My Husband Warm the Bed- 1079

After listening to what Silvia had done for the past few days, Audrey sent her an eye-rolling emoticon and said, “Silvia, Silvia, oh my dear Silvia. Are you a fool or something?

Silvia sent an angry icon back to Audrey and said, “Audrey, I’m telling you all

these because I see you as my friend. Speak nicely, and don’t insult me.”

“I only said that you’re a fool. I didn’t even say that you’re an idiot, and that’s already being a nice friend!” Audrey said.

Seeing that the time that she and Jayden had agreed on was almost up, Silvia said anxiously, “Let’s not talk this now. Just analyze the situation for me first.”

Silvia would not have asked for help if it was not because she had run out of

ideas. Otherwise, based on her character, she would never let anyone know

about such an embarrassing thing that was happening to her.

Audrey said, “Let me tell you one thing. It doesn’t matter if a man loves you or not, but if you pretend to be someone else’s girlfriend behind his back, that would be enough for him to get mad at you.”

“You mean that the reason why he has been making things difficult for me is because I’ve pretended to be someone else’s girlfriend?” Silvia shook her head. “I don’t think that’s the case though. He doesn’t know about it at all!

“How do you know that he doesn’t know?’ Audrey asked.

“He. Yeah, that’s right. That scambag Jayden had such a huge influence, so he might have already known about everything.” Silvia could remember the last time when his men had dragged her down from a plane in Chatterton Town, and also the other time when she had gone over to Chatterton Town to hide away. but he was already there shortly after she had arrived.

Actually, even if Silvia did not have a brain, it was not difficult to realize that Jayden’s power and capabilities were far beyond her imagination.

Silvia asked again, “Is there anything else then?”

“You went back to Madison City after that, didn’t you?” Audrey said. “And there

was nothing special that happened during that period of time, so if I didn’t guess it wrongly, something might have happened after we were drunk last night.

The moment Audrey mentioned about getting drunk the night before, Silvia’s

face immediately turned red. “Umm, after I got drunk last night I mistook him for someone else and even forced a kiss on him.”

“That’s it! That’s where the problem is!” Audrey said as she clapped her hands.

Silvia quickly denied, “No. I’ve already apologized to him and said that I shouldn’t have gotten drunk and kissed him, but it seems like he became even angrier after listening to my apology With a sigh, Audrey said, “Silvia, what matter is not that you’ve forced a kiss on

him, but you’ve mistaken him for someone else.”

Silvia was a little confused. “What do you mean?

“If a man kisses you and mistook you for another woman, would you be happy about it?” Audrey asked.

Silvia didn’t even think as she said, “I’d kill him.”

That is why I don’t think that Jayden is considered a freak to torture you like

this. You reap what you sow, girl.” Audrey said.

After Audrey had pointed it all out for her, Silvia finally understood the entire situation. “Audrey, I didn’t expect you to know so much

“You’ll know it naturally if you’ve often seen and listened to things like this.” Audrey said. “If you’re interested in knowing more, then I’ll teach you with

something in exchange.

Silvia said, “I’ll find a way to get Jayden on your bed some other day.”

Audrey sent an eye-rolling emoticon again. “You’ve already said that more than


Silvia said, “I’ve never forgotten about it, okay?”

Out of a sudden, a thought rushed into Audrey’s mind. “Silvia, could it be that Jayden had overheard our conversation when we were both drunk?”

“What? How is that possible?” Silvia did not want to believe it, but an ominous

feeling appeared in her heart.

It was Jayden who had brought Silvia back home the night before, so it was very likely that he had overheard their conversation.

Silvia, you’d better stop talking about this now. Jayden is not someone who 1

can afford to offend.” Whenever Audrey thought of the look in Jayden’s eyes

when he looked at others, Audrey couldn’t help but shiver in fear. “Yeah, I know. By the way, thanks for clearing things up for me! Talk to you soon!” After ending the WhatsApp conversation, Silvia immediately began to

write the repentance letter.

After getting some inspiration from Audrey, Silvia had managed to finish the repentance letter successfully. She then went over to Jayden’s bedroom and knocked on his door. “Young Master Kyle, I’ve just finished writing it. Can I go in and let you have a look at it?”

Sigh, she had been submitting to this man for so long that she would unconsciously be cautious whenever she spoke to him, as if he was an almighty God, and she was a lowly slave.

After knocking on the door, she waited for a few seconds, but the man in the room did not respond. Silvia knocked on the door once again and said, “Young Master Kyle, I’m done with the repentance letter. Can .”

Before she could finish speaking, the door was suddenly pushed open, and Jayden, whose hair was still soaking wet, appeared before her.

Jayden would always go around naked in front of her just because he had a

nice figure. If it was not for Silvia’s strong willpower, she would have lost control

a long time ago.

Silvia looked at his face and tried her best not to get distracted by his body. “Young Master Kyle, I’m done with my repentance letter. Please take a look at it.”

Jayden did not take the letter over from her. Instead, he turned around and walked to the bathroom attached to his bedroom. He picked up the hairdryer and asked, “Do you know how to do a blow-dry?”

“I do… Oh, I don’t..” Jayden really saw her as his slave, didn’t he? Silvia didn’t want to do it, so she claimed that she didn’t know how. However, when Jayden’s gaze fell on the repentance letter, Silvia immediately put on a smile. “I really don’t know how to do it, but as long as you don’t mind me being clumsy, I am happy to try”

“Sure.” Jayden handed her the hairdryer.

Silvia took over the hairdryer and wanted to hand the repentance letter to him. However, he did not take it again but walked to the sofa and sat down.

She raised the hairdryer into the air and wished that she could smash it against

his head. However, Silvia told herself that she had to endure the torment so that

she could have her grilled beef!

After holding back her emotions, Silvia immediately caught up and said, “Young Master Kyle, could you please help me hold this repentance letter? Then I’ll help you blow your hair right away”

Jayden knew exactly what Silvia was trying to do, but he did not make things difficult for her and took the repentance letter

Silvia was happy that Jayden took the letter, so she started to whistle her

favorite tune as she blew his hair dry/

His hair was dark and thick, and it felt a little prickly as she touched it. But Silvia did not care too much about it. For her grilled beef, she was willing to do just


She ruffled his hair with her tender hands and meticulously blew it dry. Even though Jayden knew that she was being forced into it, he still enjoyed the cozy moment between the two of them.

Just as Silvia was helping him blow-dry his hair, Jayden unfolded the A4 sized paper and saw a few of the ‘mistakes’ that she had listed down.

Repentance letter

Number one, I should not have pretended to be someone else’s girlfriend.

Number two, I should not have gotten drunk and mistaken you for someone


Number three, should not have said what said to Audrey

Number four, I promise that the things mentioned above will not happen again in future, and I hope that the ever generous and handsome Young Master Kyle would give me a chance to repent for my mistakes.

It was indeed this foolish woman’s usual style to flatter him while writing the letter

Looking at the ugly handwriting on the paper, Jayden could totally imagine the angry and unwilling look on Silvia’s face as she wrote it!

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