or alive. Jayden said, “Don’t even think about getting a divorce! If I’m going to die. I’ll

drag you down with me.” This man was really evil and possessive. He wanted to die, but he also wanted to take her as a scapegoat. No matter what, Silvia couldn’t let him die.

Silvia pointed at the medicine and said, “Eat it immediately! And I want to watch you eat it. It’s for the greater good.”

Jayden then spoke up, ‘Get out!

Silvia asked cheerfully, “Are you afraid of the bitterness?” Jayden pointed to the door and repeated, “Get out!

Silvia sat on his bed and said, “If you don’t eat them, won’t go out. I will continue talking and annoy you to death

Well, this was a valid threat. Silvia had a track record of being capable enough

to do that.

Jayden’s face sank. “I’m fine… Ahem.

Silvia said. “This is the retribution for your lie. Hurry up and take the medicine.

I’ll treat you to delicious food at noon. I heard that the roast chicken from Chatterton Town is quite famous.”

Jayden responded confidently. “I’m guessing that you are the one who wants to

eat that.”

Silvia defended herself quickly, “Don’t talk so much. Eat quickly.”

Jayden lay down and said, “No.” Silvia was losing her patience too, “Jayden, don’t make things harder for yourself

Jayden just looked at her and sighed, “Hmm…

Silvia’s temper flared up. “Jayden, you really think that I do not dare to do

anything to you, don’t you?”

Jayden smirked, “What can you do to me?”

Silvia kept quiet

Since he was not listening to her, then she would take drastic actions.

Silvia took the medicine and pinched Jayden’s chin. She forced him to open his mouth and stuffed the medicine into his mouth with brute force.

Although Jayden was sick, Silvia was no match for him. She had just put the pills into his mouth, but he opened his mouth and was about to spit them all out

“You.” Silvia was anxious and did something she would never do. She lowered her head and covered his mouth with her lips.

Sure enough, this move was very effective. Almost instantaneously, he did not resist her. However, in just a few seconds, this man had turned the tables and took control of the situation! He actually.

“It’s so bitter!” Silvia let go of him and wanted to step back, but he pulled her into his arms and kissed her back,

“Mmm. Silvia glared at him and gestured for him to let go of her. However, not only did he not listen to her, he kissed her even harder.

“F*ck, he’s like a vampire!”

After a long time, he finally let go of her and looked at her as if he was gazing at his lovely little pet. “It turns out that you enjoy playing such games, Miss Turner!

Silvia was speechless.

Could she say that she didn’t want to play with him at all?

Obviously, he wouldn’t believe it. He was looking at her with a malicious gaze. It was obvious that he thought that she was a sex maniac.

Jayden’s mood seemed elated after “Want to play again?”

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