My Husband Warm the Bed-1073

“If that is the case, does that mean that she doesn’t own that car?”

“Was the old man who was driving the car, her driver? Or perhaps he’s the man she hooked up with?’

“I think that’s her new man. Do you think that an unruly woman like her would be able to hook up with a rich and handsome young man?”

“She hasn’t been to classes for ages, and it is said that the school was about to expel her. However, no one knew what happened after that, and no one ever dared to mention her expulsion anymore.”

“Don’t tell me that there’s some hidden big shot in the Turner family?”

I think it’s most likely that the man who this b*tch had hooked up with is someone influential. As long as she works hard in bed, he will do everything for her. This is why all these things are happening.”

A group of girls gathered around and chatted openly, worrying that Silvia would not be able to catch their “whispers”.

It was fine if they liked to gossip behind her back. However, they were deliberately saying it in her face. It was obvious that they wanted to embarrass her.

Silvia’s life motto was that if someone was to do her any harm, she would definitely return tit for tat.

“Tsk tsk tsk…Since when did our campus become a brothel? All of you are

standing there like prostitutes waiting for business.”

In terms of fighting and quarreling, except for that bastard Jayden, Silvia had never met any worthy opponent in the recent years.

As soon as Silvia’s words were out, the entire group of girls looked at her

simultaneously and said to her, “Silvia Turner, who are you calling prostitutes?”

Silvia reached out her hand and pointed at each and every of them with a smile. *I’m talking about whoever was talking behind my back. Since all of you were gossiping about me, then I would say that I’m referring to all of you.”

A girl who had been silent finally spoke, “Silvia, this is a university. You should be careful with your words. Don’t bring your filthy behaviors into the campus.

These people clearly know that they can’t beat Silvia in a fight nor could they

win her in an argument. However, they still wanted to badmouth her. They were trying to put themselves on the moral high ground to defeat Silvia with their opinions

However, Silvia was the kind who would neither listen to reason nor bow to force. Since whatever they said were in fact the truth, she felt that there was no need to clarify

However, it was impossible for her to shut up and listen to them badmouthing her. She was not the kind of person who cried like a weakling when bullied by


“Tsk tsk tsk… Silvia laughed, “I was wondering who was speaking. It turns out that it’s Alina, our campus belle! Do you think that you could talk bad about me behind my back and I would not retaliate at all?”

Alina pursed her lips and said, “Silvia, everyone knows what kind of person you are. Don’t cause any more troubles here. We are in a university. If you want to fight, go fight with someone else outside of the campus.”

“Fight? Who wants to fight with you guys?’ Silvia hung her bag on her shoulder. “Alina, do you really think that you deserve the title of ‘campus belle’? Everyone knows that you were able to get it because I don’t want it.”

All of them knew that Silvia had a bad temper, and she would definitely hit one of them if they managed to provoke her.

Once Silvia threw a punch at them, they could go to the school affairs office and lodge a complaint against her, then the university would have a valid reason to expel Silvia

However, even if they had been trying to provoke her, Silvia managed to keep

her cool. She was such an unpredictable woman.

Silvia, you’re being too unreasonable. What do you mean that I was able to get the title because you don’t want it, I.” What Silvia said was a fact that all the teachers and students on campus knew, and that was the very reason why Alina was so anxious.

“Oh, did I remember it wrongly then? Why don’t you ask your friends around you if I’ve remembered it wrongly?” Seeing Alina’s embarrassed face, Silvia sneered, “Why don’t you go look yourself in the mirror first?

Alina was always the one creating trouble behind Silvia’s back but Silvia had never bothered to deal with it. However, Alina had already crossed her limits, so she had no choice but to retaliate.

Alina was panting with rage. “You… Don’t you dare push my limits! This is a

university, not some despicable place where you can do whatever you want!” Silvia walked towards Alina and whispered into her ear, “You should be glad that we are in the university, otherwise I would have already beaten you to a pulp.”

Alina grabbed Silvia’s hand and said, “Just wait and see. I don’t believe that you

will be able to graduate.”

Silvia had never offended Alina. Silvia was indeed prettier than Alina and was widely recognized as a beautiful girl in the campus. However, in order to get the title of campus belle, Alina had gone around and spread rumors defaming Silvia.

“Boss, why are you here so early?’ Reagan and Lemur came over to Silvia. Silvia smiled. It’s a bit early, but if I wasn’t here early, I wouldn’t have had the time to teach someone a lesson

Lemur answered, “Boss, what happened?”

“Lemur, are you nosing around? Well, don’t you see that quarrelsome woman over there?” Reagan displayed a disgusted expression when he saw Alina. To be honest, he had never seen such a disgusting woman in his life.

Back then, Felix had rejected Alina, but she continued to pester him. Fortunately, Felix was faithful to their Boss and was not seduced by this wicked woman.

Alina clenched her fists and it was obvious that she was extremely angry but she had to maintain her composure in front of everyone.

She was not like Silvia. She must not be angry or curse in front of everyone. She must maintain her most beautiful condition.

Silvia said, “Let’s go.”

“Boss, give me your bag, I’ll carry it for you.” Reagan knew how to please Silvia. As long as he was around, he would not let Silvia carry anything,

Lemur asked, “Boss, what did those people say just now?”

Silvia shrugged, “What else could they say? Just the usual.

Reagan sped up and squeezed to Silvia’s side. “Boss, did you hit anyone


Silvia sighed, “People do grow up, don’t you know?

Her father was gone and Felix was gone too. Without her solid back up, she could not afford to be so capricious like she used to before.

She would have to rely on herself in future. Therefore, she must think twice before acting. She must learn to protect herself, her family and her friends.

Reagan said, “Boss, no matter what, you still have the two of us.

Silvia patted his shoulder, “You can’t even win me in a fight, what can you do for


Reagan refused to accept defeat. “It’s not that I can’t beat you, I just let you win,


Silvia gave him a hard slap on the back and Reagan immediately yelled, “Can you please go a little softer? I can feel my bones breaking!”

Silvia laughed. “Since you know how powerful I am, then stop being so


Reagan massaged his shoulders and said, “They were almost broken.”

Lemur said, “The reason why they were not broken was not that your bones are strong, but that Boss had showed mercy to you.”

“What a suck-up!” Reagan rolled his eyes at Lemur and didn’t want to talk to him. “By the way, boss, who was the one to take you away last night?” Reagan did not believe that he had seen it wrongly the night before.

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