My Husband Warm the Bed-1046

Brother Lionel, I really regret it so much. I have regretted so much over the years. I want to find him and tell him that he will always be my brother. He is a part of my family, and an important person in my life.

Karen Joy pursed her lips. For a moment, she choked and couldn’t speak. After a long time, she calmed down and said, “However, I don’t know if I’m lucky enough to see him again.

Lionel hugged her and comforted her softly, “Karen Joy, you have to believe in him. He will figure things out and return to us. Karen Joy shook her head and said, “What if he never does? Would I ever see

him again?

Lionel tried to assuage her, “He is still your brother at the end of the day. Don’t forget that.” Yes, Jayden was Karen Joy’s brother, the brother who loved her very much. So

she had to believe that he would eventually come to a realization and come

back home.

She would wait for him!

After the storm, the air was particularly fresh.

Silvia picked the remote control up to open the French windows. She felt the gush of fresh air rushing into the room. She breathed in deeply, which made her feel much better in an instant.

However, her good mood only lasted a moment, as it was destroyed by Jayden

instantly. His voice came from behind her. “Silvia, are you a pig?” Silvia turned around and glared at him fiercely. “Jayden, can’t you speak nicely? If you have nothing nice to say, then shut your mouth. What do you mean by asking if I am a pig?

Jayden pointed to the table full of greasy food and said, “You’re eating such greasy food early in the morning, aren’t you worried of your health?”

Silvia explained, “Pigs are vegetarian and they eat pig feed. As for humans, we

eat meat. You are inhuman, so you won’t understand

Early that morning, Silvia asked the hotel staff to prepare two portions of the

famous roast chicken from Chatterton town. She even ordered two portions of bacon. She wanted to make up for not eating much the day before.

After all, she was living off Jayden’s money. She didn’t feel good enjoying the food alone, so she planned to wait for Jayden to come out from the shower and eat with him

Unexpectedly, this man did not thank her, he even insulted her. Once again, he misunderstood her good intentions.

Jayden said gloomily, “Don’t you know it’s better to have some light food after a high fever?”

Silvia answered arrogantly, “I’m not the one with a high fever”

Jayden was flabbergasted at her remark

Silvia sat back at the table and picked up a chicken drumstick. She devoured it happily. After she was done, she licked the corners of her mouth with her

tongue. She looked as if she hadn’t had enough.

Jayden stepped forward and poured the food on the table into the trash can. “I can’t stand such a heavy smell of grease.” People who were familiar with Silvia knew that they must never provoke her

under two circumstances. The first was when she was sleeping, and the second

was when she was eating. Presently, not only did Jayden provoke her while she was eating, he even threw away her food. This was absolutely unacceptable!

Silvia was so angry that she stood up and threw punch at Jayden. “B’stard, what the f*ck did you do?!” Jayden grabbed her fist and clenched it tightly. “If you use profanities again, I’ll

make sure you won’t be able to eat any meat for three days.

Silvia was so angry that she punched him again with her left fist. This time, he grabbed her left hand too and gripped tightly. He exerted a little force and pulled her into his arms.

“Jayden, you b*stard!” Damn it, this was so infuriating, Jayden was so strong

that he did not look like a sick person at all. Silvia couldn’t beat him up even if

she used up all her strength.

“Five days!”

“B*stars, who do you think you are? Do you think I would listen to you so obediently?

“Seven days!”

“B*stard! Beast! Scumbag. Silvia spoke all these words in one breath. She said all the profanities that she could think of at that time. She didn’t believe that Jayden could control what she ate

Of course, at this time, Silvia absolutely did not expect that Jayden really meant

his words. For the next month, she was not allowed to eat any meat at all, the

meat she loved so much!

As she ate the healthier and bland-tasting food sent by the waiter, Silvia felt like she was eating soil. After taking a bite, she glared at him. “You’re a beast!” Jayden ate his oatmeal slowly. He also had some salad. He seemed to enjoy it

and turned a blind eye to Silvia’s angry glare.

Silvia was so upset that she was about to cry. “Jayden, what you are doing is the same as murder”

Not allowing her to eat meat was similar to taking her life. In the end, Jayden

still planned to poison her and kill her slowly. If she knew this would happen, she shouldn’t have been so kind the previous night. She should have let him die from his fever, so that she wouldn’t need to

go through what was happening presently.

After Jayden was done with his meal, he wiped his mouth gracefully with a tissue. “After you’re done, let the waiter take the stuff away. Come to my room after you clean up.”

“You wish!” After being tortured by him, why would Silvia still go to him? She wouldn’t be so foolish that she would walk into hell, so it would be strange for her to follow his order.

“Ha.” Jayden sneered and walked back to his room.

“‘Il kill you! i’ll stab you with my fork!” Silvia waved the fork in her hand at his

back, but she stopped immediately. She quickly called the hotel reception and asked them to send her another set of roast chicken and bacon.

Unexpectedly, the reply she got was that the hotel only served vegan food.

There were no meat dishes at all.

Of course, how could such a large, five-star hotel not serve any meat? Silvia knew that Jayden must be behind it!

After all, that bastard Jayden was the one who paid for the room. If he gave the

order, the staff would listen to him.

However, this was not the only hotel in Chatterton Town that served food. Silvia

could eat somewhere else. No matter how powerful Jayden was, she was sure that he couldn’t control her to that extent.

However, this plan had failed before it even began. Silvia was penniless and she could not leave Jayden’s side. In this foreign city, it was not easy for her to get around

She had to think of a way to get some money. Of course, she could get it from Jayden. He had so much money anyway Therefore, she poured a glass of water and came to his room obediently.

“Young Master Kyle, what are you doing? I’ve brought you some water.” Jayden sat in front of the desk and was staring at the computer. When Silvia came to his side, he turned off the computer immediately and looked up at her

with displeasure. “Humph, why did he turn the computer off so quickly? Was he doing something

illegal? Or looking at some pornographic videos?” Silvia thought to herself.

Then, Silvia smiled and said, “Young Master Kyle, although there is nothing strange about watching porn, don’t forget that you are still sick and you’ll have to rest more. Your body might break down if you don’t get enough rest.”

Jayden frowned in exasperation. What was this silly woman thinking about all

day long? Silvia smiled slyly. “You don’t need to hide it from me! There’s nothing to be ashamed about. I have watched such films with Reagan and my friends before.

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