My Husband Warm the Bed- 1082

The appetizing food was placed on the countertop. Silvia took a few steps to the left and reached out for the food. But just as her hand had touched the lid, she hesitated.

If the food was placed in such an obvious place, could it be a trap that Jayden had set up?

Or could there be poison in it? So if she was to eat it, she would be poisoned to death. And by the time, Jayden would claim that it was intended to poison rats and that it was Silvia’s own fault that she had eaten it.

“It was said that women are even deadlier than men, but I do really think that this b*stard is even more vicious than a woman. If he doesn’t poison me to death, he would never stop.”

While Silvia was cursing Jayden in her heart, she walked to the kitchen door and looked around to make sure that no one was peeking at her in the dark, and then went back into the kitchen.

She opened the lid and there were two bowls in there. In both of the bowls were some unidentifiable soup.

The dark-colored soup smelt really good, so it should be something edible.

Silvia got closer to it and took a sniff and confirmed that was the fragrance of


After making sure it was food, she resisted herself from eating it. She had to look at the color to make sure that Jayden did not drug them.

Silvia wanted to observe it for a little while more, but her stomach would not allow her to do so. It was constantly growling and urging her to drink it up, “It doesn’t smell weird, so it should be fine.” Silvia picked up a spoon and

scooped up a spoonful of the soup and put it into her mouth. It didn’t look

appetizing, but the taste was delicious and refreshing

Silvia took one after another mouthful of the soup and after a while, both of the bowls were already empty.

“Urgh..” Silvia was so full that she let out a loud burp. She rubbed her belly and

said, “Sorry that I overate.”

In the past, she would not even take a second look at food which looked like

this. But this time, she was really too hungry, so she couldn’t care about it too



A noise sounded in the dining room. It was the sound of someone switching on the lights. In an instant, the dining room and the kitchen where Silvia was in

were brightly lit.

“Oh no!” Silvia cried in her heart. She poked her head around the kitchen door and saw that the person who had turned on the lights was Jayden, the man who had always thought of different ways to torture her

Why would this b*stard come to the dining room in the middle of the night? Could it be that he knew she was secretly eating in the kitchen, so he was here

to catch her?

No! She couldn’t let that b*stard catch her red handed!

Silvia wanted to find a place to hide. Although the kitchen was big, there was nowhere for her to hide.

Jayden was slowly approaching the kitchen, so without a second thought, Silvia opened the refrigerator door and tried to hide in the large refrigerator.

However, before she could stuff herself in, she was frightened by the forceful

cold air of the refrigerator. If Jayden happened to stay in the kitchen for an

extended period of time, she would definitely freeze to death. She must not do something this risky.

However, just as Silvia was still hesitating, Jayden had already stepped into the

kitchen. He saw her.

Laying his eyes on Silvia, he was slightly surprised, but his gaze became extremely cold in the next second. His eyes were so icy that it felt more frigid than the cold air in the refrigerator, sending a chill down Silvia’s spine.

If he caught her eating red handed, this man would definitely reprimand her.

No way!

Silvia tried to think on her feet and soon enough, her brain was spinning, providing her a perfect idea to get her out of the situation.

She stretched out her hands, closed her eyes, and walked out like a zombie.

At this time, her eyes were tightly shut so she couldn’t see anything. She pretended like she was sleepwalking so that it would at least not be as embarrassing if Jayden was to find her in such a state.

Silvia was proud of herself to be able to come up with such a good idea in such

a short amount of time.

Jayden obviously did not expect that this stupid woman would have such a trick up her sleeve, so he was momentarily stunned.

Seeing that she was walking around like a zombie while peeking from time to time, Jayden found her so foolish to the point that she was adorable.

“Are you sleepwalking?” Jayden asked her.

“Congratulations, you’re right! Silvia wanted to praise him, but she held back her words. If she did, all her acting would go to waste.

“Are you sleepwalking or are you possessed by a zombie?’ He leaned slightly towards her and blocked her path as he waved his hand in front of her eyes.

The ‘sleepwalking’ Silvia would not know that he was blocking her path, so even if she knew that he was blocking her path, she had to continue stepping forward

Jayden continued to block her path. After repeating a few times, Silvia was

exhausted so she stopped.

“You really won’t stop messing around, huh? You’re still messing around even when you’re sleepwalking.” Jayden reached out his hand and pinched her rosy tender cheek. “Mm, you’re so tender, not bad!”

“What the h*ll? Do you think that I won’t feel the pain because I was sleepwalking?” Silvia suspected that this man knew that she was just putting up an act. However, at this point, even if he knew, she couldn’t admit it herself. Therefore, she could only continue to pretend and curse him silently.

All of a sudden, Jayden got so close to her that she could feel his warm breath

on her face.

What was he going to do?

What the h*ll was he trying to do?

Was he going to molest her while she was sleepwalking?

Silvia wanted to step back, but Jayden stretched out his hand and grabbed her

waist instead, making her unable to retreat.


Silvia shouted in her heart, “What a shameless bastard. You’d better don’t mess

around with me! If you dare to take advantage of me, I will definitely tear you up into pieces.”

However, no matter how loud Silvia shouted in her heart, Jayden would not be

able to hear it. Therefore, Jayden was getting closer to her and the tip of his nose was already touching hers. The next second, he reached out his hand and pinched her little chin while

raising it slightly. He then complimented, “Your eyelashes are very long, and

they look very nice.”

“I know that my eyelashes are long and beautiful. I don’t need you to praise me

for that! Now, remove your dirty hands off me!” Silvia wanted to slap his hand off, but she did not dare to do so, so all she could do was to scoff at him in her


However, not only did Jayden not let go of her, he lowered his head and kissed


His kiss was somewhat gentle, as if he was protecting a treasure,

However, a few seconds later, his kiss was gradually getting more overbearing. Eventually, his kiss had become so domineering that it felt like he was going to penetrate her innermost soul.

Silvia tried to break away from him, but he was too strong. He was so strong that she could only stay still in his arms and let him kiss her so unscrupulously.

Sob, sob, sob…

Silvia felt so much pity for herself. She was the most pitiful creature in the world. D

It was just because she was so hungry that she stole some food from the kitchen, and now Jayden was making her pay him back.

More importantly, she even shamelessly enjoyed his kiss.

Little did she know since when she had unknowingly placed her hands around his shoulders, and pushed her body against his while responding to his overbearing and passionate kiss.

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