My Husband Warm the Bed-1077

“You’re back, Miss Turner: Auntie Cherry greeted Silvia with a smile and took the bag off her. “You must be tired after an entire day of classes

“Mm.” Silvia closed her eyes and was so tired that she didn’t want to say anything. She kept silent, seeming like a lifeless zombie.

Auntie Cherry put the bag away and returned to Silvia’s side. “Miss Turner,

dinner is ready. Would you like to eat first?

Upon hearing that there was food, Silvia’s eyes lit up in an instant. “Auntie

Cherry, please tell me quickly, what are we having for dinner?”

Looking at Silvia’s desperate look. Auntie Cherry smiled and said, “The cook has prepared the meal according to the Master’s instructions. I think they should all be your favorite food.”

Auntie Cherry has been working for Jayden for three years, and she had never

seen him concerned about anything beyond his work.

Silvia’s existence was extremely special to Jayden, and Auntie Cherry was

certain that if everything went well, Silvia would definitely become the Madam

of their household one day. Therefore, Auntie Cherry wanted to treat Silvia better so that Silvia could quickly assimilate into this unfamiliar home.

Jayden asked the cook to prepare it?” When Silvia heard this, she was stunned. It was impossible! Jayden always wished he could starve Silvia to death. How could he have asked the cook to prepare her favorite food?

“Yes.” Auntie Cherry was not aware of Silvia’s thoughts, so she was thinking of putting in a good word for her master.

“I don’t want to eat anything he has prepared!” Silvia got up from the sofa and

dragged her feet up the stairs.

She wanted to protest, and she thought that she must protest. She would go on a hunger strike… but she would be the one who would feel hungry. Why would she want to do such a stupid thing to herself?

On second thought, she knew that she should not go on a hunger strike, and find another way to get what she wanted instead.

In order to get the meat dishes she loved to death, Silvia had planned to write

another repentance letter, in hopes that Jayden would be satisfied with it and

be nice to her

That morning, she had learned from Reagan and Lemur about what had happened that night after she was drunk. Silvia thought that that incident must be the main reason Jayden made her write the repentance letter

Therefore, Silvia decided to give it a try.

She found a piece of paper and a pen and wrote a repentance letter wholeheartedly. “Dear Master Kyle, you might still be angry at me, so I’m writing to you to give you my earnest apology. I was wrong, terribly wrong. I should not have vomited on you and kissed you while I was drunk. I know that you’re a generous man, please forgive me.

After she finished writing, Silvia took out her mobile phone. She took a picture of the repentance letter and sent it to Jayden, hoping that he would forgive her after seeing it Even if Silvia didn’t do anything wrong, she could only admit to her so-called

mistakes when facing someone more powerful. Otherwise, Silvia knew clearly

that she would suffer

Jayden had just arrived at the villa when he received the text message from Silvia. Seeing that it was her number, the corners of his lips raised slightly. However, when he read the text message, his face darkened in an instant Huh!

So in this woman’s opinion, it was a mistake for her to kiss him when she was drunk!

Jayden’s mood was getting worse, and his face had become terrifyingly gloomy when he read that Silvia regarded the kiss as a mistake!

He locked his screen and pretended that he did not see her message at all.

Silvia stood by the window in her bedroom. When she saw that Jayden was back home, she immediately ran downstairs and greeted him before he could even step into the house. “You’re back!”

She spoke with a sweet smile and a lovely voice. She tried to please him as much as possible, but Jayden did not look at her at all as he walked into the house.

Jayden was still indifferent towards her. Did he not receive the repentance letter that she sent to him a while ago? Therefore, Silvia immediately caught up with Jayden and asked, “Young Master Kyle, did you receive the text message! sent to you?

Silvia had already made up her mind that she would not listen to him. Silvia took a bath and snuggled herself up in the quilt. After a while, she had fallen asleep and she dreamt about the roast chicken that she had missed for the past few days, the crunchy bacon bits that she liked, and some buttery grilled steak…

Silvia picked up a roast drumstick with her hand and was about to put it into her mouth. However, when the meat was about to enter her mouth, someone snatched the drumstick away from her.

She opened her eyes in an instant and saw Jayden’s cold face extremely near to hers. Jayden looked at her somberly and asked, “Where is the repentance letter that I’ve asked you to write?” D

“Hungry! I’m so hungry!” Silvia pursed her lips and tugged the edge of his shirt pitifully. “I didn’t have lunch this afternoon, and I didn’t eat dinner, either. I’m hungry, I’m so hungry… like my soul is going to leave my body.”

After spending time with the mean and twisted Jayden for quite some time, Silvia roughly understood his character.

She knew that if she were to go head to head with him, he would definitely stand firm against her, and she would not have any way to get past him. However, if she could behave coyly and speak politely to him, he would be nice to her, just like what happened the night before.

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