My Husband Warm the Bed- 1072

Jayden ordered, “Eat.”

Why would she eat such disgusting food?

She couldn’t even eat what she wanted to eat.

And she couldn’t even wear what she wanted to wear

Nor could she have fun the way she wanted.

Now, she even had to put on some jewelry which she was not used to wearing at all.

Is this what a normal person’s life would look like?

The rage that she had been holding back had almost exploded. However, the man sitting next to her was calm and even acted like he was indifferent about


Looking at her angry face, Jayden added, “As long as I’m satisfied with your performance, you can live the days you want and eat all the roast chicken you


Why did she have to satisfy him? Silvia gritted her teeth in anger.

Jayden ignored her. “The food will turn cold if you don’t eat it now. Well, I’m not in a hurry anyway. I can get the chef to prepare another set for you and I’ll watch you eat it.

“Okay, I’ll eat, I’ll listen to you. I’ll do whatever you ask me to do.” Silvia picked up a piece of broccoli and stuffed it into her mouth. She chewed on it vigorously as she imagined that she was chewing the horrible Jayden into pieces

What a stinky b*stard! A beast with no conscience! And a perverted


She told herself that she would definitely turn the tables one day. When that day comes, she would beat up Jayden and make him suffer. Even if he begged for mercy, she would not let him go.

Slow down. Rushing through your meal is bad to your stomach and your health

in general.” Jayden reminded her.

If an outsider were to witness the scene, they would probably think that Jayden

had treated her well and cared for her.


This beast, Jayden, who was just so good at disguising himself. At that instant, Silvia really wished that she could just drown him with her spit.

“I’m done eating. I’m going to school now. “After finishing the meal, Silvia put down her cutleries and walked towards the door while wiping her mouth

She thought that she could finally get rid of this pervert temporarily. However, who knew that Jayden would suddenly issue another order. “From today onwards, you’ll have to let the driver send you no matter where you go

One of her feet was already out of the house. When she heard Jayden, she stopped and looked back at him. “No. I will just take the taxi

If the driver was to send her everywhere Silvia went, it would then be inconvenient for her to do anything. It would also mean that there would be an extra pair of eyes monitoring her, and she would have no more freedom to do whatever she wanted.

Silvia had already made up her mind. She told herself that no matter what, she must not abide by his order this time. She must resist till the end and she must not give in at all.

However, Jayden said slowly, “Did I ask for your opinion?’

Silvia was furious. “What? Young Master Kyle, shouldn’t you have asked me for my opinion?”

D*mn, this matter was closely related to her and it involved her vital interests. It was about whether she could eat what she liked and whether she could have fun with her friends without a qualm. How could he not ask for her opinion at all?

“God, please save me!”

Jayden really had no intention of asking Silvia’s opinion at all. Then with his long legs, Jayden strode upstairs, without giving her an opportunity to persuade him

Looking at his back, Silvia was extremely anxious. What could she do? If she continued to submit to him like this, she would definitely die soon.

“Madam, the car is ready to go at any time.’ Jayden’s personal driver suddenly

appeared at the front door. His words had undoubtedly added fuel to Silvia’s

raging anger

Silvia was about to go insane. “Bestard, am I your pet or your wife? What right do you have to deprive me of my freedom? What right do you have to control

every part of my life?”

She wanted to rush upstairs to confront him. She wanted to grab him by the collar and make things clear. However, when she thought of what the man had done to her, she was a little intimidated

Silvia returned to the dining room and flipped the dining table over. The dishes on the table were smashed and scattered all over the ground, which vented her anger and frustration by a little

University A was one of the most prestigious universities in Madison City. Quite a number of eminent people had graduated from this university, especially the people from the financial sector. This was the exact reason why Silvia’s father had enrolled her at this very university

Silvia personally didn’t like anything about financial analysis, but in order to help out with her father’s business, she had no choice but to make herself take on the challenge

Silvia was a legendary figure who was well known throughout University A. She was known for getting into fights and also for her fiery temper.

Especially when she was dating Felix. Their relationship was so high-profile that all the girls in the university could not wait to tear Silvia apart. They were jealous of her relationship with Felix.

Felix was a senior in his final year. Ever since he was a freshman, he was voted as the best looking guy in University A. Not only did he have good looks, he was born into a rich family and was even an overachiever when it came to his

studies He was good in both academics and co-curricular activities, including sports. He was the best in everything he was involved in

He looked good, had a good family background, and was a star student. An excellent man like him without any flaws had long been targeted by all the female students in University A. Therefore, wherever he went, he would always run into one of his admirers.

However, Felix was not interested in any of them, and only one girl had caught his attention. She was Silvia Turner, who not only lacked ladylike qualities but was also a girl who would always get into fights.

One day a few months ago, Felix appeared at the campus gate while holding Silvia’s hand. At that instant, countless hearts were shattered.

From that very moment, Silvia had become the common enemy of all the

female students in University A. Wherever she went they would all look at her

with anger and disgust.

However, this was all in the past.

“Madam, we’re here. The driver interrupted Silvia’s train of thoughts.

Before leaving the villa, the driver had also addressed her as “Madam”. However, Silvia was still in a rage so she did not realize it.

At this time, when she heard the driver referring her as “Madam” at the crowded campus entrance, Silvia stared at him fiercely and warned him, “Don’t call me

Madam. You can call by my name or anything else you like

“Madam, this was Master Jayden’s order. I’m sorry but I can’t follow your

orders.” The driver replied honestly, making Silvia look really bad.

Silvia then said, “He won’t know it when you’re outside anyway.

The driver replied, “No. I can’t do that.

Forget it, the driver had no say in this matter after all. He was just a paid employee. The key to the matter lay in Jayden’s despicable hands.

“Okay, okay, forget it. You can go ahead with your own affairs now. Please come

pick me up after my class is over. Silvia grabbed her bag and got off the car

immediately, fearing that the driver would follow her.

As soon as Silvia stepped into the campus, she could see a few people pointing at her while whispering to each other.

One of them said, “Look, look, Silvia is here! Silvia Turner is here!”

Someone else said, “That’s a Bentley That would probably cost at least a million dollars.

Another person said, “I thought that her family had gone bankrupt after her father had passed away? How could she afford such an expensive car?”

Someone sneered, “Even if her dad is not dead, she still can’t afford such an

expensive car with their small company”

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