My Husband Warm the Bed-1048

Jayden didn’t want to think too much about why he was so anxious. He picked up the cigarette and took a few puffs. One cigarette was not enough so he smoked a couple more. He didn’t stop until he felt a pain in his throat

from the excessive smoke. Even after a few cigarettes, he still felt restless. All he thought about was that

foolish woman in the room.

She had hidden in the bathroom and stayed in her bath for a long time. Was she not worried about falling sick? Jayden wanted to check on her, or maybe he just wanted to find a reason to go

to her room. He just wanted to be sure that she had fallen asleep.

He looked at the time on his watch More than an hour had passed, and it was

already 8 o’clock in the evening. Jayden got up and walked into Silvia’s room with another dose of medication

She had fallen asleep, but her eyelashes were wet and her eyes appeared swollen. It was obvious that she was crying,

This silly woman! She didn’t cry when he bullied her. Now that she was crying alone, how would anyone know that she was upset?

He reached out his hand and wanted to touch her forehead, but before he could touch her, she slapped his hand away. She opened her eyes suddenly and

looked at him with her puffy, red eyes, “Get out!” Jayden’s face turned cold. Take this medication.”

He had already given her a dose earlier. Wasn’t it enough? He wanted her to have another dose. How strong did he think his sperms were that she needed another dose of contraceptive pills to get rid of them?

Besides, why should she pay the price for this beast’s wrongdoing? It was not that she was not willing to be pregnant with his child, but she didn’t want to harm her body. She pointed at him and shouted, “Get out of this room!”

Jayden stood still and spoke sternly, “Take it

Silvia pointed out and yelled, “Get out!”

Jayden held her delicate chin, forced her to open her mouth, and forced the medication into her mouth.

Silvia had used this method on him this morning, but she didn’t expect that he would use it on her too.

Silvia was not as strong as Jayden. When she tried to do that earlier, he had the upper hand. At present, he still had the upper hand on her.

Just like that, Silvia reluctantly took another dose of “contraceptive pills”.

“Mr. Kyle, you’d better remember how you violated me today. In the future, Ill definitely take my revenge.” This person had gone too far. He gave her two doses of medication even though they only did it once. He really wanted to ruin her body

Everyone knew that the side effects of these emergency contraceptive pills. A

woman could not consume the pills for more than three doses in a year, and it could only be taken once a month. Otherwise, it could lead to health complications

She had just taken the pills a few days ago, and she just took another two doses at present moment. Silvia found it hard to believe that this man did not have ulterior motives to harm her.

“I’m waiting to see that he answered calmly.

“Well then, just you wait* Silvia gritted her teeth. In the end, she was so angry that she grabbed the cup and threw it against the wall. The cup broke into pieces

As she watched the cup shatter into pieces, she felt much better.

She did not believe that she would be stuck there being tortured by him for eternity!

The weather was bad, giving an ominous feeling

Two hours ago, Kevin’s mother, Rana Brown, who had been recovering from her illness, suddenly relapsed. The Kyle family braved through the howling wind and torrential rain to send her to the best hospital in Chatterton Town.

One hour passed, two hours passed. but the light in the emergency room was still switched on. The doctors were busy treating Rana, but her condition wasn’t

stable yet As the head of the Kyle family, Kevin stood guard outside the emergency room with the rest of the family. They were waiting anxiously and worriedly

From the moment Rana entered the emergency room, Kevin’s father, Hale Kyle, stared at the door of the emergency room and did not move away even for a


Karen Joy was worried about her grandfather. She sat next to him and held his

hand tightly. “Grandpa, Grandma will be fine. Don’t be afraid Hale did not say anything. Beneath his seemingly calm face, there was a strong

sense of worry and heartache.

Although he knew that this day would come eventually, Hale was still afraid.

Rana was the most important person in his life. A few decades ago, Hale met Rana in the peach blossom forests of Rana

Mountain. When she looked at him and smiled shyly, Hale was so moved that

he vowed to protect this woman for the rest of his life.

That year, she was only 18 years old and she looked extremely innocent. She looked as beautiful as a rose. It was unforgettable at first glance. Later, Hale pursued her and she became his wife. Then, she gave birth to Kevin

and they raised a family together. However, her health was always


Hale knew that it was all his fault. If it weren’t for the pregnancy, Rana’s health would have been better. Thereafter, her illness had followed her for decades.

Thinking of the many decades they had spent together, Hale’s heart felt heavy

suddenly. He rarely cried but tears rolled down his cheeks at this time. Karen Joy hugged her grandfather, feeling very distressed. “Grandpa, Grandma will not leave us. She will definitely get better.”

Deep down, Karen Joy knew that her grandmother had been ill for too long and her body was getting worse day by day. The chances of recovery was very slim. Looking at his mother in the emergency room and his father’s sorrow, Kevin felt so helpless.

Kevin had amassed an invaluable sum of wealth and he was a famous figure in the business world. He could conquer every business project, but he could do nothing about his mother’s illness. At this moment, Kevin felt that he was nothing. No matter how much wealth he

had, he was powerless in the face of mortality and time,

He couldn’t do anything.

Kevin clenched his fists. He clenched them so tightly until a pair of soft and tender hands held him.

She didn’t use much strength, but she was like his tranquilizer, making him feel calm instantly. He looked at her, and she was also looking at him tenderly.

His beloved wife Karen did not say anything to him, but as long as she was by his side, it was enough to drive away all the panic in his heart.


The light by the door finally switched off. The family looked at the door and saw the doctor coming out. Before they could ask anything, the doctor took off his mask and said, “Director Kevin, Madam Kyle is stable and out of critical period for the time being

Hearing the doctor’s words, the family did not feel much assured. They

understood that the doctor meant that this was only temporary. The doctor added, “As for the details, I’ll report it to you later, Director Kevin. Let’s bring the patient to the ward first.”

Kevin’s mother was actually in a much better situation than they had imagined Perhaps she still had many unfulfilled wishes in her heart, so she forced herself to push through

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