My Husband Warm the Bed-1078

Looking at Silvia trying to be coy and pitiful, Jayden unconsciously broke into a faint smile, but asked indifferently. “You’re so hungry that you feel like your soul is leaving your body?”

“Yes, yes… Silvia nodded vigorously and rubbed her face against the edge of his shirt. Then, she forced two precious drops of tears to make herself appear even more pitiful, “Young Master Kyle, if I continue to starve, I think I might faint very soon. “

She was behaving like an adorable little pet, hugging its master Logically speaking, Jayden should have relented by now, but he did not at all. He then said, “Why didn’t you eat your meals then?’

Were tha dishes even edible? Silvia thought to herself

Silvia really wanted to say those exact words to him, but she did not have the courage to do so. Otherwise, it would be just like what had happened at the cafeteria that afternoon… There would be no meat in her meals at all!

Tears were welling up in Silvia’s eyes as she reached out her hand to hug his waist. Her face was stuck against his body as she said, “If there’s no meat, I have no appetite.”

“If you don’t have any appetite just because there isn’t any meat in your meals means that you’re not hungry enough.” Jayden removed her arms which were wrapped around his waist and said with a faint smile, “If you don’t want to eat. then just continue to starve yourself. In any case, you’re the one who’d be hungry and not others.

What did he mean by that?

Was he that desperate to see her starve to death?

Silvia really did not know what was on Jayden’s mind. He would think all kinds of ways to torture her but he still wanted to marry her. No one would ever

believe it if she were to classify his actio as normal.

This man was as stubborn as a mule, so Silvia did not want to try to persuade

him anymore. She got into bed and said sullenly, “You can leave then. Don’t

worry about me. It’s none of your business if I starve to death anyway

Instead of leaving, Jayden sat beside her and pulled away the quilt that was covering her. “It has nothing to do with me whether you want to eat your meals

or not. I’m still waiting for your repentance letter Silvia really wanted to bite him and tear him apart!

She gritted her teeth and said indignantly, “I’m hungry now, so hungry that I have no energy to think about other things, so hungry that I have no energy to write. If you’re waiting for my repentance letter, feel free to do so.

This man did not know how to be gentle to women at all. Perhaps, he was fated to be alone for the rest of his life.

Besides, no matter what she did, he still would not let her eat the meat that she loved, so why should she obey his orders?

Jayden suddenly reached out and rubbed her head gently, “Silly girl, do you

know who you are talking to? Do you know what you have done wrong again?

Jayden Elias Kyle, don’t try to threaten me like this. I’m not afraid of you at all, so just come at me with all your tricks. If I ever relent to you, I’ll be your slave!” Damn it! This man was really insatiable. Silvia promised herself that from now on, she would never let Jayden step all over her anymore.

“Very well then.” Jayden got up and adjusted his shirt which Silvia had crumpled up with her grip. “I’ve just asked Auntie Cherry to prepare some grilled beef. thinking that you can eat it after you’ve completed the repentance letter. Well, it seems that it’s not necessary, isn’t it?”

When she heard ‘beef, Silvia immediately sat up on the bed with the speed of light. After rolling over and getting out of the bed, she pounced on Jayden and hugged him tightly. “Young Master Kyle, I must be out of my mind due to the hunger. You’re a generous man, and you make a fuss over it, will you? Please give me another half an hour, and I promise that I will hand in a repentance letter which will meet your expectation.”

*There’s no need to do that,” Jayden said while wanting to remove her arms which were wrapped around his body. However, Silvia was holding onto him too tightly, or perhaps that he was reluctant to take her arms off himself.

“No, I must write that letter! Since I’ve done something wrong, how can I not repent?” She raised her head slightly and looked at him with a smile. “You can go back to your room first. I’ll go over when I’m done writing it.”

Jayden was silent as Silvia wiggled into his arms once again. “Dear Mr.

Kyle, can you please give me another chance?”

Looking at her hopeful little eyes and the fact that he really wanted her to realize her mistake, Jayden finally agreed after contemplating for a long while.

As soon as Jayden left, Silvia quickly took out a pen and paper. She sat at the

dressing table, trying hard to recall everything that she had done in the past few


Vomiting all over him and kissing him without his consent were not the main problems… Did she do something even more terrible?

What on earth did she do to make Jayden treat her like this?

Silvia still had no clue after thinking about it for a while. At that moment, she immediately thought of Reagan and Lemur, so she picked up her mobile phone and sent them a voice message. “Reagan, Lemur, come meet me now. I’ve got something urgent to ask you guys.

It was not after Silvia had sent out the voice message that she had realized there was a new member, ‘Loafer’, in their group chat.

Reagan was the first to reply. “Boss, what’s the matter?’

Silvia asked, “Who is this Loafer?”

Loafer said, “It’s me

Reagan explained, “Boss, you and Audrey know each other, and she is also a friend of Lemur and mine, so that’s why I’ve invited her into this group chat.

However, the actual situation had been that Reagan had asked Audrey for her

phone number, but Audrey didn’t want to give it to him, so Reagan had thought of a clever way by making her join the group chat to get her phone number.

Silvia said impatiently, “Quit the nonsense. I need you guys to do me a favor.”

Reagan asked, “What’s the matter?’

Lemur said, “Boss, just tell us!”

“Do you need my help?’ Audrey asked.

“Well…” Silvia was about to speak but she did not know how to explain it to

Reagan and Lemur.

She did not intend to let Reagan and the others know about Jayden. However,

since Audrey was here and she did know a little about the whole situation, Silvia thought that she could ask for her opinion too.

Silvia then secretly sent Audrey a private message on WhatsApp. “Audrey, can!

ask you a question?”

Audrey replied, “Go ahead.

Silvia thought for a moment and organized her thoughts. “It’s about Jayden. that twisted man. Do you remember him?”

The volume of Audrey’s voice rose in an instant. “You little wretch, did I owe you something in my previous life? Why do you always talk about things that you shouldn’t talk about?”

Silvia said, “Audrey, please calm down and hear me out…

Audrey tried to calm herself down. “Okay, go on. What you’re going to say better be worthwhile.

Silvia said, “Well, you already know that the freak has been finding ways to torture me, right? But recently, I found out that he has become even more twisted. Not only does he restrict my freedom, but he also doesn’t let me eat. He wants to starve me to death

Audrey was a little skeptical, “Really?”

Audrey was on the other side of the phone, so she couldn’t believe Silvia at all, but Silvia still nodded vigorously and said, “He accused me of doing something wrong and he wants me to write a repentance letter, but I really didn’t do anything, so I really don’t know what he wants.”

“How do you want me to help you then?” Audrey asked.

Silvia then said, “Can you please help me analyze what on earth he wants me to write in that letter?’

“If you want me to analyze it, then I would need you to tell me everything that has happened during the past few days,” Audrey said.

Silvia thought about it and started to regurgitate every single thing that had happened since her escaped on the highway a few days ago

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