My Husband Warm the Bed- 1053

Jayden turned around and looked at her with a faint smile. “Did you have fun?” Who the hell was having fun with him? Silvia was trying to escape from being

captured by this perverted beast!

Silvia turned around and wanted to run, but Jayden’s voice came from behind again “Silvia, if you dare step out of this room, I will break your legs.”

Silvia’s legs went limp. She couldn’t deny that she was still fearful of him.

He just threatened her with one sentence. She really wanted to run but her body just betrayed her. Silvia felt a pain in her legs as if he had already broken them by just threatening her.

If she ran away, he might break her legs. If she didn’t run away, she might end up


After weighing the pros and cons, Silvia decided to run first, before thinking of her next plan. Perhaps she could outrun Jayden. If he could not catch her, she

could enjoy her freedom.

When she opened the door, two men appeared at the door. They blocked the door and looked at Silvia coldly.

Immediately, Silvia stepped back, “Mr. Kyle, my body has not left the room yet,

so this means that I did not step out of the room.”

Jayden sat on the chair and crossed his legs gracefully. “Since you like to play hide and seek so much, please continue running away. When you’re done, we will settle the score

Silvia put on a flattering smile and said, “No, I don’t want to play hide and seek

anymore. I was just thinking of having some fried chicken. I heard that the fried chicken here is delicious, so I came here to try them out myself. even planned to bring some back for you.”

Jayden sneered and waved at her. “Since you’re done fooling around, come


He sneered aggressively and evilly. With her heightened defence, she immediately crossed her arms in front of her chest. “Jayden, what do you want to do?”

Silvia had not forgotten that the previous two times Jayden had f*cked her, the incidents started with him sitting down. Despite sitting down, this man had

appeared frightening enough

Jayden smiled evilly and responded, “I don’t want to do anything. As for you, are

you hoping that I would do something so that I won’t let you down?”

Silvia was dumstruck.


She didn’t want him to talk to her in such a malicious tone, as it made her tremble with fear.

Jayden said again, “Come here.”

Silvia looked around and saw that there was no other exit in the room. If he

really dared to do anything to her, she would smash his head open and escape. Jayden said, “Silvia, I really want to crack your brain open to see what’s inside. Why is it that you love doing things that you know you shouldn’t do? I’m sure you are not that idiotic.

Silvia responded quickly, “You’re the idiot! Not me!”

Jayden’s patience was almost running out. He said in a louder tone, “If you don’t come over now, I’ll come get you myself

As soon as he finished speaking, Silvia ran to him in an instant. However, she stopped two steps away from him and kept an eye on his arms.

His arms were long. Perhaps, he would pull her into his arms suddenly and begin venting his anger on her despicably,

She was so angry but she couldn’t do anything to him.

If she could fight him, she would prepare a pair of scissors to sever his manhood. Then, he wouldn’t be able to act recklessly Sit down. Jayden said again. His tone was soft, but it was stern and firm like

an elder reprimanding a child. Silvia scoffed internally. This b#stard really pretended to be a noble gentleman in front of her. Silvia sat on the chair angrily and stared at him fiercely. “Jayden, what are you thinking about all day long? I didn’t do anything bad to you, and there was no

enmity between you and me. Why do you want to hurt me so badly?

What was this silly woman thinking about all day long? If Jayden really wanted

to hurt her, wouldn’t she be dead by now? Jayden felt a little helpless and tried to explain clearly, “I married you because I want to be responsible for your life. I never thought about leaving you alone nor hurting you!

However, Jayden was wrong again. Silvia’s thought process was really different from what he had expected. When she heard his words, she jumped up immediately and said, Jayden, what are you thinking about again? Let me warn you, if you torture me again, I will definitely fight you to death.” Jayden didn’t know what to say

He really wanted to strangle her to prove that her assumption was right.

Silvia looked at him warily. “If you have that tiny bit of humanity left within you, you shouldn’t hurt a woman whom you have slept with twice before.”

Jayden was impressed by Silvia’s explanation. Since she would not listen to

him, he thought of punishing her to make her understand his intentions.

He said, “Since you asked me what I wanted to do, I’ll tell you frankly. Now, I’m giving you two options. The first option, take off your clothes and lie on the bed, and let me f*ck you. The second, stretch out your legs and let me break them.”

“You really have no good intentions. Damn it, you lied to me with such gentle

words just now, which almost made me believe you.” Fortunately, she did not believe his words, or she would have died in his grasp without a proper explanation

Jayden tapped his fingers lightly and said, “Miss Turner, please tell me, which option do you choose?” “I choose. She had slept with him twice, and she didn’t care if she did it one

more time. However, if both her legs were broken, she would never be able to

escape from his evil clutches.

Silvia took off her clothes immediately and lay on the bed. She lay down with her arms extended and spoke out loud, “B*stard, come on, I accept your challenge. If I cry out in pain, I’ll give up my name!”

“Pain?” Jayden stood up and looked at Silvia. She looked like she was prepared

to die. “Don’t you enjoy it?” Silvia felt humiliated and said, “Just get over with it quickly. Why are you still spewing nonsense?

Jayden approached her and bent over her. “Miss Turner, a noble person like you must be forgetful. Have you already forgotten who clutched my back tightly last night and cried for me to go harder?”

Silvia said as she blushed. “Jayden, if you say one more word, I’ll kill you!” She did not feel much after being f*cked by him. In any case, he had taken away her virginity, and she was actually angry and disappointed at herself for enjoying


As she thought about the previous night, she seemed to be crazier than he was. Especially near the end of the tryst, she had wanted him so badly that her dignity went down the drain

The words that Silvia had said the previous night were the things she never

imagined she would say. However, her mind was turned upside down by this

man standing in front of her.

Jayden chuckled and said, “Miss Turner, you can’t remember? Well, I don’t mind helping you recall your memory!”

Anyway, Silvia had long lost her pride and dignity when it came to Jayden, so she could not care less anymore. She provoked him further, “Young Master Kyle, come on, help me recall it, let me experience how strong you are.” As soon as Silvia said so, Jayden’s face darkened. He looked at this daring

woman discontentedly. Most of the time, he would doubt whether she was

really a woman Seeing that he was hesitating, Silvia became even more arrogant. “What? Are you scared? Or have you exhausted all your strength last night?”

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