My Husband Warm the Bed- 1055

Jayden ate slowly and didn’t even look at Silvia. Obviously, he didn’t want to respond to Silvia’s nonsense.

“Jayden Elias Kyle!” Silvia was so angry that she was about to explode. Was the man who held her in his arms and looked so gentle last night and this morning really dead?

She should know that men were like this. When they were still in bed, he would call her “sweetheart”. However, after putting on his pants, he probably could not even remember her name.

Silvia really wanted to protest by not eating at all, but her stomach growled suddenly. It was telling her not to act impulsively. She needed to at least eat to stay alive. Everything would be fine after she escaped from the clutches the


Silvia took a bite and glared at him. She cursed, “You little miser! You stingy man! You are destined to be lonely for the rest of your life!”

Jayden didn’t say anything until he finished eating. He put down his spoon and raised his hand to look at the time. Til give you ten minutes to prepare, and we will leave for Chatterton town.” Silvia threw her spoon and said, “Do you think you can order me around like

this? I won’t go back. What a bully! Since her anger had not subsided, she

would not go anywhere.

Jayden said, “There are still nine minutes left. Silvia said, “Get lost!”

Jayden continued, “Eight minutes and thirty seconds.”

Silvia kept quiet.

Ten minutes passed quickly.

Jayden got up, Silvia sat still.

Jayden stepped forward, picked her up, and carried her on his shoulders.

Silvia said, “B*stard Kyle!”

No matter how hard Silvia struggled, she was finally pushed into Jayden’s car.

Then, they were driving on the highway back to Chatterton Town.

Silvia glared at the man sitting on the left fiercely and kept telling herself to

give you two minutes.”

“Young Master Kyle, are you sure you don’t want to go into the bushes with me?” Since he did not want to do so, Silvia continued to pester him to lower his guard

Jayden’s face fell. “There’s still one minute and fifty seconds left

*Then, I’ll go” Silvia quickly walked into the bushes nearby. In less than a

minute, she quietly got out of the bushes a few meters away in front of her. Silvia squatted slightly and Jayden’s sight was blocked with the passing cars. It was effective. He was still staring at his watch and did not realize anything


Silvia immediately moved while keeping her body low. After checking a few cars, she finally saw a car with empty seats. She knocked on the window and the window rolled down slowly. A young man’s

face appeared in front of her. She squeezed out two drops of tears and said,

“Sir, my boyfriend left me on the highway. Can you give me a lift?” A woman, especially a beautiful woman like Silvia, made it hard for anyone to reject her request. On top of everything, the owner of the car was a man.

Many men had no resistance against beautiful women because their brains were not controlling them when they saw these women. The hormones in their bodies were controlling their minds. The man opened the car door and let Silvia get in the car. Silvia sat down and

looked back. Around two minutes had passed, and Jayden was looking for her.

At this moment, the cars in front of them were moving slowly. It seemed that the road was clear Silvia thought complacently, “Hmph, hmph. Young Master Kyle, go into the

bushes and look for your wife. I don’t want to play with you anymore. Bye-bye!” The man looked back at Silvia and said, “Gorgeous, how could your boyfriend leave such a beautiful lady like you on the highway? Is he really a man? Silvia shook her head and sighed. Maybe because I found out that he isn’t a real man, he left me on the highway in a fit of anger. If it wasn’t for this traffic

jam, I guess I would have had to walk along the highway on my own.”

The man felt amused. “He’s not a man? So, your boyfriend is a woman?” Silvia squeezed out a few more drops of tears and pretended to be sad and pitiful. “Judging from the body structure, he is a man, but he has a feminine soul. I think he’s not interested in me!”

The man suddenly realized, “I see!” No wonder that boyfriend of hers did not appreciate the beautiful girl in front of him.

Silvia nodded and pretended to wipe her tears. “Mister, after getting off the highway, you can find a place to drop me off.

The man said, “I have nothing to do today. Where are you going? I can send you there.

Silvia thought for a moment and came up with an absolutely ingenious idea. “I need to get to Chatterton Town.” The man smiled and said, “What a coincidence. I am going to Chatterton Town


After that, he speeded up and caught up with the car in front of them.. At this time, Jayden received a phone call. After he answered it, his face suddenly fell. He looked back at the bushes that Silvia had disappeared into

Then, he turned around and got in the car.

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