My Husband Warm the Bed-1062

Madison City was named after Madison River, which flowed through the city, On the left bank of Madison River, there was a famous street with bars. Every

night, the street was filled with locals and tourists.

Along the street, a bar called Starie Blotie was particularly famous. Many tourists who traveled to Madison City would definitely visit this place due to its reputation. It was particularly famous for the bar owner’s signature


The cocktail was called “I Love You 3000”. Although it sounded cheesy. It was popular among couples touring the area.

Even when sales were poor, this particular cocktail drink still could be sold.

Around 300 glasses could be sold a day. It was popular and helped the business to grow As business got better, it got busier at the bar. The bar owner worked so much

that he had no time to enjoy life with his wife.

The owner’s wife, who was busy attending to customers, glanced at the entrance from the corner of her eye and saw some customers coming in. She hurriedly said, “Welcome to Starie Blotie!”

“Madam, give us two dozen cold beers. The colder, the better.”

Hearing the familiar voice, the boss’s wife looked back and saw that it was indeed who she thought it was. She smiled and said, “Okay, please wait for a moment. The iced beer will be delivered soon.”

The owner’s wife let the other waiter handle the other customers and came to Reagan with two dozen cold beers in her hands. “Misters, I haven’t seen you in a long time. What are you busy with recently?” Reagan helped the owner’s wife with the beer and said, “We were just busy with

our school activities. Our Boss is important. If she didn’t invite us

we dare not do anything.”

The owner’s wife looked back and asked, “Speaking of your Boss, where is


Lemur took a bottle and opened it. He took a few gulps and said, “Our Boss went to accompany her mother. She will be here in a minute. By the way, boss, we would like to order a glass of our Boss’s favorite drink, Starie Blotie. If she

gets here and the drink is not ready, we will be in trouble. “You two are speaking ill of me in front of the beautiful Madam!” Silvia walked

toward Lemur’s back and slapped him on the shoulder, which scared him. Lemur shrank his shoulders and said, “Boss, I don’t dare to speak ill of you. I

was asking Madam here to prepare your favorite drink. Stare Blotie.”

The lady greeted Silvia with a smile, “Silvia, you haven’t been here in a long

time. What are you busy with recently?” Silvia put her hand on the lady’s shoulder and said, “Alas, it’s a long story. Let’s not talk about it today. Could you ask your husband to make me a glass of

Love You 3000? I’m not having Starie Blotie today.”

Reagan responded quickly, “Boss, are you in love?” He thought she could never fall in love with anyone. Silvia rolled her eyes at him and sat down. “Who says that only people in love

can drink “I Love You 3000

Silvia looked up at the young bar owner who was busy at the bar counter. “Boss, are single guests not allowed to drink “I Love You 3000″?”

The bar owner said with an amused tone, “Single guests can drink it, but they

have to either drink one and pay for the price of two drinks, or order two drinks.

This was not a joke. There was strange rules here. If you wanted to drink the boss’s specialty “I Love You 3000”, you would either have to order two drinks or pay double the price for one. If not, they won’t sell this drink to the customer.

Logically speaking, this rule was unreasonable. However, the people who came to the bar followed it. No one said anything bad about it. Silvia agreed quickly, “Okay, then give me two of those. One pink and one blue.

Make it stronger than usual”

“Boss.” Reagan and Lemur stared at Silvia. “It can’t be… Could it be that you

have really found a man?”

Silvia crossed her legs and shook her feet. “Yes.”

“Don’t make fun of us. Silvia admitted this at once, but Reagan and Lemur did

not believe her at all. On one hand, they knew their Boss’s feelings for Felix Xavier. On the other hand, no one in the world could withstand her bad temper like Felix.

“Not to mention these two, but even I don’t believe it. The owner’s wife stared at Silvia and said, “Silvia, you are so beautiful, and you can even win Miss Chapter 1062

Universe. However, why are you single?”

Silvia patted her on the shoulder and said, “Blotle, are you taking their side?” Blotie Black was the owner’s wife’s name, and Starie was her husband’s name. That was why the bar was called Starie Blotie. Silvia had come up with this

name back then. When they first started the business, they faced a lot of competition, and their bar had nothing special about it. Hence, their business had always been bad.

Later, Silvia and the others often came here and they became acquainted with the couple. They then became friends. They came up with ideas to improve the business of the bar and eventually, Starle Blotie became popular.

Silvia was a big reason why Starie Blotie had become famous. The bar owners never forgot about them and whenever they came for drinks, it would all be on the house

Although it was on the house, the bar did not suffer losses. Every time Silvia and her gang came, they would think of all kinds of ways to attract customers, which would bring in another wave of guests. The boss made more money with

their ideas than what they had ordered when they were there.

Blotie said, “Okay, okay… I won’t say anything. Anyway, I’ve already prepared your wedding gift. When you get married, I will give it to you.

Silvia glared at her and said, “I really don’t understand. I’m only 20 years old and haven’t even graduated yet. Why are you all nagging in my ear every day that I wont be able to get married? It’s as if I’m an overaged woman whom nobody


“We are just worried for you.” After saying that, Blotie quickly ran away Till go and see if your drink is ready.”

“You.” Silvia looked at Reagan and Lemur and made a gesture with her fist.

“The next time we talk about this topic, I’ll beat you so hard that your mothers

won’t recognize you.”

“Okay, okay… Let’s stop talking. Let’s drink.” Reagan and Lemur each took a bottle of beer and gulped down a mouthful of its contents.

Silvia quickly took a bottle of beer and said, ‘Don’t just enjoy this yourselves.

Wait for me.”

Lemur said, “Didn’t you just order ‘I Love You 3000?”

Blotie came over with the drink. “Silvia, this is your drink I Love You 3000! The alcohol percentage is high, and it has a great kick to it. Don’t drink it too quickly”

Silvia didn’t take her seriously. “With my alcohol tolerance, you can give me a few more of this and I still won’t get drunk.”

Blotie said, “I know your liquor tolerance is high, but it’s not a bad thing to slow down. This girl was stubborn. She would not turn around once she had decided on something

Silvia waved her hand and said, “Thank you, dear. You should go and deal with your business matters. By the way, please bring us some snacks:

Blotie said helplessly, “Yes, my dear, Miss Turner!”

Prince bumped Lemur and said, “Lemur, look over there.”

“What’s there to look at?” Lemur looked in the direction which Reagan was pointing at and saw a beautiful woman. She was sitting alone in the corner and she looked lonely

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