My Husband Warm the Bed-1050

“Grandma, I.”

Jayden, if you’re not comfortable with doing that, then it’s okay. Being able to see you is more than enough. The elderly Rana noticed Jayden’s uneasy look.

She was very understanding and didn’t want to force him. “Grandma, it’s not that I’ll bring her to come and see you tomorrow Jayden knew he needed Silvia’s help. After all, besides Silvia, Jayden couldn’t find a better candidate.

“Okay, okay. I will wait for you” Hearing her grandson’s promise, the elderly Rana smiled like a child and looked much more energetic. So, when are you going to get married? How great it will be if I can watch you get married.

Rana’s life was coming to an end. Her days were numbered, but her worries were increasing. She wanted to hold on for a few more days and watch her grandchildren get married. It would be better if she could hold a great grandchild in her arms

Jayden was not impatient at all when faced with his grandmother’s questioning He accompanied her patiently and said, “Grandma, we have already gotten our marriage certificate.

“Really?” Rana was so excited that tears welled up in her eyes. Not only did her grandson come back, but he also brought her a granddaughter-in-law. How could she not be overjoyed?

Jayden added, “Grandma, when have I ever lied to you?”

The elderly lady smiled happily. “Yes, you have always been a man of your word. You have never lied to me. I believe you.”

She was obviously very weak, but she still forced herself to hold on. Jayden felt sorry for her and said, “Grandma, close your eyes and rest for a while.’

She shook her head and whined like a child, “Jayden, I don’t want to sleep. You

will run away when I sleep. It will take me a long time to see you again.”

Jayden blamed himself very much as he heard how worried his grandmother was. “Grandma, I will accompany you here. I won’t leave you.”

Just like what I expected, my eldest grandson loves me the most. Oh, I wish to hold your child very much too.” Rana closed her eyes, but her hand was still holding onto Jayden tightly. She was afraid that once she let go, would run

away again

“Grandma.” Jayden reached out his hand and stroked her wrinkled face gently.

“Grandma, I love you!”


Suddenly, a familiar and pleasant female voice sounded behind Jayden, and his body froze in an instant. His heart was beating wildly as if it was going to jump

out of his throat.


Jayden did not respond immediately. The girl behind him called out to him once more and judging by her voice, he could hear that she was getting closer and closer to him.

She was already standing behind him. No matter what, he couldn’t avoid meeting her. Jayden let go of Grandma’s hand and looked back.

At the moment, she was wearing a long sleeveless floral dress. It was no longer the casual style he was used to seeing. She was a tall girl, and her figure looked even more slender in this outfit.

Karen Joy looked better than he remembered. She was not as young as she used to be, but she looked much more mature and feminine at present. He could feel her elegance even without hearing her speak.

Of course, she was about to become someone’s wife. She was growing up with the person she loved, so she would only flourish and bloom into a beautiful woman.

They hadn’t seen each other for three years. So, Jayden thought that he would go crazy and do anything to keep Karen Joy with him when he saw her again. However, he never thought that he would be much calmer than he imagined. His heart still beat wildly, but besides that, he looked quite restrained on the surface

He admitted that she looked much prettier than before, but when he looked at her, his perception of her was completely different from before. At present, he saw her as his sister.

They locked eyes for quite a while.


When Karen Joy called his name again, she suddenly burst into tears. The tears flow down uncontrollably and it would make one’s heart ache. Jayden did not respond. He looked at the tears rolling down from the corners

of her eyes. Like before, when he saw her tears, he would feel distressed. Regardless of whether she loved him or not, he still hoped that she was happy. He wanted to reach out his hand to wipe her tears away, but this time, he did

not “Brother, you’re finally back.” Karen Joy approached him and threw herself into his arms. She hugged him tightly. “You’re finally back”

Jayden felt her body against his. This was the body that he had been longing for. He had thought about wanting to hug her too many times. However, when he reached out to hold Karen Joy, he didn’t think so much. He

finally understood his emotions now. She was his sister and he was her brother.

His persistence towards her was rooted on the basis that he could not have her. Over the years, Jayden’s feelings for Karen Joy had not been love, but he saw her as a challenge. After all, he was unwilling to admit defeat.

After being adopted by the Kyle family, his life changed dramatically. He became the dazzling Young Master of the Kyle family. The people who had looked down upon him turned into people who were begging for his mercy. He got lost in the whirlwind of fame and power. He felt that everyone should bow down to him.

However, Karen Joy was the only exception. She was always indifferent towards him and always frustrated him. Even for a period of time, he even thought of destroying her.

Fortunately, Jayden always remembered what his grandparents and parents had taught him. He managed to stop himself from doing something irreparable to their relationship.

Finally, he cleared his mind. Jayden reached out and hugged her back. For the

first time, he hugged her with the intention of being a caring elder brother. “I

came back to see Grandma.”

These were Jayden’s first words to her after such a long time. Karen Joy was so happy that tears ran down her cheeks even more. “Brother, I’m sorry! It’s all my


He stroked her head. “You don’t have to apologize. You didn’t do anything wrong. It has always been my fault. I shouldn’t have made everyone worry about me.

He had been running away and hiding for three years. The things that he could not understand for the past three years instantly cleared up the moment he saw her.

This incident taught him that no matter what happened, running away was never the answer. Jayden needed to face the reality.

Just like the problems between Silvia and himself. Jayden knew he needed to have a good talk with her. He should stop her from thinking that he was trying to harm her every day!

With that foolish woman’s intelligence, it would be easy for Jayden to kill her. Silvia thought that she was strong and safe, but in fact, he was just letting her think so.

Suddenly, Jayden thought it was all quite ridiculous. Silvia was foolish enough

to try to go against him, but he acknowledged her courage.

Karen Joy raised her head and looked at him with her big eyes. “Brother, will

you. stay this time? Looking at Karen Joy’s hopeful eyes, Jayden couldn’t bear to say no, but he still said, “I’m afraid, I won’t be.”

Karen Joy’s face suddenly darkened significantly. She swallowed bitterly and asked, “Brother, then, how long do you plan to stay in Chatterton Town?

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