My Husband Warm the Bed-1070


Silvia wanted to throw the letter of repentance on Jayden’s face, but when she saw the faint smile on his face, she had no choice but to stop herself at that


This man was even more abominable than she thought!

“You don’t want to write them down?” Jayden looked at her. His eyes and his voice were both very gentle. It seemed like if she were to nod and say no, he would agree to any of her requests.

Silvia wanted to refuse his demands smugly, but she knew that it was impossible for this man to treat her so gently. He must already be contemplating how to plot against her.

She didn’t know what he was planning in his mind… She had no idea at all.

Silvia clenched her fists, took a deep breath, and tried to adjust her breathing. She was weaker than him and she would never be able to overthrow his power, so the only thing that she could is to endure his abominable behavior.

She put on a bright smile and said, “You’ve misunderstood me. In fact, I really want to write them down, but I’m not too sure what I’ve done wrong. Please give me some guidance.”

“You don’t know what you’ve done wrong?” Jayden raised his eyebrows and asked.

Since she had the audacity to tell him that she didn’t know where she had done wrong, It would mean that she hadn’t realized her mistakes. This was the main reason why Jayden would not let her go so easily.

Silvia said with a smile, “I know that there was nothing about me that you might

be satisfied with, but I can’t just write any small matters on the repentance

letter, right? So could you please help me out here? I don’t know where to start

*I’ll give you one more hour to think about it” Jayden raised his wrist and looked at the time. “It’s half past nine now

Silvia gritted her teeth. “Jayden.

Jayden smiled and said, “Mm?”

“Okay, I’ll go to think about it carefully. I will make sure that you’re satisfied with

the answer” Silvia glared at him fiercely. Then, she turned around and left the


She came to the study again and thought about what she had done in the past few days. She thought about it for a long time, but she still couldn’t think of

what she had done wrong.

She felt that she had not done anything wrong, but Jayden, that freak, thought otherwise. Perhaps in his opinion, even drinking water was a mistake.

Therefore, Silvia held her head in her palms and thought about it. She had decided to start writing from the point she had left Jayden behind on the

highway a few days ago

She picked up the pen and wrote everything down.

I wanted to pee as an excuse to escape.” Second, after returning to Chatterton Town, I shouldn’t have bought an ice cream at McDonald’s


“Third, I shouldn’t have disobeyed your orders and ate the chicken drumsticks and bacon in secret

“Fourth, I shouldn’t have spent your money to stay in the hotel. More so, I

shouldn’t have spent all of your money.

“Fifth, I shouldn’t have bought a flight ticket back to Madison City.”

“Sixth, I should have picked you up from the airport when you arrived in Madison City”

“Seventh, I shouldn’t have argued with you.

“Eighth, from now on, I will definitely obey your orders. I’ll follow whatever you

say and I’ll never go against you, ever.’

“Ninth, from now on, your hobbles are my hobbies. You are my heaven, my earth, and you’ll be the biggest part of my life”

“Tenth, if you’re still not satisfied, it would still be my fault.”

After nearly an hour, Silvia had finished listing down her “Ten Sins’. She had already admitted to every possible mistake that she could think of and flattered him in every way she could at the same time.

She would like to see how Jayden, that evil bastard, could still make things

difficult for her.

Silvia returned to Jayden’s room once again. That fellow was still reading his

book, and like the previous time, he didn’t even bother to look at her.

Silvia glared at him and said, “Then go to sleep if you’re sleepy. Why can’t you

just let me go?”

Jayden said, “Do you think that I enjoy doing this?”

Sure enough. She knew that it was not because she had done something

wrong, but because he was enjoying it. He enjoyed torturing her.

However, Silvia thought that she was lucky to still be alive.

Silvia was so angry that she stared at him and wanted to pounce on him and

bite him.

This time, she couldn’t control her anger anymore. The moment she had this idea, she immediately pounced on him.

“You bastard, I’ll bite you to death.” Silvia was on top of him as she widened her mouth to bite him. However, she had coincidentally bit him on the chest. At that instant, the atmosphere in the room had become somewhat flirtatious…

“Mrs. Kyle, are you thinking of sleeping in the same room as me?” His smile was

evil yet graceful, and there was a beam in his eyes that he did not notice… Silvia’s face was burning in embarrassment. She wanted to refute but did not

know how to do so. Since he had already thought so, she did not want to explain further. She rolled over to his side and got under the blanket. “Go to sleep now.”

Don’t forget that you haven’t completed your repentance letter.” That was what he said, but his eyes were gradually brightening up. He did not expect that his trick would turn out this way.

Bstard, what do you want?’ Silvia scolded softly and kicked him at the same time.

She was already sleeping next to him, but he was still focused on that stupid

repentance letter. Was he still a man?

Jayden said, “I want it by tomorrow, at noon…

This man… Silvia rolled into his arms and buried her face against his chest Then, she reached out her hand to hold his bare waist and said, “Let’s sleep.”

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