My Husband Warm the Bed- 1063

Reagan said in a sneaky way, “She’s all alone at a bar. If we make a move, I’m sure we can get her easily

“What are you thinking about in your dirty mind?” Silvia patted Reagan’s head and looked at the direction in which they were looking at. Coincidentally, the woman was also looking at her. Their eyes met.

After all, they were acquainted with each other previously. The last time they

met, they even had a pleasant conversation, so Silvia smiled politely at her.

Unexpectedly, not only did the woman not smile back at her, but she gave Silvia a ferocious look, as if she was warning Silvia. “Boss, look, the woman is winking at me. She is inviting me to drink with her”

Prince was very excited.

“Reagan, are your eyes on your butt? Silvia patted Reagan again.

It was obvious that the woman was furious. However, Reagan was so blind that he thought that she was glancing flirtatiously at him. Sure enough, when men

saw beautiful women, they couldn’t think straight.

Reagan giggled and said, “Boss, she’s really looking at me. Stop touching me! don’t want her to misinterpret the situation.”

Silvia despised Reagan, who was useless. If he liked this woman, he should be

more bold and approach her. Looking at him do nothing, she was worried for Since Reagan did not take action, she decided to help him as his boss. She waved her hand and said, “Blotle, please send a pink ‘I Love You 3000” to the


beautiful lady over there. Tell her it’s Reagan’s treat.”

Reagan was touched by her actions, and he said with tears in his eyes, Boss, knew that you were the kindest person toward me.

“You three. Looking at these three people, Blotie felt helpless. She sent the

drink over to the beautiful woman. “Miss, that man over there bought you this Her gaze fell on Silvia and then turned to Reagan. Her gaze became even more



Hasn’t Silvia bullied her enough? How dare she send such a young man to insult her.

This was intolerable. She had to tear this arrogant woman to pieces today, She held the drink in her hand angrily and walked toward Silvia’s table.

Seeing the beautiful woman walk over with the drink in her hand, Reagan thought that she was coming over to thank him. He was so excited that he almost screamed, “She’s coming, she’s coming toward me… Boss, what should

I do? What should I do?”

Silvia was speechless. There was a beautiful lady sitting just beside him, but he was attracted to a woman of that caliber

Silvia pinched him hard. “Yes, she’s coming. Don’t be so excited. Calm down!”

Reagan was so excited that his hands, which were holding the bottle, started to tremble. He said, “Boss, I can’t calm down. That woman has such a hot body. Compared with the girls in our campus, she is really like an angel.”

Silvia was so angry that she rolled her eyes. “What are you talking about?

Under their gaze, the woman got closer and finally came to their table.

Just as Prince was about to say hello, the woman splashed the drink in her hand onto his face. The woman didn’t even look at him. She said to Silvia, “Do you want to resolve

the problem between us here or outside?”

*The problem between us? What happened between us?” Seeing the look on Reagan’s face after being splashed with a drink, Silvia was laughing happily. It took her some time to calm down and speak to the woman.

The woman was actually the flight attendant, Audrey. She gnashed her teeth and said, “You’re trying to play dumb, aren’t you?”

“No, I really have no idea.” Silvia replied. Was Audrey fired? Was she going to

settle the score with Silvia now?

However, Silvia was not the one responsible for that incident. It had nothing to do with her. If Audrey wanted to, she should have confronted Jayden. Audrey was so angry that she grabbed another drink on the table. This time, her

target was Silvia. “Mrs…

“Oh, you don’t have to remind me. I remember now. As soon as Audrey spoke, Silvia immediately interrupted her and dragged her out. This matter is between the two of us. Naturally, we will resolve this.”

Prince and Lemur asked, “Boss, what’s going on?”

Silvia said, “This is a private matter between two beautiful women. Don’t follow


Reagan and Lemur looked at each other. Finally, they said at the same time, “Could it be that Boss was deeply affected by Felix’s disappearance, and she likes women now?”

The two of them asked this at the same time, nodded at the same time, and

then shook their heads at the same time. If it was true, then. Should they talk

to her about it?

Although the Boss’s sexual orientation was different from the average person, it was an open society now. It was normal for men to be with men and for women to be with women.

They should give their Boss their blessings.

However, if beautiful women all liked each other, what would happen to men? If men were all single, what would happen to mankind? This was a serious


Outside the bar

Silvia released Audrey and said, “Audrey, just tell me what you want to tell me

right here.”

Audrey looked at Silvia while gnashing her teeth with hatred. “Silvia, I have never offended you, have 1? Why did you do this to me?”

Silvia did not understand her words. “What do you mean?”

Audrey said angrily, “What do I mean? You still have the nerve to ask me this? Last time at Chatterton Town Airport, you told me personally that you had nothing to do with Jayden. You gave me his phone number, and assured me that I could go after him freely.”

Silvia nodded honestly, “Yes. That’s true. I remember this, and I won’t deny it. Didn’t I help you? Why do you act like I owe you a few million dollars?”

“Haha.. Audrey sneered in anger. “Silvia, you look lovely and kind. Never did I expect you to be so vicious. How dare you vent your anger on me when the two of you were quarreling? You should know that I can’t wait to tear you apart


When she remembered the night where Jayden had ordered the hotel security to drag her out of the hotel, Audrey felt that she had been completely humiliated. She had never experienced this in her life

He did not just drive her away, he actually called the hotel security to drag her

out of the hotel. He kept saying that she was not a decent woman. In the past, no matter how many men wanted to date her, she was not

interested. It was not easy for her to finally be interested in a man. She initially thought that her opportunity had finally come, but she didn’t expect to receive a complaint in less than five minutes after she had handed him her

business card.

After being the target of his complaints, she was not satisfied. At first, she wanted to take revenge on him, but who knew that she would end up humiliating herself?

Silvia said sincerely, “I really have nothing to do with him. He is a pervert. Don’t blame me for whatever he did to you.”

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