My Husband Warm the Bed-1080

This silly girl would really do anything just to get the food she liked.

If only.

Jayden suddenly thought of something and raised his head to look at Silvia. He didn’t expect that she was also looking at him.

Her flattering smile was right in front of his eyes. She looked extraordinarily adorable and he couldn’t help but want to reach out his hand to pinch her cheeks. However, before he could even raise his hand, Silvia said, “Young Master Kyle, are you satisfied with the repentance letter I wrote this time?

If he was judging from the contents of the repentance letter and not the truth behind it, then Jayden would be quite satisfied with it. However, he was not He looked at Silvia’s tender face and said with a smile, “In your opinion, do you think I should satisfied with your repentance letter?”

  • think… Young Master Kyle, how would I dare to speculate about what you think?” What the hell was wrong with this man? Why couldn’t he be frank? Why did he ask her to guess? Silvia couldn’t read Jayden’s mind, so how could she guess correctly?

It was obvious that Silvia was going to snap into anger, but she maintained a graceful and pleasing smile. For the mouthwatering grilled beef… Everything that she had endured would be worth it.

On top of that, she could go so far as to imagine Jayden’s face as a piece of beef, so that no matter how horribly he had treated her, she would not get mad at him.

Jayden was obviously unaware that Silvia was imagining him as a piece of beef, so he continued slowly, “Just hazard a guess. It’s fine if you guess it wrong, but you will be rewarded if you guess it right.”

“What reward?” Without waiting for him to answer, Silvia answered on his behalf, “The reward will be two German pork knuckles, with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut on the side. This combination is just amazing.”

Jayden was at a loss for words.

He was silent. At that moment, Silvia realized that she had mistaken the sequence of affairs. She needed to make a correct guess before she could get a reward. Therefore, she smiled, “If you’re asking me to guess, then I would say

that you’re quite satisfied with the letter, aren’t you?”

She did not say that without any thoughts. She had been observing Jayden very carefully. If he was not satisfied with it, his face would have already darkened and he would not even bother to talk to her at all.

“So you think that I should be satisfied with it, huh?” Jayden raised his eyebrows

and said, “After I read your repentance letter, I realized that you pretended to be someone else’s girlfriend.”

“So you didn’t know it?l” Oh god, Jayden didn’t know about it at all, but Silvia admitted to it on her own! Did she just shoot herself in the foot?

“Should I know about it?” Jayden knew that the reason Silvia admitted her

mistake was that she assumed he knew about it. If she didn’t know that he

knew about it, Silvia would certainly not mention this matter!

He only played a minor trick on her to test her, and everything was exposed at that instant

“No. I know that you didn’t know, that’s why told you the truth. Silvia regretted it so much. She regretted thinking that Jayden was so powerful that he would know about Silvia pretending to be someone else’s girlfriend.

If she could, Silvia really wanted to snatch the repentance letter away from him and delete his memory, pretending that nothing had happened just now.

“Mm.” Jayden snorted. He did not know whether to believe her words or not. Just as Silvia was feeling extremely uneasy, he asked again, “When you were drunk and mistook me for someone else, who was that person? As he asked, Jayden pointed at the words someone else” with his slender fingers. “Think about it carefully and explain it slowly. I have time to listen to you!”

Just someone else.” Silvia did not know who the other person was. He might be a handsome man, or he could also be Felix, whom she had been missing day and night, but she would not tell him.

“Mm?” Jayden raised his eyebrows. He was obviously not very satisfied with

Silvia’s answer

Under Jayden’s gaze, Silvia’s stomach growled twice. She quickly said, “Young Master Kyle, just listen to my stomach. I’m so hungry that it’s growling. Can you please let me eat some beef to fill my stomach first and we can talk when I’m done.”

“Are you trying to negotiate terms with me?” Jayden got up and was about to


“No.” Silvia reached out her hands and grabbed him. “Don’t leave. I’ll tell you,

okay? There was no one else, and you were the only one from the beginning to

the end.”

Jayden asked, “I’m the only one?”

Silvia nodded vigorously. “Yes, you’re the only one. When you came over to the bar last night, I happened to see a handsome man, and that handsome man

was you.”

She was looking at Jayden, but she was talking and thinking about

Felix. However, she was too ashamed to say that the “someone else was Felix. Knowing that it would turn out like this, Jayden was still a little angry. His eyes darkened slightly and he asked, “What did you mean by the third mistake… You should not have said what you said to Audrey?”

“Ah… You didn’t know about that, too?” Silvia really wanted to cry. She wanted to cry out loud so that he could see it. This man knew nothing about it, but Silvia exposed her mistakes on her own accord again!

Jayden beckoned for her to continue, Tell me about it.”

“1.” Silvia regretted very much for telling him everything. If she had known that this would happen, Silvia would have just kept her mouth shut. She hesitated for a long time and said, “It’s nothing actually. It’s just that Audrey asked for your phone number, and I gave it to her.”

In fact, Silvia knew that Jayden was aware of the fact that she had given his phone number to Audrey, so she used this as an excuse.

Jayden asked, “What else?”

“Nothing else.” Silvia would not tell him the things that he didn’t know, even if threatened with death. Otherwise, she could fathom how Jayden would torrent her later on!

“Nothing more?” Jayden looked at her with a faint smile.

“No more.” Silvia felt a little guilty when he was looking into her eyes, but fortunately, she held on this time and did not surrender

“Alright, you did quite a good job” Jayden said. Upon hearing his words, the weight in Silvia’s heart was lifted in an instant. This b*stard had finally stopped finding fault with her.

“But since you pretended to be someone else’s girlfriend behind my back, how do you think I should punish you?” He looked at her with a smile on his face, as if he really wanted to listen to her opinion.

Silvia was about to go insane. “What. what do you mean?”

Jayden said, “I meant exactly what you heard.”

Silvia clenched her fists. “I’ve told you that I won’t make these mistakes ever

again. Why can’t you just let things slide?”

Jayden added, “You’re admitting your own mistakes, not bad!”

Silvia thought that this was an opportunity to escape, so she said excitedly, “Can I go to eat now?”

“Eat?” Jayden suddenly laughed. “You’re right. Your punishment would be to not

touch the grilled beef that the cook has prepared for you.”

As soon as Silvia heard that she was not allowed to eat the beef, she raised her fist angrily and hit him without a second thought. “Jayden Elias Kyle, you’re courting death, aren’t you?”

Jayden grabbed Silvia’s fist with ease and nodded very seriously, “Yes, I am

courting death.

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