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When Mia saw Lionel and Karen Joy hugging each other in the room, she didn’t mind at all. She walked into the room casually and sald, “Your wedding is in a few days, can’t you wait till then?”

“Little Aunt, I’ve told you that I had something to attend to!” The previous day, Brother Lionel had asked Karen Joy out for a movie, so she couldn’t care less about going shopping with her Aunt Mia.

Mia glared at Karen Joy and said, “You are so heartless. You left so suddenly yesterday, so I even mistook another girl for you! I felt so awkward that I had to hide my face!”

“Well, it’s so rare for you to feel awkward!” Obviously, Karen Joy did not think

that her little aunt would ever feel awkv or embarrassed

“Watch your words. Just because you’re getting married soon, that doesn’t mean that I can’t do anything to you!” Mia pretended to be vicious and continued, “Mr. Collins, this lady will be your wife soon. You have to teach her

some manners.”

Lionel chuckled, “Yes.

In fact, no matter what Karen Joy did, Lionel would stand on her side and be her strongest source of support.

Mia added, “At first glance, the girl I bumped into yesterday really looked like


Karen Joy became curious and asked, “Did she?”

Mia elaborated, “She really did look like you at first glance. But after looking at her closely, she didn’t. Her dressing style is quite similar to yours. She had on a very casual outfit, just like what you would usually wear”

Although there were a lot of people in the world who looked similar, Karen Joy had not met any stranger who resembled herself yet. So, she listened to Mia attentively

Mia continued, “That girl looked quite adorable. but she’s probably someone not to be provoked. She even accused me of being a human trafficker.”

“Haha!” Karen Joy burst into laughter. “Someone actually thought that you are a human trafficker? Now, I’m interested to meet her”

Mia thought for a moment and said, “Karen Joy, do you think your father could

have given birth to a daughter with another woman behind your mother’s back?” Although Mia knew that her brother would never betray her sister-in-law, Mia was the kind of woman who loved to say the most ridiculous nonsense to stir up trouble

Especially recently, she had no idea what Neil Brown was thinking He had stayed in the military region for quite some time and did not come home for a few days.

The previous day, Mia went over to find him, and there was a big fight between them. She argued with Nell, so she was probably still bitter about matters pertaining to love.

Karen Joy wanted to cover Mia’s mouth immediately. “Little Aunt, be careful of what you say. My dad will skin you alive.”

Mia said proudly, “I’m just analyzing the situation, Kevin wouldn’t need to be

worried about what I said if it’s not the truth.

“Mia Kyle!” A low and stern voice sounded behind her, which startled Mia greatly. She turned around and saw her brother standing at the door with a dark look on his face.

“Brother, I’m just kidding. You’re a merciful man. Please forgive me” Mia may not be afraid of Nell, but she was definitely afraid of the legendary Director Kevin, who was haughty and aloof.

Just kidding? You shouldn’t joke about my marriage.” No matter how long they

had been married, Director Kevin still protected his wife like a precious

treasure. He would not let anyone speak ill about their relationship.

“I know, I know. I won’t do it again!” Mia sounded so pitiful. After all these years, Kevin was still bullying her.

Karen Joy laughed silently as if she was mocking her Little Aunt. “Well, you should know better about what to do and what not to do!”

Mia glared at Karen Joy

Kevin looked at Lionel and said, “Come to my study.

Karen Joy heard Kevin’s words and she was worried that her father would make things difficult for Lionel, so she walked over quickly and said, “Dad, I’ll go with you.”

Kevin didn’t say a word, but his eyes implied that she was not allowed to follow


Lionel patted Karen Joy’s head and reassured her, “Dont worry”

But she was still worried. “But.” Mia grabbed her and spoke, “They are having their men’s talk. Why do you want to join in? Are you worried that your father will swallow your Brother Lionel alive?” Karen Joy seemed worried as she nodded, “That could possibly happen.”

Mia continued, “Although your father didn’t give his blessings explicitly, in fact, he has already agreed to your marriage. Think about it, if he actually did not agree, would you even have the chance to prepare for the ceremony?” Karen Joy said sullenly, “I know.

It was true, but Karen Joy couldn’t help worrying about her Brother Lionel Although Lionel was also powerful and wise, Kevin was still an elder in the family. In front of Kevin, Brother Lionel would always be at a disadvantage.

In the study

The atmosphere was tense.

The two men stood facing each other. They were of the same height and had similar build. Both of them looked at each other with a sullen face. It seemed that neither of them wanted to break the silence first.

Kevin looked at the man standing in front of him carefully. Over the years, he had tested Lionel numerous times, and Lionel had passed them all Gradually, Kevin was somewhat satisfied with this future son-in-law of his

However, there was always a knot in Kevin’s heart that made him reluctant to hand over his daughter easily. Once his daughter got married, his role as her father would be less significant.

He had worked so hard to raise Karen Joy. Whenever Kevin thought that his

daughter would be taken away by some other man, he felt uncomfortable. Lionel stood in front of Kevin, holding his head high and he looked as intimidating as his future father-in-law. However, he had to admit defeat first. After all, he wanted to marry his daughter.

Lionel broke the ice first, speaking respectfully, “Uncle Kyle, what did you want to say to me?

Lionel put his ego down first, so Kevin also put his guard down. “I know you love Karen Joy deeply, but I wonder how long this love will last?” Lionel could see that Kevin was most worried about Lionel’s loyalty and

commitment, so he answered carefully, “Uncle Kyle, I will use my actions to prove my love. You will see it.”

“Karen Joy is my only daughter and also our first child. She suffered a lot when she was born and we almost couldn’t keep her alive several times. You should know that it is my duty to give this child of mine all the best things in the world” It was the first time Kevin spoke so much to Lionel.

“Do you think I’m not good enough?” Lionel understood the implied meaning of Kevin’s words

“Yes.” Kevin also answered honestly, “In my heart, she is the most excellent girl in the world, but you are definitely not the most excellent man the world. These years, you barely passed my tests. However, my daughter likes you, so I can only give my blessings.

“Thank you!” Lionel understood what Kevin meant. Kevin had the thoughts that

every father would have for their daughters. To Kevin, his daughter was the

most excellent child in the world, and no man was worthy of her

Kevin continued, “I also want to thank you.” Lionel was puzzled. “Thank me?”

Kevin explained calmly, Thank you for showering her with love. Because of you, she’s been blessed and loved profoundly”

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