My Husband Warm the Bed- 1059

The party, was in fact, an ordinary birthday party.

Before arriving there, Silvia had imagined many different scenarios. If the party was strange, how should she deal with it? She had thought of many ideas, but

she did not need to use any of them when she arrived at the party. “You’re here, Lennox Lennox’s friends greeted him warmly. When they saw Silvia next to him, their eyes were fixed on her. “Lennox, who is this?

“Hello, I’m Lennox’s girlfriend. Nice to meet all of you. Since she had taken his money, she thought that she should play her part well. Her job was to be a qualified girlfriend, and she needed to make Lennox look good.

Silvia’s words made Lennox laugh happily, “Yes, yes, she is my girlfriend. Her

name is Silvia. Please take care of her in the future.”

“Yo, my man, since when do you have a girlfriend? She’s so beautiful” Lennox’s friends didn’t believe this, but thinking about the matter carefully, this kid’s father was rich after all. It was not surprising that he managed to find such a beautiful woman to be his girlfriend,

“Hey hey, thank you for your compliments! However, it is mainly because Lennox is good looking, and that’s why he was able to find a beautiful girlfriend like me.” Hearing the praises from others, whether it was sincere or not, Silvia accepted them at face value. She even praised Lennox as well.

Seeing that his girlfriend was so sensible, and that the others were envious of him in their hearts, Lennox smiled like a silly boy. In fact, he was smiling at Silvia the whole night.

“Come on, let’s toast to our birthday boy, as well as Lennox! Let’s congratulate him for finally getting a girlfriend after being single for more than 20 years!” Someone raised his glass, and the others also followed suit.

“I’ll drink, I’ll drink.” Lennox did not refuse. No matter who toasted him, he would

rink one glass after another. Although he was getting drunk, the people did not


Silvia could not bear to see this anymore. She stood up and took over the wine glass handed by someone else. “Lennox is drunk. I’ll drink on his behalf.”

Silvia, you… No one had ever drank on his behalf. Silvia’s actions moved him deeply. “You’re so good to me!”

Was her boyfriend blind?

How could he not like such a great woman? Lennox hoped that he would not

run into Silvia’s boyfriend, or he would beat him up every time he saw him. “Lennox, congratulations, boy. You’ve managed to get such a considerate girlfriend. The man next to him clapped his hands and said, “You two should

finish one glass each together

Seeing that his “girlfriend” was so great, Lennox decided to go all out. He reached out and grabbed the glass of wine. Silvia quickly said, 1 will finish these two glasses. You should stop drinking

Silvia, no way!” He was a man, so how could he let a woman drink on his behalf? Not to mention that he was worried for her, it would be embarrassing if word got out that his girlfriend had drank on his behalf. 1 said I’ll drink it. Stop complaining.” Silvia hated men who either complained a

lot or men who were like Jayden. She downed both glasses of wine like it was

nothing. “Well, the party is almost over. Let’s go back.

After drinking few glasses of wine, Silvia didn’t feel anything at all. She had to thank Reagan and his gang for drinking with her in the past. Now, she had a reputation of not getting drunk even after drinking a lot

Coming out of the bar, Lennox pulled Silvia aside and asked, “Silvia, why are you so good to me?

The air outdoors was much better than indoors. In addition, there was a cool breeze. Silvia faced the wind, letting it blow away the scent of alcohol and smoke on her “Lennox, I’m not being nice to you. I took your money, so think of my actions as me doing my job. That’s all. Don’t overthink this

If it were someone else, Silvia would have pretended to be a good person. However, in front of this naive man, she didn’t want to lie to him.

He looked at her, as if she was his goddess, a goddess that he was destined to be with

Although she knew that she was good-looking and looked like a goddess when she did not act rudely, she did not want to attract such a silly man. She only hoped that the man she liked also liked her back.

Thinking of the man whom she liked, Silvia thought of the man who had disappeared completely from her life. Maybe they were just not meant to be,

Although they were not fated for each other, whenever she thought about this, she could still feel her heart ache. It was as if her heart was pinched tightly by someone, and she found it hard to breathe.

“Silvia, there are too few girls who are as honest as you” In the past, many girls used to tell him that they loved him just because his father was rich.

To be honest, he was not stupid. He could see who was really good to him and who was actually eyeing his father’s money.

“Honest?” This was the first time someone had used this word to describe her.

Silvia suddenly felt a little bitter. She had been strong for so long, but she still

needed a shoulder to lean on. Obviously, God did not give her this opportunity,

and now she did not need this anymore. Seeing Silvia’s bitter smile, Lennox asked, “Silvia, are you feeling sad?” “No. I’m fine.” Silvia smiled. “I just suddenly thought of a person. I was just

wondering where he is, and how he is.

Hearing her talk about a man, Lennox, who knew nothing, naturally thought of the man in Silvia’s false story. “Silvia, such a man is not worthy of your love. You

deserve better.

“Better? Do you mean yourself?” Silvia blinked and suddenly burst into laughter. “Actually, I’m feeling sad not because of this. I’m sad because I can’t go home. Lennox was even more confused. “Why can’t you go home?”

I’m not from Chatterton Town. Due to some issues, I can’t get out of the country. I can only stay in this damn place for the time being.” Perhaps because Lennox was naive, Silvia didn’t feel the need to lie to him. “I even wanted to get a fake identity to get out of the country, but I couldn’t find a way.

“A fake identity?” An old memory flashed through Lennox’s mind. “I heard from my father before that many rich people have many identities. He also wanted to give me another identity card, but I didn’t agree.”

“Do you mean you have a way to do this?” Once again, Silvia felt that Lennox

was quite powerful. He was simply fated to be her savior.

“Yes, but…” Lennox was a little embarrassed. “I don’t know if my dad is willing to help me. After all, it’s risky to do such a thing” “I see… then forget it.” Silvia lowered her head dejectedly. “I think as long as I

work harder, I will definitely find a way

“Silvia.” Lennox was a little sad when he saw Silvia’s dejected look. “I am your friend. You can count on me. I’ll help you.”

“Lennox, thank you!” Silvia gave him a friendly hug. In actual fact, for the first time, she was ashamed of herself for lying to others and cheating others. At the same time, she remembered the name of this man and added him onto her list

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