My Husband Warm the Bed-1060

Lennox might be naive, but he was quick to help his friends. His efficiency was beyond Silvia’s imagination.

The next day, while Silvia was still sleeping in her soft bed and having a sweet dream, Lennox called and told her the good news. Not only did he get Silvia a new passport, he even applied for her travel visa He

also bought her a flight ticket to Madison City

Looking at the brand-new passport, Silvia was impressed with what power and money could do. It only took one night for her to get a new fake identity. Silvia was so moved that she gave Lennox a friendly hug. “Lennox, thank you for

helping me so much! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know when I could go


Lennox scratched his head and said, “Silvia, I am your friend. Your business is my business. Don’t speak so courteously to me in the future.

“Okay, I won’t talk like this anymore. Anyway, pass me your mobile phone

“Here you go.”

Lennox didnt ask why Silvia wanted to use his mobile phone. She said that she wanted it, so he passed it to her without hesitation.

Silvia took his cell phone and entered her number. “This is my phone number. If

you need my help in the future, look for me at any time. Lennox giggled. “Okay, I’ll keep that in mind. When I’m free, I’ll look for you in Madison City”

Silvia smiled and said, “Silly boy, you should go back. If we’re fated to meet

again, we’ll meet again!” Silvia, I’ll wait till you go through the security checkpoint first, then I’ll leave.” Lennox had personally drove Silvia to the airport. They were already at the security checkpoint, but he was reluctant to go back.

“Lennox.” Silvia wanted to tell him not to be so naive in the future. She wanted to tell him not to belleve in other people’s words so easily, especially someone like her who was full of nonsense, but she didn’t say this in the end.

“Silvia, smooth sail… I mean safe flight! When you get home, remember to send me a message. Lennox looked at Silvia quietly, as if he wanted to grow a pair

of wings to fly away with Silvia.

“Okay.” It was an unexpected surprise for Silvia to make friends with Lennox

during this trip to Chatterton Town. She didn’t even tell him her full name, but he had helped her as much as he could. It was rare to see such a person in this society nowadays.

He lived in his own world and remained simple and kind. The world needed

more people like this, but people like this were considered outliers in today’s society.

Many people would consider Lennox a fool, but in fact, he only had a simple and kind heart like a child.

With her new identity, Silvia successfully boarded the plane to fly to Madison City. The plane took off smoothly and flew back to her beautiful hometown Looking at the white clouds outside the cabin, Silvia made a gesture of victory and said, “Young Master Kyle, I thought you were invincible, but now it seems that you are just so-so!”

After the wedding, Lionel and Karen Joy originally planned to go for their honeymoon. However, due to their Grandmother’s passing, they canceled the honeymoon

That day, the whole family gathered for dinner. On one hand, they were giving their blessings to Karen Joy for finally marrying Brother Lionel. On the other hand, they welcomed Jayden back home.

During the banquet, Jayden had been absent-minded. He looked at his mobile phone from time to time, waiting for his men to send news on Silvia Karen Joy noticed this and whispered to him, “Brother, are you waiting for your

wife’s call?

“No. Jayden wasn’t waiting for her call, but this matter had something to do with her. A few days had passed, but she hadn’t been found yet. Jayden was getting more anxious.

Karen Joy asked again, “Brother, did you get into an argument with her?” “An argument?” It was somewhat true, and Jayden knew that Silvia hated him. Whenever the two of them were together, the atmosphere was tense,

Although Jayden did not admit it, Karen Joy was certain of this idea. “Brother, you are a man, and you should be more forgiving. No matter who is right or wrong between the two of you, you should let her win sometimes. If you talked

to her nicely and coaxed her more, everything would be negotiable.” “Coax her?” Now, he didn’t even know where she was, so how could he coax her? More importantly, every time he tried to praise her, she would think that he

had bad intentions. “Yes. You should praise her and tell her things that she likes to hear. Then, she won’t be angry with you. Every time Karen Joy was angry, Lionel did this. She

thought that the trick would work on every girl.

“Is that so?” Jayden doubted whether this move was really useful on Silvia

Ring, ring, ring

The phone suddenly rang, and Jayden answered almost immediately, “What’s the situation now?

The person on the other end of the phone said in a hurry, “Master, Miss Turner went back to Madison City, half an hour ago. She left using a fake identity.” A fake identity?” Jayden clenched his fists. It seemed that he had

underestimated her. He never expected her to be able to leave Chatterton Town

Silvia slept through the whole eight-hour flight.

However, this time, she had an economy class seat, and there was no ‘human pillow beside her. She did not sleep well and when she got off the plane, her neck was sore.

However, she was back in her hometown. The thought of being able to see her mother soon, made her forget about the tiring journey back home. On the way to meet her mother, Silvia took out her mobile phone and opened

her WhatsApp. There was a three-way group chat that included Reagan, Lemur,

and herself.

She pressed the chat button and said, “I’m back. Ten o’clock tonight. I’ll buy you drinks at our usual spot. See you later

After that, she sent out the voice message.

Soon, Reagan replied, “Boss! You finally showed up. I was so worried for you that I lost my appetite and lost a lot of weight.”

Silvia added, “Prince, you are good with your words. Can’t you think of a more

creative way to express your yearning for me?” Lemur also sent a voice message, “Boss, drinking is harmful for your body. You

are a woman after all. Why don’t we do something else for entertainment?” Silvia replied, “Why are you talking so much nonsense? I am your Boss. If I said

that I am going to treat you to a drink, do you dare not to come? Reagan said, “Boss, you don’t know that Lemur has gotten a girlfriend. His girlfriend doesn’t allow him to drink, and now he has totally stopped drinking

Silvia said, “Lemur has gotten a girlfriend? That girl is not blind, is she?”

Lemur said, “Boss, don’t worry. No matter how blind she is, she is not as blind as Felix was!”

Seeing that Lemur and Silvia were about to quarrel, Reagan didn’t persuade them to calm down and even added fuel to the fire. “Lemur, explain clearly, what do you mean?”

Lemur said, “At least I am a proper man, but look at our Boss! She may look like a woman, she doesn’t behave like a woman at all.”

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