My Husband Warm the Bed-1043

Silvia wiped her mouth hard. She was trying to wipe off the breath and smell that he had left on her lips. “Nobody wants to play with you!”

Jayden asked, “Then what do you want to do?

Silvia did not say a word.

What was she trying to do just now?

Silvia scratched her head. Why couldn’t she recall all of a sudden?

Looking at Silvia’s silly look, Jayden suddenly smiled and said, “Silvia, it’s really a miracle that you manage to live for 20 good years with such poor cognitive


Silvia was infuriated. glared at him and snapped, “Jayden, how dare you accuse me of being an idiot?”

Jayden asked, “You don’t agree?”

“I have a high IQ of 120!” Silvia answered confidently.

Jayden then responded sarcastically, “I think your IQ must be off the charts.”

Silvia retorted, “You are the idiot! Not me!”

Jayden put on a little smirk as he said, “Mrs. Kyle, please get a glass of warm

water for me.”

Silvia didn’t move after hearing that.

I’m not going” She still didn’t remember why she came to see him.

“You don’t want to be a widow, do you? If you don’t get me my water, how can take the medicine? This woman was really silly, but her foolishness was


“Medicine? Oh, I remember now. Yes, I’m here to ask you to take your medicine.” Silvia was glad that she finally remembered.

Unexpectedly, she heard the man’s jeer, but soon, the jeer turned into a cough. Silvia scolded him, “You deserve it!”

At the same time, she still poured him a glass of water quickly.

After a night of heavy wind and heavy rain, the weather seemed to have calmed down.

In Chatterton Town. At Secret Garden,

Karen Joy Kyle was about to get married, and all the members of the Kyle family gathered in Chatterton Town. Everyone was helping with the wedding preparations.

Originally, they didn’t intend to hold Karen Joy’s wedding so early. They were all waiting for the child who ran away from home to come back, before holding the


However, Grandma Kyle’s health was getting worse. She had been lying in bed most of the time. The doctor said that she would not have much time left, and her greatest wish was to see her precious granddaughter get married.

Therefore, Karen Joy discussed with her family and her brother that they should hold the wedding as soon as possible so that the grandmother could enjoy it. Else, she would pass away before being able to.

Although the Kyle family wanted to wait for their other child to come back, they didn’t want the elderly grandmother to leave the world with regret. In the end, everyone agreed to this plan.

Lionel Collins had long wanted to marry Karen Joy. He wanted to wake up by her side every day. After she decided to hold the wedding ceremony earlier than planned, he agreed without hesitation, “Karen Joy, come over, have a look!” Karen Joy’s wedding dresses were all

personally designed by her mother, Karen Daly. The finished dress had just

delivered, so her mother asked Karen Joy to check the dresses.

“Mom, I will definitely like whatever you prepared for me Karen Joy leaned forward and hugged her mother lovingly. “I am really blessed. I have so many people who love me.”

Karen touched her daughter’s face and sighed, “It felt like I just married your father yesterday. I didn’t expect that our precious daughter would get married

so soon.”

Karen Joy sighed as she responded, ‘Mom, I don’t know why but I really wanted to get married when I was younger. But now that I’m getting married, I don’t feel like it. If I got married, I would be someone else’s wife. I can’t be with my grandparents and parents every day, and I have to play the role of a good wife. Sometimes, thinking about it, I get really stressed out.”

“You speak as if you were with us every day before you got married. Karen poked her daughter’s forehead and joked, “We have not forgotten the fact that

you snuck off to look for Brother Lionel just when you turned 18! “At that time, I was still young and naive. Now that I’ve grown up, I think that my

family is the best. I can live my life without a man, but not without my family.” Of course, Karen Joy just said that casually. She didn’t intend to leave her precious Brother Lionel at all. That would drive her crazy.

“Brother Lionel, when did you get here?” Julian Glover Kyle had been silently reading a book by the side. He suddenly said this aloud and it frightened Karen Joy out of her wits. She looked back immediately but did not see Lionel. “Little guy, you really enjoy messing around, don’t you?” The little one usually

didn’t say much. However, he acted so playfully before the wedding.

“I’m studying! Julien answered seriously. He had a serious and stern look on his face. Who would have thought that he would suddenly make fun of his sister?

Karen laughed and said to her daughter, “So now you know you shouldn’t speak too much nonsense. If your Brother Lionel heard what you said, he will not let you off the hook so easily” “Are you talking about me?” A tall and handsome man came from the door. He

greeted Karen with a sweet smile and then looked at Karen Joy.

The more he looked at his beloved Karen Joy, the more beautiful she was in his

eyes. He could not look away from her. “Brother Lionel!” Karen Joy got up immediately and leaned into his arms. “Mom asked me to have a look at my dress. Come help pick one for me.”

“Well, I’ll leave the dresses to you two. I need to see your father, Lionel replied. Kevin Kyle was really stubborn. He still had not personally agreed to his daughter’s wedding His wife, Karen, was also clueless as to why was being so unyielding

Kevin’s future son-in-law’s progress in terms of career was quicker than expected. Moreover, Lionel loved Karen Joy so much and he was also very filial to his elders. Such a good son-in-law was such a blessing to the family. Karen didn’t know what else Kevin expected out of Lionel

Karen Joy brought the dresses out one by one and showed them to her brother

Lionel like she was presenting a treasure. “Brother Lionel, look, these are all designed by my mother. I like every one of them very much. Help me pick one.” Lionel could not help himself and lowered his head to kiss her. “My baby Karen is so beautiful, so I’m sure you’ll look stunning no matter what you wear.”

Karen Joy avoided his kiss and said, “Brother Lionel, come on. Choose them


Lionel held her in his arms. “I’ll pick your dress later. Let me hug you for a while.” “Ahem.” Jullen coughed softly and said, “Go on, I’ll head off somewhere so won’t disturb you two.”

“Brother Lionel, look at what you have done. There’s a child around. How could

you be so reckless?” Karen Joy punched Lionel and continued. “Please make

sure you’re behaving appropriately next time!”

“You’ll be my legal wife soon.” He hugged Karen Joy tightly. “My dear, do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this day?”

“Well, I’m sorry! Lionel was much older than her, and she was still young. He waited for her for so long that he was almost turning into an old man

Lionel kissed her forehead and said, “Silly girl, why are you apologizing?”

Karen Joy responded softly, “Because I made you wait for so long. Thank you

for waiting for me all this while anyway. You have been so patient.

“It’s worth it! I would wait no matter how long it takes!” He lowered his head and kissed her again.

“Hey, hey, hey. Karen Joy. You were shopping with me yesterday, but why did you disappear in the end?” Mia Kyle’s loud voice came from outside the door of the room at such an inconvenient timing.

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