My Husband Warm the Bed-1066

At the same time, Silvia saw the tall man walking toward her.

He walked at a fast pace and came to her side in a few steps. Silvia’s eyes suddenly lit up. That’s really a handsome guy. He’s really handsome..!

“I saw him first. He’s mine. Audrey pounced on the man with a drink in her

hand. “Mr. Handsome, since you’re so handsome, I’ll buy you a drink, okay?”

The man frowned with a sullen expression and turned sideways slightly to avoid Audrey’s approaching hand. He shot a cold look at Silvia to see what she would do.

Silvia was so drunk that she did not notice the coldness in the man’s eyes. She only knew that he was looking at her and staring at her.

She was constantly told that she did not act like a woman. Suddenly, a handsome guy was staring at her. Silvia felt that it was the time for her to shine. Just as she was about to say something, Audrey rushed to the handsome man

in front of her and said, “Mr. Handsome, what are you looking at? Look at me.” The man avoided Audrey again, and there was a flash of anger in his gloomy eyes.

Silvia saw this clearly and laughed out loud. “Hahaha. Audrey, he doesn’t want you. Hahaha, he’s looking at me. He’s looking at me. You lost again. Who said that I can’t attract any men… Prince Lemur, open up your eyes and look carefully.”

Audrey was so angry that she glared at Silvia. “Go away. Don’t interrupt me.”

“Audrey, he came here for me. Didn’t you want Jayden? I’ll find a way to send him to your bed some other day. Don’t compete with me for this man.” After comforting her. Silvia grabbed a bottle and walked toward the man. She suddenly reached out her hand and hooked her hand around his chin. Her breath was full of the scent of alcohol. “Mr. Handsome, tell them that you’re here for me

Of course, he was here for her… He had seen her drunken expression, saw her flirting with other men, and heard that she had intended to send him to another

woman’s bed… There were many things he didn’t know. Silvia stroked his chiseled face and said, “Mr. Handsome, tell me. Do you think I am not feminine enough?”

“He’s mine. I saw him first. You can’t grab him from me.. Audrey rushed over again. Just as she was about to push Silvia away, the man wrapped his arms around Silvia’s waist and moved two steps to the side. Once again, he had avoided Audrey’s attack. The look in his eyes became even more vicious.

“Mr. Handsome, you like me, don’t you? Hiccup… Silvia burped and sprayed the man’s face with the scent of alcohol. “Thank you for liking me! This lets me know that not all men are blind!”

“Boy, don’t take advantage of our Boss when she is drunk. Bring her back to me.” Reagan was a little sober. Seeing that his Boss was hugged by another man, he tried to bring her back

“Hush, don’t make a noise! Let him hug me. I like his scent. Silvia stopped Reagan and got into the man’s arms, wrapping her arms around his waist tightly

“Boss.” Reagan wanted to say something, but he was stunned by someone’s sharp gaze.

Looking at this drunk woman hugging an unknown man, Jayden’s anger was burning in his chest. “Silvia Turner!”

“Hey. You know my name! Since you know my name, you must have been secretly in love with me for a long time. Silvia was touched when she heard him calling her name. The face in front of her gradually became clear. It was a young, bright, and handsome face. “Felix, are you back?”


The moment he heard the name, Jayden’s body gave off a terrible chill, causing the people around him to shudder unconsciously.

At this moment, Silvia did something else. She stood on her tiptoes, kissed his

lips, and said, “I like you. I like you so much…” Fighting, drinking, being drunk, and mistaking him for another man… These were the many sins Silvia has committed, but he planned to give her another chance. “Silvia, do you know who you are kissing?”

“Who are you? Yes, who are you?” She blinked, scratched her head, and thought seriously, “You are Felix

“Very good!” Sure enough, she had mistaken Jayden as the wrong man.

“No, you are not Felix Felix won’t be so fierce to me.” Silvia burped again. She shook her head and looked at him. “You look a little familiar. Who are you? Have I met you before?”

“Who do you think I am?” Jayden’s gaze was sharp, and Silvia trembled slightly. I don’t want to play anymore. I don’t want to play anymore. Let’s continue to drink

“How can we not play? We can continue having fun after we go back.” After saying that, Jayden picked up Silvia and strode out.

She was hanging upside down on his shoulder and felt dizzy. “Friends, I think I am being taken away by a bad guy. Please save me!”

“Boss.” Prince and Lemur watched helplessly as Silvia was carried away, but no one dared to save her. The man just now had such a strong aura that they couldn’t deal with him.

“Mr. Handsome, where are you taking me? Do you really like me? But, but I think I’m… Before Silvia could utter the word ‘married”, and the alcohol made her very uncomfortable. She suddenly vomited,

Jayden was unprepared and she vomited all over him. He was so angry that his

face turned green. He roared. “Silvia, you stupid woman, you did this on


Silvia didn’t realize Jayden was furious, After vomiting, she felt much more comfortable. She wrapped her arms around Jayden’s shoulder comfortably and said, Don’t be fierce! Women don’t like fierce men.”

Jayden put her on the ground, took off his shirt, and threw it into the trash can near him. This woman was disgusting,

“Master. The driver who was waiting for Jayden outside the bar quickly handed over a clean shirt and a bottle of water. “Would you want to give this to Miss Turner to have a gargle, Sir?”

Jayden put on his shirt, took the bottle of mineral water and handed it to Silvia. “Drink some water and rinse your mouth.”

Silvia couldn’t stand still and she threw herself into his arms. “Water? No, I don’t

want water. Blotie, give me another glass of “I Love You 3000”. Today, I’m going

to get drunk with Audrey”

Silvia Turner!” Jayden’s expression was dark. He thought of strangling this crazy woman several times.

“Don’t shout so loudly. I heard you. I’m sleepy. I want to sleep.” She laid in his arms and rubbed him. Then, she shifted into a more comfortable posture and fell asleep

Silvia, you are crossing the line!” After getting drunk, she was totally

defenseless against this stranger”. Jayden looked at Silvia, who was drunk in his arms. She had just committed another unforgivable mistake.

Jayden held Silvia in his arms and looked at the driver coldly. ‘Drive home.”

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