My Husband Warm the Bed- 1074

Silvia was stunned because of the sudden change of topic. “Mr. Reagan, I think you drank too much last night.”

Reagan then said, “Boss, even if I did drink too much and saw wrongly, I’m certain that Blotie Black, the owner of Starle Blotie was totally sober. She said that she was worried that you were taken away by some bad guys, so she had even chased after you. But, she saw that the man was patiently taking care of you even after you had puked on him….

“I was drunk and even vomited on him? Why don’t I remember anything about it?” That explained why Jayden had made her write the repentance letter. This was the key reason, it’s just that she was so drunk that she could not remember anything about it.

Since she couldn’t recall it Jayden could have just reminded her. If he continued to be silent about it, how would she ever be able to recall what her mistakes were if she had already blacked out at that time?

Bstard! Pervert! Son of a btch!

He was probably enjoying torturing and humiliating her!

Lemur continued. “Boss, I can confirm that Blotie did say so. Why don’t you just tell us who was the man who took you away last night? Was it really like how Blotie guessed?

“What was Blotie’s guess?” Under normal circumstances, Silvia would not have cared much about what the others had said. However, she was extraordinarily anxious this time.

Reagan and Lemur noticed her unusual behavior. They gave each other a knowing look and Lemur spoke, “Blotie guessed that the man was your boyfriend”

“What boyfriend! When did Blotie that woman learn to talk nonsense? How could she say so without any evidence Silvia was a little guilty because their guess was spot on. As she spoke, she had instinctively raised her tone, trying to make them believe her.

That’s alright. You knew that Blotie would never talk nonsense.’ Reagan took out his mobile phone and tapped on the photo gallery. Then he tapped on one of the photos and said, “Boss, look.”

“Wha. What?” Silvia couldn’t believe her eyes. Was she really the woman in the photo, who was kissing Jayden while holding his chin?

It certainly wasn’t her! Certainly! Definitely not her!

Silvia quickly deleted the photo from the phone, trying to destroy the evidence, so that no one could say that the woman in the photo was her.

Reagan said, “Boss, you can’t delete all the photos though. Who is that man anyway? Why are you so worried about him that you won’t let us see him?”

Who said that she was worried about him?!

In fact, she didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

Silvia thought for a while and said, “This picture looks fake. At one glance, I could tell that it was photoshopped. Tell me, where did you get this picture

from?” A customer at Starle Blotie took it. Blotie gave the customer some money and asked her to delete the photo.” Reagan walked closer towards Silvia. “Boss, can

you please tell us already? Who is this man?”

I don’t know him at all, so how would I know who he is? Stop being so nosy, and let’s head back to class now.” Silvia denied in an instant. She didn’t want anyone, especially Reagan and Lemur, to know about Jayden’s existence or the fact that she and Jayden were actually a married couple

Lemur and Reagan followed behind Silvia Boss, it’s been three months since

Felix passed away.”

Silvia stood still. She looked back and stared at them fiercely. “He’s not dead, he will not die. He’s still alive.”

Lemur said, “Well, let’s just say that he’s not dead. But where has he gone for the past three months? I think no matter where he went, he could have sent a “He.” Silvia wanted to defend Felix, but she couldn’t find any reason to speak

message to tell you where he was, right?

for him.

Reagan and Lemur were right, if Felix was still alive, he would have sent her a message, unless…

Silvia did not dare to think deeply about it. She only had to believe that Felix was still alive and that he would return someday

Lemur said again, “Boss, we are not trying to meddle with your personal life, but we just want to tell you that you are an adult, and you are single, too. You are free to date any man you like.”

“Any man I like?’ The man she liked was Felix. They had started dating a few months ago, but… Forget it, Silvia waved her hand to interrupt Lemur’s words, “What about Audrey? Did you two send her home last night?”

Reagan replied, “Yeah, we did. When we arrived at her house, Lemur and I were almost dragged into her house by her. Fortunately, we were quick enough to escape from her evil hands.” Silvia did not believe what Reagan had said. “Escape? Just say that you were

dying for her to drag you into her house, okay?”

“Huh. The truth is, she did not drag me into her house. Instead, she almost hit me in the face. Reagan thought of taking advantage of Audrey, who was already drunk. However, just when Audrey had stepped into her house, she immediately slammed the door shut and it almost hit his nose.

Silvia laughed. “You deserved it though!”

On the way to the classroom, there were always some students who would look at Reagan, Lemur, and Silvia with a strange gaze. “What are they looking at? This is not the first time that the three of us have entered the campus together though

Lemur said, “Let’s go grab one of them and ask.

Silvia said, “Forget it. Don’t bother about them. Let them do whatever they want. it won’t affect us anyway.”

In the past, Silvia would have ordered Reagan and Lemur to grab one of those students and demand an explanation. Therefore, Reagan and Lemur were extremely surprised to hear what Silvia had just said. She had actually asked them to forget about it.

Silvia smiled, “Why are you two still standing there? Let’s go.”

If she could endure the tricks that Jayden had played on her, then those gossips would be nothing to her. She was just too lazy to bother about them.

Reagan said, “No. I mean, something is not right with you, Boss

Silvia asked fiercely, “Do you think that I’m only normal if I get into fights and quarrel with others?

“Yes.” Reagan and Lemur nodded simultaneously. Silvia gave each of them a slap on their backs and said, “It seems like the two of you want me to teach you

a lesson, huh?!”

Just as Silvia was rolling up her sleeves, a member of the student union called her, “Silvia, Professor Bell has asked you to go over to his office to see him.”

Silvia recognized this guy. He used to hang out with Felix, and they had even gone out for supper together.

She asked, “Lyle, which Professor Bell are you referring to?”

Lyle replied, “How many Professor Bells are there on campus? Of course, it’s the one that we all know.”

Reagan exclaimed, “Boss, the Golden Lion King is looking for you?”

Professor Bell’s name was Alston Bell, and it happened that he had the same name as a novel character. Coupled up with his strict teaching, the students had secretly given him a nickname called the Golden Lion King”

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