My Husband Warm the Bed- 1058

At the same time.

Silvia was happily soaking in a milk bath and drinking champagne in the hotel.

“This champagne is so delicious!” After taking a small sip, Silvia licked her pink and tender lips with satisfaction. She didn’t intend to waste any of the champagne

Although it was boring to drink alone, she was happy today and asked the

waiter to send her a bottle. She enjoyed drinking while soaking in the bathtub. “Young Master Kyle, you’re very powerful, aren’t you? What’s wrong? Why couldn’t you find me this time?”

Three days had passed, but Jayden hadn’t appear yet. It seemed that her idea was effective this time. The most dangerous place was the safest place. Jayden probably never guessed that she would use his money to book the room right next to him.

Not only did she check into a luxurious suite with his money, she also used his money to order all kinds of delicacies that he did not allow her to eat. She even ordered a facial spa through room service. The more she thought about this, the more pleased she became. She felt that

she was smart. She actually could defeat Jayden, that devil. Silvia raised her

glass and drank the champagne in one gulp.

In order to avoid being caught she had stayed in the room for three days. Today, she planned to go out to relax and find something fun to do to kill time. At the same time, she was also investigating the situation to see if Jayden had left Chatterton Town.

Silvia knew that the more cautious she was, the more likely she would be discovered. Thus, she casually wore a set of clothes and went out boldly.

“Where should I go?

There were many interesting places in Chatterton Town, but the scenery was almost the same in every city. Silvia was not interested, so she chose her favorite place, the No.1 Food Street in Chatterton Town.

The food street was several kilometres long. From the front to the end of the street, there were many kinds of delicious food. As long as it was meat, no matter if it came from an animal that flew or swam, Silvia ate them all.

Although she was just halfway through the street, her stomach was a little full. Silvia planned to go shopping nearby and she would continue to eat when she came back

Anyway, it was Jayden’s money. Silvia didn’t feel distressed at all. She went to the shopping mall and bought many things. She bought a full set of clothes for herself.

“Hello.. Miss Turner?”

When she walked out of the mall, she suddenly heard someone greeting her. Before she could see who it was, Silvia instinctively ran away.

“Miss Turner, why are you running? It’s me!”

The person caught up with her. His voice sounded a little familiar, but she couldn’t remember where she had heard this voice.

The man caught up with her in a few steps and blocked her. “Miss Turner,

although you said that you would pay for the transport, I didn’t come to ask you

for it. Why did you run away after seeing me?” “You’re the driver?” Silvia remembered that this man had helped her return to Chatterton Town on the highway that day.

“What driver? My name is Lennox, Lennox Adams. told you that day, did you forget?’ The man thought she would have remembered his name. “Oh.. Yes. Lennox, it’s you. Silvia patted him on the shoulder. In fact, she really

didn’t remember his name, but she still pretended to be enthusiastic. “Are you

here to shop too?”

“I am going to my friend’s party. I happened to meet you here while I was on my way.” Silvia’s tone made him happy. “Are you busy? If not, would you do me a favor and accompany me to the party? After all, everyone has a plus one, except for me. It’s quite embarrassing

“Lennox, do you want me to pretend to be your girlfriend?” Looking at the man’s blushing face, Silvia could tell at a glance what he was up to “Is that okay?’ The man smiled shyly, revealing a mouthful of white teeth. “If

you’re willing to go with me, I’ll be very grateful

“No. Silvia refused immediately, but when she thought of how he had helped her, she changed her tone to a more euphemistic tone of refusal. “Look, we’ve only met once. We don’t know each other. What if you are a bad person?”

“Are you worried that I’m a bad guy and I’ll lie to you?” Lennox immediately took out his wallet and put his identification card into Silvia’s hand. “Look, I’m from

Chatterton Town, and I’m a good citizen.”

Her answer just now was only an excuse that Silvia had come up with. She didn’t expect him to be stupid. Silvia had to find another reason. “I have to go to work.” “Go to work?” Lennox scratched his head and suddenly thought of something

“Silvia, tell me, how much do you earn in a month?”

“Not much, just south of twenty thousand dollars, Silvia lied casually Unexpectedly, Lennox immediately took out his mobile phone. “What is your bank account number? I’ll give you 20,000 dollars, and you can come to the party with me.”

“What the f*ck!”

She was offered 20,000 dollars to go to a party. Her eyes lit up. She suddenly felt that the short Lennox in front of her had grown much taller She really wanted to agree with him, but she couldn’t let him think that she was going just for the money. Just when Silvia hesitated, Lennox said again, I’ll add another 20,000 dollars.

It was like money falling from the sky!

Silvia was wary and didn’t believe him. “Lennox, if you wanted to find a girlfriend to accompany you to the party, you could rent one online with a few hundred dollars. Why does it have to be me?”

“Rent online? Do you think I’m that kind of person?” Lennox was a little angry. “I

asked you for help because I thought we were friends.”

D#mn, that was a lot of money, 40,000 dollars! Silvia was tempted, but she was afraid that it was a trap. Once she jumped in, she would be caught

Silvia looked at him and said, “40,000. that’s 40,000 dollars. It’s not a small amount. How can you be so generous? Is your family very rich?

Lennox was most proud of his family’s wealth. “Yes. My dad often says that he is poor. He is so poor that he only has money left.” “So poor that he only has money left?!” This was such an arrogant and

conceited saying, which would sound condescending to the ears of others.

However, for Silvia, it worked. She would not mind having more money She thought that perhaps she had bumped into a nouveau-riche, who was ready to splash money

Facing such a large sum of money, especially after her company had gone bankrupt, Silvia really couldn’t turn it down. “Well, 40,000 dollars is 40,000

dollars. I guess I’ll have to do it for my friend.” Lennox giggled and stretched out his hand to pat Silvia’s shoulder. “Silvia,I

knew you were a good friend.” Silvia leaned aside slightly and avoided his touch. “I’m not doing this for your sake I’m doing it for the sake of money. You can transfer the money to me


She needed concrete evidence, as his verbal promise was not sufficient. Only when the money was transferred into her account could Silvia feel at ease.

“Okay, give me your account number and I will transfer the money to you immediately.” Lennox immediately transferred 40,000 dollars to Silvia without even a blink

Silvia was completely dumbfounded.

When the money entered her account, Silvia happily went to the party as Lennox’s girlfriend.

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