My Husband Warm the Bed-1056

Back in Chatterton Town.

At the Rovio Hospital.

When Jayden received the phone call and rushed there, all members of the Kyle family were gathered there and they surrounded the bed to listen to the elderly Grandmother’s last words.

Kevin grabbed his elderly mother’s hand. “Mom.”

The elderly grandmother looked at Kevin and Karen beside him and spoke weakly, Matthew, Karen, you two have worked hard these years.”

Karen shook her head and said, “Mother, no, we didn’t take care of everyone just purely out responsibility. From doing so, we also felt the warmth and happiness of the family.”

The elderly grandmother was very satisfied. After a pause, she said, “From now on, please take care of your father. You must spend more time with him. Don’t let him become too lonely

Kevin and Karen nodded at the same time. “Mom, we will The elderly grandmother gradually shifted her focus and looked at Karen Joy. “Karen Joy, I might not be able to attend your wedding. However, your wedding must be held as scheduled. At that time, I may not have gone far, and I might

still be able to see you.” Karen Joy was so sorrowful. She kept wiping her tears away. “Grandma, I don’t want you to go. You have to recover and watch me get married. You have to be a witness at my wedding.”

Old Madam Kyle wanted to reach out to wipe away the tears in the corners of her granddaughter’s eyes, but she was too weak to raise her hand. “Don’t cry. don’t make your Brother Lionel sad.” Old Madam Kyle looked at Lionel and said, “My dear Lionel, I will leave our baby

Karen to you in the future. You must treat her well”

Lionel knelt at the bedside and said, “Grandma, I will take good care of her for the rest of my life! Please be assured of this!”

The elderly grandmother curved her pale lips in satisfaction and turned to look at Mia and Neil. “Neil, Mia, I’m relieved that you two have each other. Take good care of each other.”

Neil nodded. He rarely cried but there were tears in his eyes. “Sister, don’t worry, We will live a good life from now on

Mia was crying so hard that she couldn’t say a word. She just nodded desperately

The elderly grandmother’s eyes fell on the two children. “Little Precious, Little

Levi, I hope that both of you will grow up happily. You must tell me when you get

married in the future.

The two young boys also nodded sensibly. “We will.

There was not much time left. She was about to take her last breath, but the elderly grandmother was still holding on. She was waiting for someone, waiting for the child that she was worried about.

Finally, before she swallowed her last breath, he arrived. She used the last strength of her body. “Jayden.”

Jayden stepped forward and knelt in front of the elderly grandmother’s bed. He choked and said, “Grandma… I’m sorry! I didn’t get to bring her to see you.” Old Madam Kyle smiled slightly and waited for a long time before she said, “My

child, it doesn’t matter if she didn’t get to see me. Please tell her on my behalf that if I saw her, I would have definitely liked her. Grandma welcomes her to the Kyle family. She is now one of us.”

Jayden held his elderly grandmother’s hand and said, “Grandma..”

Old Madam Kyle added, “I have a gift for her

Hearing her words, Kevin took out a box and handed it to Jayden. Old Madam Kyle continued to say, “This is the gift I have prepared for my granddaughter-in law. I hope she will like it.”

Jayden took the box with trembling hands and nodded desperately. “Yes, yes, she will. She will definitely like you, Grandma, and she will definitely like the gift

you got her.”

“Okay.” After making her final requests, the elderly grandmother’s eyes finally fell on her husband’s face. She smiled slightly and said, Hale…

Hale held her hand tightly and sobbed, “Rana, I’m here. I’ll listen to what you

want to say. Don’t worry, take your time.” She opened her mouth, but she couldn’t make a sound because she was too weak. Everyone was worried. After waiting for a while, they heard her say, “Hale,

in our next life, I still want to meet you and be your wife. Are you willing?”

“Rana, of course, I am willing.’ Hale kissed her on her forehead, and then he

caressed the hair on her forehead. “Wait for me. I will chase you and marry you

again. However, in the next life, will never let you suffer again. Old Madam Kyle smiled elegantly and shook her head slightly. “No, I have never felt bitter being with you. I have always been the happiest woman in the world.” She had a husband who loved her, a filial and intelligent son, a lively and lovely daughter and many filial grandchildren

Her life was well fulfilled.

When all the events from the past replayed in her mind one by one, she closed her eyes slowly and took in her last breath. Then, she departed this wonderful world quietly and peacefully, leaving behind her beloved family.

If there could be a next life, Old Madam Kyle hoped that she could meet her husband, Hale Kyle, again. She would give birth to his children, and let him hold her hand for the rest of her life.

After the elderly grandmother passed away, the Kyle family buried her in Peach Garden on Rana Mountain. That place was the origin of her fondest memories According to local tradition, weddings should not be held so shortly after someone passed away. However, Old Madam Kyle was particularly worried about Karen Joy’s wedding. Before her death, she insisted that they held the wedding as scheduled.

Therefore, Karen Joy’s wedding was not postponed and it was held on time at

Grandovio Hotel. However, they kept it simple and refused any media coverage.

Many people didn’t understand the Kyle family’s decision to hold the wedding

shortly after the funeral. However, the family did not explain this matter to the

public. This was their private matter, and no one felt that it was necessary to

explain their decision to others.

On that day, many reporters gathered at the entrance of the hotel early, hoping to get some headlines for the front page news. However, the security was quite tight. Except for the guests invited to the wedding, no one else could enter the wedding venue

There were not many guests at the wedding. Most of them were close friends and relatives of the Kyle family

At the wedding aisle, Kevin handed Karen Joy’s hand to Lionel personally, “Karen Joy is my most precious daughter. Today, I personally hand her over to you. I hope that you can dote on her more than I do in future.

Lionel took Karen Joy’s hand and said solemnly, “Dad, don’t worry. I will bring her happiness and protect her life for eternity

Like Kevin, Lionel was not good at expressing his feelings. However, at this moment, for the woman they loved the most, they both broke through their own reservations:

Looking at his son-in-law, whom he had never been satisfied with in the past, Kevin finally nodded in content His daughter had not misjudged Lionel. Lionel was indeed a man whom Karen Joy could entrust her life with.

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