My Husband Warm the Bed-1061

“Are you considered a real man? Silvia laughed. “I find that hard to believe. If you are a real man, then there must be no authentic men in the world!”

Lemur uttered in response, “Can you speak nicely?” Silvia said, “I recall that not long ago, someone got drunk, cried loudly and made a fuss. He ran to the street, hugging a beautiful woman while he claimed that he was not a man?”

“I have said that you are not allowed to mention this matter again!” Judging by Lemur’s tone, he was very anxious and was about to stomp his foot in anger. What’s the matter? I just feel like saying it! Come and bite me if you’re not

happy” If the guys wanted to fight, they were no match for Silvia.

“Boss, you’re the one who started this, so don’t blame me for being rude.” Lemur cleared his throat. “Let me remind you. You once mistakenly went into the men’s toilet. When you saw a man at the urinal, not only did you not leave, you even went up to have a closer look. What were you thinking?”

“Hahaha. When it came to this matter, Reagan clapped his hands and laughed. “Boss not only went up to have a closer look, she even said that it was the toilet for women. In the end, she even chased the man out of the toilet.”

Lemur laughed and said, “Boss, I just want to ask. Since you were so close up, did you see anything clearly?”

Reagan also said, “Boss was so close to the guy, and she must have seen his manhood clearly. How could she be so brave? It’s obvious that she was at fault here, but she still managed to scare the guy till he ran out of the toilet.”

Lemur became more excited as he spoke. “I think… Boss can still get married. If she gets married, she will definitely stop her husband at the toilet and make him take his manhood out for her to view it properly.”

Reagan quickly added, “Boss, in fact, I think you were supposed to be born a

man. However, there was a mistake and you ended up like this now. You’re even more fierce than any men, and I think it would be tough for you to get married.” Discussing that matter, Lemur and Reagan were chuckling in delight. Silvia could clearly hear their wild laughter reverberating in her ears.

“So what?” She had heard this many times and was already used to people telling her that she did not behave like a lady. She naturally felt numb about this

matter. Also, Reagan and Lemur had always treated her as a man anyway. “It’s true that we can’t do anything to you, but think about it. If someone else knows about this, will you be able to get married in the future?” Perhaps he was

single and lonely, but Reagan attacked Silvia mercilessly again “You two don’t have to worry about me getting married. One day, I will surprise both of you.” Speaking of this topic, Silvia suddenly thought of Jayden

Who said that no one wanted her? Jayden, that bastard, clung onto her like a leech. No matter how hard she tried to get rid of him, she could not get him away from her.

“We will wait patiently then.” Reagan and Lemur still admitted that their Boss was somewhat beautiful. However, she would often scold and hit people unexpectedly. Few men could subdue such a feisty woman.

For so many years, the only person who could subdue their Boss and turn her into a normal woman was Felix Xavier

Unfortunately, Felix had vanished…

“Well, remember to reach on time at night. I’ll go to the hospital to accompany my mother first. Silvia put away her mobile phone and went to see her mother


Seeing her daughter, who had not shown up for many days. Mrs. Turner feit much happier instantly, “Silvia, you’ve worked hard these days.”

“Mom, it’s a little hard, but no matter how hard it is, I feel that it’s all worth it when I see you.” In order not to let her mother worry, Silvia asked Prince and Lemur to tell Mrs. Turner that she was busy with activities in school.

Mrs. Turner pinched Silvia’s pink and tender cheeks and said, “You are so

sweet. You always make me happy.”

“It’s because I ate honey before came Silvia hugged Mrs. Turner. “Mom, I miss you so much. Can you let me hug you for a while more?

Silly girl, I miss you too. She had not seen her daughter for a few days, and she

did miss her a lot. However, she was worried that she would be a burden to her

daughter, so she didn’t call Silvia even if she wanted to “Mom, I just talked to the doctor. Your condition is better. Why don’t you stay in the hospital for a few more days, then you can leave the hospital and go home.

At that time, I can have more time to accompany you.”

“Home?” Talking about home, Mrs. Turner felt a little sad. After her husband had

passed away, she had stayed in the hospital all this time and she hadn’t been home for months.

“Mom, you still have me.” Silvia hugged Mrs. Turner. “Mom, don’t be afraid! Things have already happened. We can’t run away from them anymore. We have to face life head-on so that we can live a good life in the future. Am I right?

Mrs. Turner rubbed Silvia’s head gently. “My little girl has really grown up. She

can be so philosophical “Huh! Of course!” Silvia helped Mrs. Turner sit up. “Mom, the weather is great today. I’ll accompany you to the garden.”

“I don’t feel like going today.” Mrs. Turner pulled Silvia, getting her to sit down. “Silvia, I have something to confirm with you. You have to answer me honestly.”

Silvia blinked with her big bright eyes and asked, “Mom, what’s the matter? “I know that after your father left, Norman took control of the company. He took away all our assets, so where did the money for my hospitalization these days come from?

Living in a private deluxe ward with personal caretakers must have cost a lot. Silvia definitely could not afford the fees now.

“Mom, Norman has been arrested, so he needed to return our assets to us. The company left by Dad is a little famous after all. Are you afraid that we don’t have enough money to pay for these medical expenses?’ Silvia didn’t want to mention Jayden in front of her mother, so she had to come up with an excuse.

“Silvia.” When Mrs. Turner was young, she had worked alongside Silvia’s father.

How could Silvia’s words fool her? “Mom, don’t you believe me?” Silvia blinked, looking innocent and lovely. She really looked like she was telling the truth

“Silvia, it’s not that I don’t believe in you, but I don’t want you to bear everything

on your own. Let me share the burden with you.” She was worried that her daughter would bear everything on her own and that she had no one to share her struggles with

“Mom, Dad and you took care of everything in the past. Now that I’m a grown up, of course, I should be responsible for this.” Silvia grabbed her mother’s hand and rubbed it against her face. “Mom, if I can deal with it, I will deal with it myself. When I can’t deal with anything. I will definitely tell you.”

Mrs. Turner sighed. “My silly child!”

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