My Husband Warm the Bed-1047

Silvia, do you realize what you’re saying?

Jayden’s expression changed. He looked at Silvia gloomily, and his voice sounded even more cold and threatening

Was this woman thinking straight?

How could she be so bold to watch those kinds of films with another man?! Was she not afraid that they would do something untoward to her, or had they

done it already? “You didn’t hear me wrong. I watched it with Reagan and my other friends. Besides, we also discussed the male and female leads. Uh.. Silvia looked at Jayden’s crotch unconsciously. “It seems like.

All of a sudden, Silvia thought of something and her face blushed unconsciously. It was rare for her to be self-conscious, which was something all other ladies had.

Jayden clenched his fists and tried his best to suppress his anger. “It seems like


Silvia chuckled forcibly and said, “Young Master Kyle, you were much stronger and more masculine in bed..

From Silvia’s gaze, Jayden knew that she was comparing his performance in bed to those porn actors. His anger that had been building up was about to explode. “Tell me, how many of these shows have you watched before?’ “Not many, probably just two or three” Silvia did not notice the anger in

Jayden’s eyes and answered joyfully.

Not many!

Just two or three!


Good for her!

Jayden clenched his fists tightly that they made a cracking sound. He asked, “Were they covered up? Have you seen any body parts you shouldn’t have

looked at?”

“If I could not see those parts, how could it be considered an adult film? Silvia stared at him like he was an idiot. “But to be honest, even the male lead is not

as good-looking as you.”

In fact, Silvia was telling the truth. The male leads of those shows she watched before were nothing compared to Jayden in terms of appearance. They were significant less handsome!

If Jayden acted in those shows.

Dynamic images appeared in Silvia’s mind. The more she thought about it, the more she felt her blood boiling. If Jayden replaced all the male leads in the adult films she had watched before, she would definitely watch them more


It was because she had personally experienced how long Jayden could last in

bed! Jayden suppressed his anger and continued to ask, “Not only did you watch them, but you also discussed them with other men?”

Silvia answered naturally, “Yes, of course, since we watch it together, we discussed it together. What’s the point of watching a film alone? Of course, we should watch it together. It’s more interesting that way!”

This woman was really wild. Jayden really underestimated her! The suppressed anger instantly burst out in his chest. “Did you do anything else when you watched the key moments?”

Silvia did not get what he meant, “What else could I be doing?” “This!” Jayden demonstrated what he meant

Jayden, what are you doing?” Silvia was shocked as Jayden came up to her. hugged her, and then touched her inappropriately.

He asked coldly, “Did they do this to you?”

Jayden, take your hands off me first, or i’ll scream.” His mind was really twisted. Silvia had only ever discussed the film with Reagan. They did not do any of those naughty things Jayden had assumed they did!

Jayden spoke furiously, “You’re right. Watching a film like that is not good for your health. Since I have someone here to resolve my physical needs, why don’t I utilize it?

“Utilize it? Do you think I am a f*cking tool for you to use?” Silvia tried to push him away, but she failed to do so. Fear enveloped her, and she was so scared that she was trembling.

However, at this moment, Jayden was a beast that had lost its mind and was on the verge of madness. No matter how hard she struggled, he grabbed her firmly

and she could barely move.

Jayden! No!” She screamed, but it was of no use. He did not care if she was

willing, just like how he was in his study that day.

It began raining again.

The dark clouds blocked the sunlight, and the weather appeared to be gloomy, just like Silvia’s heart at the moment. She could no longer see the beautiful sunshine.

She was taking a bath in the bathtub. She kept washing herself with soap and

did not realize that the water had already cooled down.

Jayden’s devil-like voice echoed in her ear, “Silvia, no matter what, you are my woman now. Take good care of yourself. If anyone else touches you, I will cut their hands off.”

He continued. “Silvia, my name’s next to you on our marriage certificate. It’s reasonable and legal for me to f*ck you.”

That bullsh*t marriage certificate!

Silvia hated Jayden so much that she gnashed her teeth in anger. She wished she could tear that hateful man apart. However, all she could do was to wash herself repeatedly to strip the scent of him away from her body.


The door swung open suddenly.

Silvia was so frightened that she shivered, but she was so powerless that she

couldn’t even cover herself up.

Anyway, Jayden had already seen every part of her. He had also forced her to

do whatever he wanted. She had nothing else to hide. Jayden walked in and picked her up from the bathtub without saying a word. He

carried her into the room.

He put her on the bed and pulled up the quilt to cover her. Then, he turned around and walked out as if nothing happened. A moment later, he walked back in with a glass of water in his hand. “Take these pills.”


Contraceptive pills!

It was the same as the last time.

He was a villain who did not know how to restrain his desires, but was afraid of

taking responsibility. He did not know how much harm it would bring to a woman’s body if she took too many contraceptive pills.

Silvia took the glass and ate the pills anyway. She opened her mouth to show him that she had swallowed the pills. Jayden frowned and reached out to take the glass. Just as he was about to take it, Silvia threw it on his body and the glass fell to the ground. Fortunately,

the room was covered with thick carpet, and the glass did not shatter into

pieces. “You. Jayden wanted to say something, but he stopped. He picked the glass on the ground and just left the room.

Jayden sat in the living room, lit a cigarette and took a few puffs Not only did he scare her, but he also questioned himself. He did not know why he lost control this time.

The last time, he had forced himself on her because he was drugged. He even mistook Silvia as another person.

However, this time, he was sober, and he clearly knew it was Silvia.

He knew that the person in his arms was her, that the person he was making love to was her, and that the person who was struggling painfully in his arms was her. But yet, he still did not control himself.

Since when did Silvia have such a great influence over him?

This revelation shocked Jayden. It sounded ridiculous to him!

He had always thought that there was only one woman in his heart, and there was no room for other women. However, he had only known Silvia for only a few months, yet, she was starting to affect his life

Three months ago, he accidentally came across that Intentional car accident. Then, he came across this girl.. A girl who looked so much like Karen Joy.

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