My Husband Warm the Bed-1052

Silvia grabbed the back of the chair and said, “Let me tell you this, I am a model citizen and I’m innocent. If you arrest me because of orders from a wealthy person, that means you are corrupted. I will file an official complaint.”

“Miss Turner, we look forward to your complaint. But now, we will have to ask you to follow through procedures and cooperate with our investigation, The two policemen said in a stern and righteous manner.

“I bought the flight ticket with my own money and I have already boarded the plane. I will not go with you, not at all!” Getting off the plane would only lead to death, and Silvia would not be stupid enough to walk that path.

“Miss Turner, since you are not willing to cooperate, please excuse us for taking you by force. Aft so, one of the policemen held Silvia’s arm and dragged her off the plane in front of the public.

“Help! These fake policemen are arresting an innocent person. Don’t just stare! Hurry up and take pictures! Expose their evil deeds to the public.”

Silvia was shouting like a madman. No one came up to help her, and they also looked at her as if she was a mentally-ill person. “You. you.” D*mn! How could they do this! Did these people know that if they

did not help her immediately, they were allowing evil forces to have their way?!

Silvia was so exasperated, she wanted to cry.

“Miss Turner, we’re sorry! The police officer felt that Silvia was making too much of a fuss, so he stuffed her mouth with something

“Mm, mm!” Silvia’s mouth was stuffed and her hands were also grabbed tightly. The only thing she could move was her feet.

She lifted her right leg and kicked one of the policemen, but he was a trained professional. He avoided her attack easily, so her kick landed in thin air. Silvia was furious and she could not vent her anger. She was exasperated to the

point of collapse. She kicked and kept shouting, “Let me gol Otherwise, I’ll

make you pay!” However, all that others could hear were muffled groans. Her words were empty threats.

Since nothing was working, she could only think of other ways. She stopped struggling and let the two policemen drag her away.

As they were walking, the two policemen noticed that her demeanor was strange. One of them quickly removed the thing that was stuffed in her mouth. “Miss Turner, what’s wrong?”

Silvia blinked her eyes and burst into tears. She didn’t say a word. The policemen were ordered to take Silvia away, but they were ordered to not hurt

her too.

As they watched Silvia cry, both of them panicked. “Miss Turner, what’s wrong? Can you tell us?

She felt very distressed. She didn’t want to be captured and be abused by that

pervert Jayden. However, she could not say it out loud.

She pointed to her stomach and said, “My stomach hurts! It’s so painful. Please, I need to go to the toilet, or I’ll die.”

The two policemen looked at each other. They thought that since she had been taken off the plane, she could not play any more tricks.

Therefore, the two of them took her to the nearest ladies’ toilet. It was inconvenient for them to enter, so they stood at the door and guarded at the


There was only one exit. As long as they stood guard at the door, it would be impossible for Silvia to escape. However, after waiting for a long time, Silvia did not come out. The two of them felt that something was wrong and rushed into the toilet together. The ladies inside were terrified and ran out of the toilet when the policemen entered. However, Silvia was nowhere to be found.

After Silvia went in earlier, they monitored every person who came out. They were sure that Silvia did not come out of the toilet. She didn’t come out, but she had vanished. How could this be?

One of them suddenly thought of something and asked, “Wasn’t there a janitor

that left with the garbage cart?” Almost instantly, the two officers started to chase after the janitor and the garbage cart. They never thought that Silvia would hide in the garbage cart just to avoid them.

At this time, Silvia had escaped. She thanked the janitor lady and spun around in joy. “Bestard Kyle, did you think I’m foolish enough to let you capture me again? Pooh! You won’t get to have your way!”

Now, Silvia had tens of thousands in cash with her. More importantly, she had her passport. She would not have to worry about not having identification and

no money to spend. As long as she was far away from that b*stard, Jayden, she

could live a good life.

Where should she go now?

Silvia thought about it seriously. Since Jayden could command the police here in Chatterton Town, it proved that he also had some influence in the local area

As long as Silvia was still in Chatterton Town, the chances of being caught by him were still very high. The best way was to leave this city, go to another city, and return to Madison City from a different airport.

Occasionally, Silvia was surprised by her own intelligence. She could think of

such a good plan, so she was not as dumb as Jayden thought.

Silvia first took a taxi to the city center. Then, she got out of the car, walked through a few blocks, and took another taxi. After repeating that a few times, she finally arrived at the border of the neighboring city. Then, she rented a car at a high price and went to the downtown area of the neighboring city

This time, she didn’t go straight to the airport. Instead, she found a homestay that didn’t require any personal identification. She planned to fly back to Madison City after laying low for a while.

The plan was working perfectly in her favor

After checking in, Silvia went to a well-known restaurant. She ordered a few dishes and enjoyed her meal. For a ‘carnivore’ like her, as long as there were lots of meat dishes, she would be satisfied.

Although the roast chicken there was not as delicious as the ones in Chatterton Town, it was good enough. Silvia ate two chicken drumsticks and some grilled pork happily

After finishing her meal, Silvia was full of joy. She was humming a tune and

skipping all the way back to the homestay “Hello, I think this is such a great residence. There’s a view here and the room is stunning. Especially you, Madam! You look so gorgeous!” Silvia was in a good mood. When she returned to the homestay, she did not forget to praise the landlady of the residence.

“Miss Turner, you flatter me. In my opinion, you are more beautiful!” The landlady replied. As she looked at Silvia, the lady boss muttered in her heart, *This Miss Turner is indeed very pretty. Else, why would her boyfriend follow her around all the time? She has just moved in and he has followed her here. It seems like he’s afraid that his pretty girlfriend gets kidnapped by someone else!”

Beautiful people would always be the center of attention wherever they went, especially such a good looking couple like Silvia and her man. Even if the landlady spoke to many guests every day, she would recognize the pair at a

glance “Oh, thank you. We are both beautiful women, Madarn!” After saying so, Silvia went upstairs and whistled while opening the door

After opening the door, Silvia took off her shoes as soon as she entered the room. She noticed something unusual when she was taking off her shoes. There was a person sitting in her room.

Although his back was facing her, the man’s aura was very strong and significant. Even if Silvia were blind, she would have felt his aura nonetheless.

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