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The sound of someone falling into the water resonated.

Silvia, who was drunk, was having a beautiful dream. She had dreamed that Felix had returned, and he was here to bring her home.

However, just as Felix was about to hug her, her world started to spin and she had fallen into a pool of icy cold water.

The water was deep and piercing cold. Her body was constantly sinking, and

the cold water was entering her mouth, gradually filling up her stomach.

She paddled with all her might wanting to float to the surface of the water. However, no matter how hard she struggled, she was still in the water, ingesting the cold water.

“Help… She wanted to call for help but not only did she fail to do so, she ended up swallowing a few mouthfuls of water.

She let out a silent cry, hoping that someone could pull her out of the water and

save her.

As if her prayers were heard, a large hand tugged her out of the water at that instant, and she could finally breathe the fresh air above the waters.

“Ahem… Ahem… Thank you!” She opened her eyes and wanted to thank the person who had just saved her, but only to find a familiar yet livid face.

She looked at him, but when she saw the anger in his eyes, she immediately

shrunk in fear.

“Why was in the water? Silvia asked, but he did not answer her

He remained silent and stared at her with his cold eyes. Was she dreaming?

Silvia wondered.

It was very likely that she was dreaming!

Silvia had a vague recollection that she was drinking with Reagan and the gang, and they had even bumped into Audrey. Everyone was drinking at Blotie’s bar and then, she somehow ended up here.

They were having a good time drinking together, so it would be impossible for Silvia to end up in a swimming pool. She thought that all of these must have been a dream, or rather a terrible nightmare!

Since it was a dream, she had no reason to be afraid of this man in front of her She would never allow him to bully her in her own dream. She raised her head and said in an arrogant tone. “You’d better get out of my

face now Jayden and don’t get in the way or I’ll make you regret it. I was just

dreaming about Felix, and you’re here interrupting me

Jayden’s face darkened when he heard Silvia mentioning that damned man. He looked at her coldly and said, “It seems like the water that you’ve swallowed a

while ago is not enough to sober you up.”

Silvia straightened her back and shouted, “That’s right. This is my dream, so I can dream as long as I want. How can I allow a b*stard like you to bully me even in my own dream?

“Is that so?” Jayden smirked.

“Of course.” Silvia felt that something was wrong, but she couldn’t exactly tell

what it was

She looked around and realized that she was in a swimming pool at his villa. There was a sign beside her stating that the pool was 2.5 meters deep

2.5 metres. Silvia was a little scared because she could not swim at all.

Fortunately, it was just a dream so she would not actually drown to death

However, she felt strange. She hated Jayden and this place where she had been locked up for so many days in the past. She hated everything that was related to him, so why did she dream of this place?

Silvia didn’t understand and didn’t want to understand. She must wake up from her dream now and escape from this horrifying man.

Silvia immediately stretched out her hand and pinched her thigh, trying to wake

herself up.

“Ouch, why does it hurt? Silvia thought that she was dreaming so she had pinched herself hard. However, not only did it not wake her up from her dream it made her gnash her teeth in pain!

Jayden did not speak much. No matter what she did, he was looking at her as if he was watching a clown performing an act.

Silvia was not in the mood to pay any attention to him. Instead, she was immersed in her own thoughts, wondering why she had not woken up from her


It hurt when she pinched herself?

Therefore, it was very likely that she was not dreaming at all, and everything

that was happening at this very moment was real.

Jayden was actually standing beside her, and that she was in his swimming


No, he was not standing beside her. He was holding her in the pool, and if he was to let go of his hand at that instant, she would drown into the water once again

After realizing the whole situation, Silvia was so shocked that she stammered, “Young, Young Master Kyle, I was just kidding around a while ago. I was sober…

I’ve already sobered up a long time ago…

“You’ve sobered up a long time ago?” She was sober, but she was scolding him and even mentioned another man in front of him. This was unforgivable, Silvia nodded vigorously. “Yes, yes… Let’s talk after we get out of here, okay?

“But you are not sober enough!” Jayden curled the corner of his lips and broke into an evil smile. As the grip of his hand loosened. Silvia had fallen into the water once again.

“Ah. don’t let go of me!” She did not know how to swim so she would definitely drown to her death. She was afraid… “Glug, glug, glug” Silvia swallowed a few more mouthfuls of water.

She felt extremely awful, as if she was going to drown any time. Once again, she felt that death was coming for her.

Just as she thought that she was about to drown, Jayden grabbed her out of the water once again and asked coldly, “Are you sober now?”

“Yes! I’m sober now! Silvia didn’t want to go into the water anymore so she instinctively wrapped herself around his body

She clutched his neck with her arms and wrapped her legs around his waist, like a koala hanging onto a tree. “Don’t let go of me. Please, I’m afraid of the water!”

She thought that if she did so, Jayden wouldn’t be able to do anything to her. However, Jayden deliberately scared her.

He smiled evilly and sank into the water, bringing her along with him.

Jayden was a good swimmer, so he could control his breathing effortlessly.

Silvia, on the other hand, did not know how to hold her breath so she ended up

swallowing a few more mouthfuls of water. She wanted to push him away and escape to the surface. However, before she could do so, Jayden reached out his hand and grabbed onto her waist.

He put his arms around her waist and pulled her towards him, bringing her to the bottom of the water. “I’m going to die. I’m going to die. Just as Silvia felt that she was going to

drown, Jayden suddenly held her head, and kissed her mouth, giving her a

breath of air through his mouth

Silvia wanted to escape at first, but nothing was more important than her life. Therefore, in order to save herself, she stopped struggling and inhaled the mouthful of air he had given her.

However, she was too engrossed in maintaining her survival that she didn’t realize that Jayden had already brought her to the surface. She was still enthusiastically inhaling the “air” he had given her.

Until. the air was running out her tongue had gone numb and she was about to suffocate. Jayden let go of her.

“Help!” Silvia cried out instinctively, only to find that he had already brought her

to the side of the swimming pool.

He said, “Do you know what you have done wrong?”

She shook her head at first but nodded heavily when she saw his sharp eyes.

“Then tell me, what did you do wrong?”

“I. I did everything wrong Silvia thought that she should just apologize first no matter what

What an unrepentant woman. It seemed like she needed to be taught a lesson

Jayden loosened his arms, and Silvia immediately sank back into the water. She was so scared that she reached out her hand, trying to grab hold of something

However, she had caught onto Jayden’s swimming trunks by accident..

Silvia realized what she had done, so she wanted to loosen her grip at that instant. However, if she were to release her grip, she would drown again. Therefore, she pretended like she had not noticed anything and looked at Jayden with a pitiful look in her eyes.

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