My Husband Warm the Bed-1045

Outside the study

Karen Joy placed her ear close to the door and wanted to eavesdrop on their conversation in the study room but the sound insulation was too high that she couldn’t hear anything.

She was so anxious and she kept fidgeting around. Her mother, Karen, who was holding a cup of tea, witnessed everything from behind her. She shook her head and asked, “Baby Karen, what are you doing?”

Karen Joy was a little embarrassed when she was caught eavesdropping. She smiled awkwardly and said, “Mom, Dad is talking to Brother Lionel inside. I wanted to ask them if they need anything.”

How could a mother not understand what her daughter was thinking? Karen handed the cup in her hand to Karen Joy and said, “Just about time. Send this cup of tea into your dad’s study. By the way, tell him that I have something to talk to him about”

Karen Joy said happily “Mom, you’re the best!”

Karen patted her daughter’s shoulder and said, “You’re my daughter, of course, am going to help you. Go ahead, or your Brother Lionel might really be eaten up by your father

However, at this time, the door suddenly swung open. Lionel came out and saw his future mother-in-law with Karen Joy, “Are you two… worried about me?’ Karen Joy returned the cup of tea to her mother. Then she took Lionel’s hand

and checked for any injuries on him, “Brother Lionel, did my father do anything

to you?”

Lionel smiled gently and said, “Silly girl, Dad asked me to take good care of you in the future.

“Really?” Karen Joy did not believe him, but she noticed that Lionel addressed

her father as ‘Dad”. This proved that their discussion in the study went well.

Karen Joy finally felt relieved and said, “It’s good that you’re alright. I’m really worried that you two would fight in the study”

She didn’t forget that a few years ago, because of that fateful incident, her father had punched Brother Lionel twice, but Brother Lionel couldn’t fight back

At that time, Karen Joy couldn’t help but feel sorry for Lionel.

Looking at the loving relationship between her daughter and Lionel, Karen also felt genuinely happy. She said, “You two can go about your day now. I’ll bring the

tea in for your father.” Karen Joy said, “Thank you, mother!”

Karen smiled sweetly at her daughter, “I’ll catch you later.”

After watching them leave, Karen opened the door and walked into the study. Kevin was not in front of the desk, but he stood by the window and looked at the distance. It seemed that he had something on his mind.

Karen put the cup of tea on the desk and came to Kevin’s side. She grabbed his hand gently and asked, “Kevin, what’s wrong? Are you still unhappy with your future son-in-law?”

“No. Kevin lowered his head and looked at Karen’s rosy and tender face. “Karen, Jayden has returned to Chatterton Town.”

“What? Jayden is back? Is it true?” Karen asked again. She was also very worried about their child who had been wandering outside all these years. Kevin added, “He arrived at Chatterton Town yesterday noon. He checked into

the hotel next to Grandover Hotel. He also brought a girl along with him.” “He brought a girl with him? Does this mean that he has moved on? That he’s willing to reunite with us?” Karen was so excited that she clenched Kevin’s hand. “Kevin, Mom has been sick in bed these days and she misses Jayden

every day. Shall we invite him home?”

Looking at Karen’s excited look, Kevin hugged her tightly in his arms and said, ” know you are worried about Jayden, but we can’t do that.” Karen did not understand why. “He has returned to Chatterton Town. Why can’t

we ask him to come home?”

Kevin explained patiently, “Look, he is already in Chatterton Town, but he did not come back to us. This proves that he hasn’t let go of the past yet: Karen’s mood suddenly sank. “Oh”

The child was also part of their family. If Jayden was not with them, there

would always be a gap in the family. They were incomplete yet, they couldn’t

force him to come back. Everyone was waiting for Jayden to overcome his inner struggles. They were eagerly waiting for him to return to the family.

No matter when it would be, as long as Jayden returned, they would welcome

him with open arms.

Kevin patted Karen’s back gently and comforted her in silence.

Karen Joy pulled Lionel aside and asked, “Brother Lionel, what did Dad specifically say to you just now?”

“He just told me to take good care of you. Lionel couldn’t stop kissing Karen

Joy as he spoke, “Karen Joy, there are only three days left. Only three days.”

After waiting for so many years, he finally could marry his beloved girl. He could take care of her and love her as her husband. Just the thought of it made Lionel extremely excited.

Karen Joy wanted to say something but stopped on second thought. “Brother Lionel..

Lionel asked worriedly, “Karen Joy, what’s wrong?”

Karen Joy nestled in his arms and muttered, 1 have always known that am going to marry you, but I don’t know why. The closer we are to our wedding day, the more uneasy I feel.”

Lionel kissed her forehead and caressed her head. He moved her head to look up at him and said, “My dear, don’t worry, I’m here with you

I know you are here. If it weren’t for Lionel’s presence, Karen Joy would be even more scared. However, if Lionel were not there, Karen Joy would not be getting married at all!

She felt that she had been a little paranoid recently. She didn’t know what she

was worried about specifically, but something was bothering her.

Lionel had noticed that Karen Joy was acting slightly odd these days, but Lionel thought she was getting cold feet from the wedding. If it was not handled well, the situation could become more serious.

He held her in his arms and said, “I’ll take you somewhere.

Karen Joy looked up at him, “Where are we going?”

Lionel responded, “It’s a surprise. You’ll know when you get there.”

Karen Joy pulled him and said, “Brother Lionel, I’m sorry!”

Lionel frowned at her, “Why are you saying sorry to me again?” Karen Joy took a deep breath and explained. I’ve been thinking about someone these days. I’m wondering where is he right now and also wondering if he is

doing well

Lionel knew that Karen Joy was thinking of her brother, Jayden, who had run

away from home three years ago.

Three years ago, after Jayden left, Karen Joy never mentioned him ever again,

but this didn’t mean that she wasn’t thinking of him. On the contrary, she might miss Jayden and worry about his safety more than anyone else. However, Karen Joy was not willing to say it out. She was worried

that her family would be saddened too.

Karen Joy swallowed uneasily and said, “I really want him to attend my wedding. I really want him to give me his blessings, but I want him to find his own happiness too. However, after so many years, still have not heard any news about him. I don’t even know if he is still alive.”

Lionel comforted her, “Karen, he must be alive and well.” Karen Joy didn’t want to cry, but she couldn’t stop her tears from rolling down. “Brother Lionel, I’m sorry! I know I shouldn’t think about another person every day before the wedding, but I just can’t help thinking about him. The closer the wedding day is, the more I miss him.”

“I thought about what he had done for me in the past. He really cared for me. No matter what my requests were, no matter how unreasonable they were, he tried his best to fulfill them. However, I’d always thought he had ulterior motives when he was so caring to me.

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