My Husband Warm the Bed- 1051

Jayden patted her head and said, “I haven’t thought about when yet, but I wont leave at least for a couple of few days.”

“Brother.” Karen Joy pursed her lips and said hesitantly, “Brother, I know this might be a lot to ask of you, but I still want to ask anyway. I’m getting married to Brother Lionel, will you attend it?”

Jayden was also a member of their family. If he were absent from the wedding, Karen Joy would feel that something was missing, that she was missing Jayden’s sincere blessings for her marriage.

Karen Joy’s request would have been too demanding for him in the past, but at this moment, Jayden didn’t think so at all.

He smiled and said, “You’re personally inviting me to your wedding, and I’m really glad. By the way, I won’t be coming alone to your wedding. I might bring someone with me.

“Brother, you have a girlfriend?” Karen Joy was sincerely hoping that Jayden

could find a woman he liked and that he would be happy

“No.” Jayden said. There was a momentary flash of dismay in Karen Joy’s eyes as she stared at him. Then he clarified, “She is already your sister-in-law.” That silly woman was not his girlfriend. Her name was written next to Jayden’s

on their marriage certificate. She was his legal wife.

“Brother. you, you’re married?” This news was more exciting than the previous news. Karen Joy jumped around a few times. “Really? Really? Am I dreaming? Brother, don’t fool around… do I really have a sister-in-law?”

“I’m not… It’s true.” Seeing Karen Joy being as delighted as a child, Jayden’s mood lightened up and he laughed foolishly with her. Unlike the past, Jayden was very clear about what he wanted at this moment,

Karen Joy hugged him again and said, ‘Brother, congratulations on finding your

happiness! I’m so happy that you’ve found love.”

For a long time, she had been afraid that Jayden would still be trapped in the emotions of the past. When she heard that he was married, she was so delighted, she could not wait to announce the happy news to the world!

The siblings had not seen each other in a long time and suddenly came such wonderful news, Karen Joy was so excited that her hands were waving around

in delight, “I am so excited to have my sister-in-law attend my wedding. But before the wedding, shouldn’t you introduce her to the family?”

“Well, I’ll go back and discuss it with her. This was actually a relatively tricky problem for Jayden. Silvia was not willing to admit that she was Jayden’s wife. If Jayden introduced her to his family at this time, with her rambunctious personality, she would

definitely cause a scene. Jayden had to think of a way to have her cooperate

with him obediently. He could not make any mistakes.

Jayden couldn’t come up with a plan immediately, but he didn’t have time to think about it for the time being, He decided to discuss it with Silvia as soon as he got back. “Brother, what kind of person is my sister-in-law like?” In Karen Joy’s opinion, that girl must be an extraordinary person to be able to win over Jayden’s heart.

She is a little… Silvia was a little silly and was extremely paranoid. This was

Jayden’s true opinion of her, but he did not want to disclose her weaknesses to others. Hence, Jayden answered very carefully, “She is a lovely girl. “Brother, I can’t wait to see her!” Karen Joy could not wait to meet the

mysterious lady who won over her brother’s affection.

I’m bringing her to meet Grandma tomorrow. Then, I’ll introduce her to the family. Jayden replied. It was inevitable for a daughter-in-law to meet her husband’s family eventually. Hence, Jayden knew that he should seize the opportunity to bring Silvia to meet the Kyles.

Karen Joy added, “Brother, you must be happy, always. No matter where you go, don’t forget that we are your family. We will always be waiting for you to come back.”

Jayden nodded. “We will all be happy.”

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Silvia had already run away a long time ago, which was completely out of Jayden’s expectations. She did not obediently wait for him to come back and bring her to meet his family. Two hours ago, as soon as Jayden stepped out of the hotel. Silvia got up from the bed.

She stood by the window and watched Jayden leave the hotel. She went back to her room and changed her clothes in a hurry. She had to escape. If she stayed by Jayden’s side foolishly, Silvia would eventually be killed or

driven insane by the twisted Jayden

For the sake of her own safety, Silvia felt that she had to escape. It was better if

Jayden could no longer find her. Then, she would be safe. Of course, the most important things to have when escaping were her mobile phone and some money. She had a mobile phone, but she didn’t have any

money. Therefore, she took all the cash in Jayden’s wallet.

Even a prostitute would be paid a fee for her services, and Silvia had been forced to sleep with Jayden twice in vain. Hence, she thought it was fair for her to take a few thousand dollars from him as a form of payment.

After getting the money, Silvia hurried to the airport with her passport and bought the earliest flight ticket to Madison City. Before getting on the plane, she called Reagan and Lemur to request for some assistance.

Not long after, Silvia boarded the plane. When the cabin crew announced that the plane was about to take off, Silvia, who was always fond of challenging and provoking others, took a selfie on her phone. She sent the photo over to Jayden

with the caption, “B*stard Kyle, I am flying off. Goodbye! Oh no, when you see

this message, you must be furious, and you must be dying to capture me.

However, I am ready to take off. If you want to, you can drag me off the plane.”

When he received this message, Jayden could imagine the smug look on Silvia’s face. However, since she asked him to drag her off the plane, he thought that he should listen to his precious’ wife’s demand.

The plane, which had already begun to accelerate on the runway, went to the dock instead. The pilot explained that the plane could not take off for the time being because of air traffic control issues,

When she heard that the plane could not take off on time, Silvia felt anxious. Her heart thumped and she was a little flustered. “Wasn’t the plane about to take off? Why did it stop suddenly?”

At this time, the people that appeared in front of Silvia were not flight attendants, but two police officers. They took out their ID cards and said, “Miss Silvia Turner, you are a witness to our investigation, please cooperate with us.

Silvia was unwilling to cooperate. “What did I do wrong? What am I being arrested for? Did you get the wrong person?” The police explained, “Miss Turner, you are the person we are looking for. We

don’t know what you have done, but you can ask Mr. Kyle later!”

In an instant, Silvia was stunned.

It was that damned beast again!

He really wanted to kill her!

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