My Husband Warm the Bed- 1076

Reagan and Lemur were waiting outside of the office because they were worried about Silvia. When Silvia came out, the two of them immediately went up to her and greeted her simultaneously. “Boss, how did it go? Did he make things difficult for you?

“What could he do to me?” In order to make Reagan and Lemur stop worrying about herself, Silvia chose to lie. However, the moment they had turned around, they happened to bump into their university principal.

“Mr. Donald. Silvia, Reagan and Lemur greeted in unison

Everyone referred to the university principal as Mr. Donald, but there were also some naughty students who would address him as Donald Duck behind his back

Many of the lecturers had funny nicknames, but Mr. Donald was the only person who was cool with it. He had even joked that the name Donald Duck was rather hilarious

In the eyes of the students, Mr. Donald was an amiable principal. He was diligent in teaching and he treated every student like his own child, which as a result won the students respect.

“Miss Turner, please come to my office.” Mr. Donald said with a smile and his

tone was gentle and amiable, just like how her elders would speak to her. Silvia had just come out of Golden Lion King’s office, and she’s now being called to the principal’s office by the principal himself. This was the first time Silvia had felt that she was considered a “famous” person on campus.

“Mr. Donald, may I know why you want to see me?” She was wondering if the principal had asked her to see him at his office and start scolding her for no apparent reasons.

Silvia admitted that she used to get into fights a lot, but all of it happened beyond the campus’ boundaries, and it nothing to do with the university. More importantly, her grade were not bad.

Mr. Donald smiled. “It’s nothing special. I just want to talk to you and understand your campus experiences.

“That’s it?” Silvia was never the university’s center of focus, so she did not

believe that the principal would have so much spare time to actually look for

her personally and even wanted to talk to her about her campus experiences. “Miss Turner, would it be inconvenient for you to come over to my office?” The principal asked politely and smiled, making Silvia unable to refuse him

“No, not at all. Silvia then followed Mr. Donald to his office.

She thought that Mr. Donald might act like Professor Bell, who had scolded her without any reason. However, the principal had unexpectedly treated her like a VIP

After entering the office, Mr. Donald asked politely, “Miss Turner, would you like a cup of coffee or tea? Or is there anything else that you would like to have instead?”

“No, I’m good. I’m not thirsty. Let’s get straight to the point, Mr. Donald. Mr.

Donald’s friendly attitude had really kept Silvia on tenterhooks.

Although it’s not good to drink too much coffee, young people like you love it, so I’ll make you a cup of coffee then.” The principal had personally served Silvia a cup of coffee,

“Mr. Donald, did I do something wrong?” Silvia had never talked to the principal even once, so she was feeling a little terrified after being invited to the principal’s office out of a sudden and even received such a hospitable treatment.

“Miss Turner, why would you think so?” Mr. Donald asked Silvia to sit down, and then said seriously, I’ve taken a look at your grades. They weren’t very good, but you’re a smart child. There is a lot of room for improvement. As long as you work harder, you’ll be the pillar of the country in the future.”

“Are you sure you are praising me, Mr. Donald?” Just a while ago, she was being scolded by a professor as if she was a worthless person, but now, the principal was saying that she could be the pillar of the country if she was willing to work


Silvia was confused about who was right and wrong. She was wondering why they would say such words to her out of a sudden,

“Miss Turner, as long as you work hard, you will have a promising future. The principal looked at her with an encouraging look in his eyes. “If you have any demands or opinions, you can always come to me and talk to me about it personally

Silvia was surprised. “Are you serious, Mr. Donald?”

Mr. Donald smiled and said, “Yes, Miss Turner. Please don’t doubt it.”

Mr. Donald was being serious, and that was why Silvia couldn’t believe it at all. “I guess that I’m the one who misheard you then.”

Mr. Donald smiled kindly. “You’re so humorous, Miss Turner. Well, in my opinion, that’s how our students should be. They should learn to be serious and humorous at the appropriate times, only then their campus life would not be too boring

Silvia was at a loss for words.

Silvia walked out of the principal’s office, feeling a little dizzy. This time, it was not because she was being scolded but she was overwhelmed by praises instead

The principal was showering her with so many compliments that she thought she was a model student who could only exist in the heavens and rarely found in the mortal world.

“Boss, did you just say that Mr. Donald was praising you throughout the entire meeting?” Not to mention Silvia’s disbelief, even Reagan and Lemur could not believe it at all. There were a bunch of outstanding students in University A, and

Silvia was not one of them. “You guys think that it’s strange too, right?” Silvia could tell by their looks that they were having the same thoughts as her

Reagan replied, “We didn’t find it strange, we just find it unbelievable.”

Then, in this immense confusion, Silvia finished the morning class. However, when she thought of meat that she would be eating at lunch, she immediately put everything that had happened in the morning behind her, Roasted chicken, roasted pork, bacon. The thought of such delicacies made

Silvia whistle in excitement. She then happily dragged Reagan and Lemur to the

school cafeteria However, when she arrived at the cafeteria, an announcement was being displayed on the cafeteria’s electronic screen. It wrote, “In response to the Vegetarian Festival, the university’s cafeteria would only serve vegetarian food for the coming month

Silvia’s dream of having a meat feast was crushed in an instant. There was no need to think about the chicken, bacon and pork anymore..

Jayden was even controlling her diet here. Normally, she couldn’t even have a bite of meat at home, and now even the campus cafeteria was serving only vegetarian food. Even her last resort was being taken away from her.

At that instant, Silvia felt that the bottom had fallen out of her world. People live to enjoy life, to do the things they like. Now that she couldn’t even eat the meat that she wanted, then what was the point of living?

Reagan comforted her, “Boss, it’s good to have a change of taste. I think the

food looks great

“Great? How could it be great?” Silvia glanced at the stretch of vegetarian food. She is not a vegetarian, how could she survive eating this every day?

Reagan asked, “Boss, what do you feel like eating? I’ll go buy it for you

“I want roasted chicken, roasted pork, and bacon. Silvia said a long list of what she wanted to eat, but unfortunately, none of them were available in the


Because of the lousy lunch, Silvia was in low spirits throughout the class in the afternoon.

She thought that she could get some nice food after her class had ended, but little did she know that the driver who Jayden had assigned for her was already waiting for her at the campus entrance and she was taken straight back to Jayden’s villa.

Silvia carried her backpack with her head hanging low. After stepping into the villa, she took off her shoes and slumped onto the sofa.

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