My Husband Warm the Bed- 1065

Audrey was happy and she followed Silvia cheerfully. “I think I look better than you too, but I don’t understand why Jayden is so faithful to you!”

“Huh. faithful? What do you mean that?” Perhaps she was just bored or curious, Silvia wanted to know what that son of a b*tch Jayden had done that made Audrey think so highly of him.

Audrey could go on and on about this topic. “Last time on the plane, in order to make you happy, he caused me to lose my job. Later, when I arrived at the hotel in Chatterton Town, he didn’t let me in the entrance but instantly threw me out.

Isn’t this enough to show you that he is faithful to you?” Silvia did not take this seriously. “Is that so? Think about it. You’re a beautiful woman, but still shut you out. Do you think this what a normal man would

do?” Hearing Silvia’s words, Audrey realized something. “Oh.. I finally understand. Jayden, does not like women but men?”

Silvia gave her a look of acknowledgement, but she said, “That’s what you said.

I didn’t say anything She didn’t say anything at all. If this news got out, it would have nothing to do

with her

“No wonder, no wonderโ€ฆ it all makes sense now. It’s not because I’m not charming enough. It’s because there’s something wrong with that man” Audrey said, looking as if she knew everything,

Silvia was very appreciative of such an understanding student and said, “That’s right. We women should help each other out and not go against each other for a man. There are so many good men in the world. Don’t let one man ruin your mood.”

“I just couldn’t let it go, Audrey said in agreement.

Reagan and Lemur came up and said, “Boss, the two of you were just fighting a moment ago. Now, what are you two talking about so closely to each other?”

“We’re talking about Jay.” Audrey replied.

Silvia quickly pinched Audrey and said, “We’re discussing what moves we should use the next time we fight

Audrey felt a sharp pain. “You.

Silvia whispered in Audrey’s ear, “My friends don’t know anything about Jayden.

Don’t mention this in front of them.

Audrey was confused and asked. “Why?”

Silvia said, “Don’t ask so many questions. Just listen to me. I promise to create opportunities for you in the future to let you seek revenge on Jayden”

“You would still create an opportunity for me to approach him?” Audrey asked.

Silvia said, “Just count on me!”

Lemur and Prince were dumbfounded!

The two of them could not understand what these two women were thinking. A few minutes ago, the two of them were still fighting with each other. A few minutes later, they could actually get together and whisper to each other. Could it be that they were fighting because they had problems with their relationship?

At the table, Silvia introduced Audrey to everyone, “This is my new friend, and her name is Audrey. She is a flight attenโ€ฆ By the way, dear, what are you doing now?

*Thanks to you, Audrey said resentfully. “I’ve been officially dismissed from the airline company. Right now, I’m unemployed Silvia said, “Don’t worry. You will definitely find a job with another airline

company in the future.

Audrey wanted to swear again. “In our line of business, when someone gets dismissed, the dismissal email will be sent out and posted online. I am someone with a bad record, so no airlines will want to hire me in the future.”

Silvia wanted to scold Jayden on Audrey’s behalf. “Don’t worry, you can do something else “We are all unemployed, so welcome to our team. I am Reagan, and from now on, we are friends. Reagan rushed to speak and gave Silvia a grateful look. He

seemed to be saying, “Boss, you are really my good Boss. You even fought with

Audrey just so I could get closer with her

Audrey said, “Although I don’t really want to be friends, I will have to do so, seeing that you are just a bunch of unemployed people who can’t earn your own money and still rely on your parents.”

Lemur was speechless. “Do you only make friends with people who are doing

worse than you?

Audrey nodded and admitted generously, “Yes. I won’t be friends with people

who are prettier than me or earn more than me. Therefore, when there’s any comparison, I will always win.”

Lemur said, “It’s a miracle that you have any friends

Audrey said, “That’s why I don’t have any close friends.

Reagan and Lemur thought in their hearts, “It makes sense that Audrey and Boss are a couple. They are both weird.”

Silvia handed them a bottle of beer each and said, “Cut the crap. Let’s drink.” They took the beer, raised their bottles, and said in unison, “Cheers!”

Seeing Silvia drinking beer, Blotie came over and advised, “Silvia, you’ve just drank two cocktails, and it’s easy to get drunk if you drink beer. By the way, both of you have injuries on your faces. Why don’t I help you to deal with this first?”

Silvia said with a smile, Blotie, if you don’t get drunk after drinking, what’s the point? Besides, I made a new friend today. I’m happy and want to get drunk. Andโ€ฆ Blotie, it’s normal for me to get injured. The small wound on my face is

not a big deal

“Not a big deal? You will cry when it becomes a scar’ Blotie really couldn’t do anything to persuade Silvia. She could only watch them continue to drink. She kept an eye on them, fearing that they would get drunk and start a fight again.

“Welcome toโ€ฆ Seeing that there were new customers coming in, Blotie immediately greeted them. But for some unknown reason, before she could

finish her sentence, she was stunned by the powerful aura of the man who had just entered the bar

The man was not only tall and strong, but he was also good-looking. In particular, he looked dignified as he walked with his long legs.

As soon as he entered the bar, all the women’s eyes fell on him almost at the same time. Someone even screamed, “There is a handsome guy here!”

However, when they saw his cold eyes, they didn’t dare to look directly at him.

They could only observe his actions secretly.

As the lady boss, Blotie had to take care of this customer. She greeted him with a smile. “Mister, please have a seat.

The man’s eyes swept over Blotie’s face, and then he quickly scanned the bar.

Finally, his eyes fell on Silvia The man did not speak, nor did he sit down. Blotie was a little flustered. Sir,

what would you like to drink?”

“Hey, look, there’s a handsome guy!” Audrey suddenly shouted. She was already

drunk to the point where she could not stand still. However, she still noticed a

handsome man entering the bar. Men liked to look at beautiful women, while women liked to look at handsome

men. These were just natural human instincts

Hearing Audrey say that there was a handsome guy, Silvia immediately looked in the direction she was looking at. “Handsome guy? Where?

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