My Husband Warm the Bed-1069

Silvia did not dare to forget that Jayden ordered her to clean herself up and see him at his study. Therefore, she returned to her room, took a bath, and changed into a clean set of clothes. She was going to show up in front of him looking extremely beautiful

The clothes in the wardrobe were not to Silvia’s liking, but there was nothing she could do. That twisted Jayden had prepared them for her, so how could she not wear them?

Of course not!

If she didn’t wear those outfits, she could only walk around naked like a


Silvia had thought about it countless times, but she still couldn’t figure out why Jayden’s had turned out so twisted.. and he was a control freak too!

What kind of past trauma made him this way? Silvia wondered.

Perhaps, he was a pitiful person, too. His father was busy with work all year round and his mother was not by his side. Thus, due to the lack of love and affection from his parents, he had turned out like this.

“Alas. What a poor boy!” Silvia sighed and felt sorry for him.

“No, no, I’d better worry about myself. I was almost killed by him. How could I still have the heart to sympathize with him.” Silvia said to herself.

“Miss Turner, please drink this ginger tea to warm up your body.” Auntie Cherry knocked on the door and came into the room

to hand her some ginger tea,

“Auntie Cherry, there are so many people here, but you’re the only one who is good to me. Thank you!” The temperature of the ginger tea was just right. Silvia picked up the mug and took big gulps of the tea. There was finally someone humane here at this place.

Auntie Cherry explained with a smile, “In fact, Master is a good person, especially towards you, Miss Turner.

Silvia nodded. “He did take good care of me.” He had been torturing her every

single day, it was indeed true that he had treated her very differently. Auntie Cherry added, “Master Jayden was the one who asked me to prepare this cup of tea for you.”

“What? He did? Is he trying to poison me?” Silvia wanted to spit it out, but she had already swallowed the entire cup of tea into her stomach.

Auntie Cherry said, “Miss Turner…

Silvia interrupted her. “You don’t have to justify his actions. I understand Auntie Cherry worked for Jayden. Of course, she would be on his side!

In the study

A small lamp was switched on in the study. The light emitting from the lamp was blood orange, and it was not glaring.

Jayden was reading through the documents that his assistant had sent to him. He glanced at the time displayed on the lower right corner of the computer from time to time. Very well, he had waited for her for another half an hour.

Half an hour was not a long time, but it was enough for him to complete a lot of


For instance, in that half an hour he had been waiting for her, he had already reviewed two important documents, making two crucial investment decisions.

It had been a long time since someone had made him wait patiently like that foolish woman!

Thump Thump!

Just as Jayden was still thinking about that stupid woman, someone had knocked on the door. Before he could let her in, Silvia had already pushed the door open, poking half of her head around the door. “Young Master Kyle, can I come in?”

He had already seen her from the corner of his eye, but he pretended that he did not. He continued to look at the documents that he had already read on the computer screen a while ago.

“Young Master Kyle?” After experiencing this man’s cruelty, Silvia was a little afraid of him. She’d better not act rashly before getting a reply. If she was to offend him again, she would be the one who would suffer.

“Mm.” It was not until he had grunted softly that Silvia had dared to push the door open and stepped into his study. After entering the room, she left the door ajar. It seemed like she was planning to escape if she felt that he was going to

do anything harmful to her. Jayden frowned obscurely and kept his displeasure against her actions in his

heart. At the same time, he quietly picked up the remote control to close the door, and even locked it.

Upon hearing the clicking sound of the lock, Silvia turned around and wanted to run away, but it was already too late. Without Jayden’s fingerprints, no one

could ever open the door unless the door was busted open

Silvia said in a panic, “Jayden, what do you want to do?”

“Come here.” He waved his hand, and his tone and attitude sounded like he was ordering his slave. Silvia did not want to resign to his orders, so she stood still.

“Mm?” All Jayden did was raising his eyebrows and letting out snort, and Silvia had already given up going against him. Therefore, she walked over to him obediently, like a little woman who was being bullied by her husband,

“What do you want?” Since Jayden could not be cowed by force, then she would go soft on him. She didn’t believe that he would be willing to bully such a soft and lovely beauty like herself,

Take a seat.” He pointed to the chair he had prepared for her, and then gave her three pieces of A4 sized papers, “Write down all the mistakes that you have done for the past few days.”

“What?” Silvia instinctively raised her voice, but immediately changed to a gentle tone as she continued. “Your wish is my command.”

“It’s good if you are willing to learn from your mistakes.” He patted on her head

and smiled. “Write them down properly and send it to my room once you’re

done with it. I’ll have a look at it

“Yes, Young Master Kyle.” She had to hold back her temper for her own sake. Throughout the whole time, Silvia had been telling herself to hold back her anger, otherwise, she would have already rushed up to him and given him a good kick.

“Good girl!” He pinched her cheek and left the study,

Looking at his back, Silvia couldn’t wait to pounce on him and bite him. How could there be such a disgusting creature in this world? She wanted to throw him into the sea and feed him to the whales so that there wouldn’t be any residues left of him

“Are you displeased about it?” Jayden suddenly looked back and saw that Silvia was gnashing her teeth. Deep down in his heart, he couldn’t help but to feel funny as he looked at her, but the indifferent expression on his face remained unchanged.

*No. I’m very pleased. Can’t you see that I’m smiling?” Silvia grinned. Her smile was so fake that it looked a little awful, but she didn’t know it herself. “Young Master Kyle, you can go back to your room first. I’ll go over to you later.”

“Okay.” Jayden closed the door and left. Silvia immediately threw the pen on the table and scolded, “B*stard! What a b stard! What did I do wrong? Why are you torturing me like this?” She was so angry that she wished she could buy a bomb to blow him up,

However, that was something she could only dream about. She would never be

able to escape from this place to get the explosives,

Even if she had managed to get her hands on the explosives, he would definitely drag her along with him. Her life was too precious to her, she didn’t want to waste it on him.

Silvia picked up the pen that she had thrown away and wrote down the mistakes she had made for the past few days. “I shouldn’t have left you behind,

I shouldn’t have returned to Madison City first.”

She didn’t use the word “run away”. Anyway, it meant the same thing. She had already admitted her mistake so sincerely, so he would probably go easy on her, wouldn’t he?

After finishing writing, Silvia went over to Jayden’s room. She knocked on the door and only went in after hearing his reply

This was the first time Silvia had stepped into his bedroom. The interior was

completely different from what she had imagined. She thought that his room

would be dark and depressed, but she did not expect it to be bright and brisk He was already sitting on the bed, with a book in his hand. He was reading the book attentively.

“Young Master Kyle, I’m done with the repentance letter. Would you like to have a look at it?” Silvia came to his bedside and handed over the letter respectfully, with both hands stretched out towards him.

There was no need to read it but Jayden already knew that what she had written was not what he wanted. Therefore, he said without looking up at her. *Think about what you’ve done. If you miss out on any one of them, you won’t get to sleep tonight.”

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