My Husband Warm the Bed-1054

“Exhausted?” Jayden’s expression suddenly changed, and he looked at Silvia with a gloomy look.

“If you are not exhausted, then why are you still standing there?” Knowing that men could not stand being provoked, Silvia still wanted to do so anyway. This felt better than having him humiliate her.

Jayden took action right after. He had to show her how strong he was even

after doing it a few rounds the previous night.

However, while they were reaching the climax of their tryst, Silvia asked him to stop suddenly. “Jayden, wait a minute. Jayden was already sweating. He looked at her impatiently and said, “Mrs. Kyle,

do you think that I can stop at this time? You really think too highly of me.”

“Young Master Kyle, of course, I believe you can. Just wait a minute. Just a minute!” Silvia reached out to the bedside table. Fortunately, she found condoms in the drawer. She took one and handed it over to Jayden. “Put it on and we’ll continue.”

She didn’t want to take any more contraceptive pills. If she continued to take them, she would probably have eaten a year’s dosage in a few days. In the future, she worried she might not be able to get pregnant when she married someone else

Jayden’s face was gloomy, but he actually listened to her words and put on the After all, Silvia was still young. She was not ready to give birth to a baby. Jayden

condom that she gave him.

had also never thought about having a baby, so this was a reasonable and necessary measure. Silvia looked at him put in on while blushing in embarrassment. She thought she was really lucky that she was still alive. In her next life, she wanted to become a man and have Jayden become a woman. She could then let him

have a taste of his own medicine.

She didn’t know how long the torment lasted, but when Jayden finally stopped, Silvia felt that she was barely alive. However, she remembered the entire experience clearly.

Jayden was caring about her feelings this time. He would even communicate with her from time to time during that period. Sometimes, he was aggressive, and sometimes he would be gentle to her.

At that moment, Jayden was still holding her in his arms to comfort her. This was unlike the previous two times. He had left her right after they made love, as if she was a prostitute.

Due to the pleasant experience, Silvia was also in a good mood. She reached out and poked Jayden’s chest. “Amazing abs. Do you work out often?”

Jayden felt validated by the praise. He could not help but lower his head and kissed her. “You seem to be in good spirits. Do you want to do it again? Silvia rolled aside quickly and said, “We have done it three times. If we do it

again, I will be dead. Jayden pulled her back into his arms. “If you don’t want to die, then go to sleep.”

Silvia nestled in his arms and did not dare to move anymore. She did not know why, she was obviously tired but she could not fall asleep. She rubbed her face in his arms and saw the wound below his heart. She touched it gently, “it must be painful at that time.

Jayden didn’t want to mention that incident to anyone, especially to Silvia. He held her hand and said, “Close your eyes and sleep.” Silvia pouted. “If you don’t want to say it, then that’s fine. I don’t want to know

either” Anyway, she already knew what it was. It didn’t matter if he said it or not.

By the time she woke up the sky was already bright, Silvia moved gently but a strong arm swung over quickly. He held her so tightly

that she could not move.

“Stop it. It’s the morning already” After the passionate tryst the previous night Silvia still felt a little shy.

She did not hear his reply. She looked up at him and realized that he seemed to

be still asleep. It was just his natural reflexes to hold her tightly

Although there was no love between the two of them, she still liked being held like this after a passionate night. It made her feel treasured.

Even if it was just a little bit, she felt so warm in her heart.

She snuggled in his arms and pretended that the man who was holding her was the man she liked. She pretended that they had more between them than just

physical needs.

As he watched her snuggle into his arms like a little kitten Jayden smirked

slightly. His eyes appeared much gentler too. She thought that he hadn’t woken up, so he pretended to be asleep. He hugged her tender body and lay down with her. He felt good even if they were just lying

in bed, doing nothing

The sun was shining even brighter, and it was almost noon. The two of them finally realized that it was not a good idea to continue sleeping in and got up reluctantly.

Silvia spoke first. “Well… If you are awake, let me go. I want to take a shower. I feel sweaty

In a groundbreaking manner, Jayden suggested, “Let’s shower together.”

Silvia looked at him immediately as if she was looking at a pervert. “B*stard, restrain your desires a little. If it goes on like this, you’re going to be impotent one day, and even medication won’t help you!”

Jayden pretended to be confused. “What does showering have to do with my


Silvia rolled her eyes at him and said, “Don’t deny it. When I see your eyes, knew that you don’t have good intentions.”

Showering together?

How could he come up with this idea?

Her bones were still aching as if they were broken. If they took a shower together, her bones would most probably dislocate. Most men were the same. They were always thinking of ways to satisfy their sexual desires and did not

know how to control themselves. “Okay then, you can go ahead and shower first. I’ll send someone to prepare food for you.” Jayden also knew that things would get out of control if they

showered together. They would not be able to go back to Chatterton Town


Silvia jumped out of bed and hurried to the bathroom. “I want to eat a lot of chicken wings, grilled pork, and bacon! In short, the more meat, the better. Jayden was flabbergasted.

After all the meat Silvia had eaten yesterday, she was still not satisfied.

He picked up his mobile phone and made a phone call to arrange for meals. It was already noon, so this meant that this meal would be their lunch.

After they were done with their showers, lunch arrived at their doorstep. Silvia looked at the many food containers and lunch boxes in front of her. She was salivating as she thought about the abundance of meat she could eat


However, when she opened the boxes and containers, she saw that they weren’t meat. She felt so disappointed.

She glared at the man in front of her angrily. “Jayden, where is my food? What

happened to the meat?”

She was furious at how Jayden asked her for food preferences, yet he didn’t fulfill them. This must be a deliberative ploy to piss her off. Was this the new trick he thought of to piss her off to death?

Jayden took a bowl of oatmeal and gave it to her. “It’s not good to eat greasy food after exercise. Let’s eat something light

“I have lived for twenty years, and I have never heard about that silly rufe. You are a terrible person who can’t come up with a good excuse. Forget it, I finally see you through, Young Master Kyle. You are just a stingy man” Forcing her to eat such light and healthy food was worse than dying.

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