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Lemur was also puzzled. “Boss, we didn’t enroll in any of Golden Lion King’s classes though, why is he asking to see you?”

Silvia nodded and looked at Lyle, “That’s right. I’ve totally forgotten that I’m not taking his classes, so why is he looking for me?”

Lyle said, “Professor Bell is famous for being strict. Most of the students who were asked to see him at his office will come out crying, so no matter what the reason he had asked for you was, you’d better be mentally prepared for it.”

“Huh.It’s not like he could eat people.” Silvia had heard many rumors about Professor Bell, but she was not afraid of him. She didn’t take any of his classes

any way

Silvia was not worried about meeting Professor Bell. She would go if he had asked for her. However, Reagan was worried so he reached out his hand and stopped her. “Boss, the Golden Lion King is probably scarier than what we hear in the rumors. Let’s not be rash. We should find out why he was looking for you

and be fully prepared before meeting him.”

Silvia flung Reagan’s hand off, I’m not sure if he would scold students without any reasons, but I know that if I’m late, it would definitely be my mistake

Reagan rushed up to Silvia once again to stop her. “Boss, why don’t you think

about it again? Have you offended him in anyway but you didn’t realize it?” Speaking of the word offend, Lemur suddenly recalled an incident. “Boss, isn’t the campus belle, Alina, the Golden Lion King’s niece?”

“So what? It’s not like their family owns University A. I don’t believe that he could actually expel me just because his niece hates me. Silvia gave them a reassuring smile. “Just relax, okay? He can’t do anything to me.”

Reagan and Lemur followed behind her. “Boss, we are still worried about it. Although his family does not own University A, nor is he the one who has the final say, but he’s still a professor here. He’s still capable of making life difficult for you.

“That’s true.” Silvia slapped them on the back again. “But I believe in our university even more. I believe that our professors will be professional and wont act out of their personal interests. On top of that, we’re here in a university. Even if he really wants to do anything to me, he won’t actually dare to do it.”

However, Reagan and Lemur were still worried. “Boss..”

Silvia waved her hand. “Let’s stop talking about this. We won’t get the answer why he’s looking for me if we continue to dawdle here anyway. I’ll go find out myself

Reagan and Lemur couldn’t persuade Silvia to stay, so they could only watch

her leave. “Boss, be careful, okay?

Silvia was famous throughout University A for being a problematic student. She was frequently summoned to the professors offices during her two years there. Therefore, she had no difficulty in finding Professor Bell’s office at all,

She knocked on the door, and it was not until she had heard Professor Bell asking her to enter that she had pushed the door open and stepped into the office.

Silvia stood by the door and said respectfully, “Professor Bell, did you ask for


It was true that she was a problematic student, but she still respected her teachers and elders, therefore she was extremely polite whenever she spoke to the professors

Professor Bell was sitting at his desk, leafing through some documents. He was ignoring Silvia’s presence.

Silvia waited quietly for Professor Bell to finish with his work. Once he was done, he would naturally speak about why he had asked for her.

It took quite a while for Professor Bell to complete his work. He raised his gaze from the pile of documents and looked at Silvia. He frowned as he said, “So. you’re Silvia Turner?’

Silvia nodded. “Yes, I am, Professor

Professor Bell immediately pointed at her and started criticizing. “Who said that you can come into my office dressed like this? Also, is that how you should talk to your lecturers?”

What was wrong with the way she dressed? Silvia wondered.

Silvia looked down at her outfit. Besides the slightly bright colors, there was

nothing inappropriate about her clothes. She was not very sure what Professor As for her tone, she was polite and respectful. She didn’t think there was any Bell was referring to problem.

Although she was dissatisfied, she did not refute. All she did was raise her brows in confusion.

Silvia remained silent while Professor Bell continued to yell, “Just take a look at yourself. Do you even look like a student? This is an educational institution, not a place for you to prove your influence. The reason why the quality of the students in University A had become so poor is because of a bunch of lawless people like you!”

Before meeting Professor Bell, Reagan and Lemur had repeatedly reminded Silvia to be careful of him. They had been saying how terrible the Golden Lion King was, but Silvia did not expect that he would start scolding her the moment he saw her.

He criticized her dressing, her attitude, and even said that she had no manners. Silvia had often received such criticisms so she didn’t bother to argue with him. However, as a professor, Alston Bell had actually said that she was a lawless

person. Having to listen to such personal attacks, Silvia could no longer bear it


Silvia was a hot-tempered person. She shouted, Professor Bell, is there anything wrong with the way I dress or the way I speak? Also, what do you mean by a bunch of lawless people like us?”

Silvia refuted loudly, and her aura was extremely overwhelming which Professor Bell had not expected at all. He was dumbfounded, and then said, “You..

Silvia interrupted him, “Even if there was a problem with us, that is your problem. As a professor, you don’t even have any respect for your students at all, and you still expect them to respect you?

“You have quite a glib tongue, huh? It seems like the rumors about your disrespecting your elders and ostracizing your peers were true after all.” Professor Bell looked at Silvia with a fierce look. “How can a person like you be a student at University A?”

Silvia said with a smile. “I’m afraid I would have to apologize, Professor Bell! I’m a student at University A, and before I graduate, I’ll not go anywhere else.”

Professor Bell slammed his hand on the desk and said ferociously, “Well, then

let me tell you. I don’t care what kind of inappropriate relationship you have

outside of school, but I will definitely not allow a student like you into my class.”

“What do you mean by ‘inapproprlate relationship’? Also, who said that I want to be in your class? Please make yourself clear.” Silvia had finally experienced the meaning of being unreasonable.

At that instant, she realized that it was useless to argue with such a person Professor Bell slammed his hand on the table once again and said, “If you don’t want to be in my class, then you should go tell the chancellor personally, Don’t ever let me see you appearing in my class.

The chancellor? You’ve really overestimated me, Professor Bell. Do you really think that the chancellor would have so much spare time to take care of such a trivial matter? Silvia sneered. She turned around and walked to the door. As she arrived at the door, she halted her footsteps and looked back. “Professor Bell, remember that you’re a professor and not some hooligan out there.”

A professor!

In Silvia’s heart, a professor was a high and mighty person. An individual who was worthy of respect. However, Professor Bell was really an eye-opener.

He had made her understand that a person’s profession did not define one’s personality

Walking out of the office, the sound of a mug breaking resonated in Silvia’s ears. It seemed that her words had made Professor Bell fly into a rage.

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