My Husband Warm the Bed-1083

This was the first time Silvia had realized that a man could be so gentle yet so overbearing while kissing a woman, as if they were the only two people left in the world.

He was kissing her, and she responded to him. Both of them were immersed in

this long and passionate kiss. Neither of them was willing to break the kiss, and

both of them wanted the kiss to last a little longer After a long time had passed, the two of them reluctantly ended the passionate


Silvia was so weak after the long kiss that she couldn’t stand still. She leaned against Jayden’s chest feebly, as she calmed her breathing.

“You’re awake?’ Jayden’s voice sounded out of a sudden, which made Silvia’s body stiffened a little. It turned out that this man was trying to wake her up using a kiss, but she was so immersed into his kiss that she had forgotten about their true identities.

She knew clearly that this man was like a poisonous drug, a man whom she couldn’t afford to mess with. However, she would still be lured by his charm and unknowingly sink into his illusion of gentleness that he had created for her.

“You’re not awake yet?” Jayden asked again.

Silvia shut her eyes tightly and was ready to play dead. No matter what he asked, she would not answer

Silvia did not answer, so Jayden kissed her again. This time, it was even more overbearing and passionate than the previous one. The kiss had only started, but Silvia couldn’t bear it anymore.

She tried to push him away from her, but his grip became even tighter. His arms, which were holding her, were as strong as steel.

However, Silvia felt extremely dizzy because of the kiss so she leaned against his body and did not feel like moving at all.

He carried her in his arms and went upstairs. He brought her back to his bedroom, and laid her down on his bed…

But because Silvia had been keeping her eyes shut, she did not see the redness in Jayden’s eyes, nor did she notice his determination to have her to himself.

It was not the first time Silvia had lied on Jayden’s bed anyway so she was not

embarrassed either. With her eyes shut, she was ready to go to sleep. However, in the next moment, Jayden reached out his large hand and wrapped his arms around her waist. With a strong pull. Silvia’s body immediately rolled into his arms.

His large hands were wandering on her body. Silvia grabbed his hand and opened her eyes slowly. She looked into his bloodshot eyes and said, “Jayden… I.. don’t want to!”

She did not know why, but when she saw him like this, she felt that it was a cruel thing for her to reject him.

She did not want to do it so she had to refuse him. But why did she feel guilty?

Silvia could not understand why she was feeling this way!

He nibbled her earlobe and emphasized in a deep voice, Silvia, you are my wife!”

“No, I’m not. Legally, she was, but that was not how she felt in her heart. She

had someone whom she loved, so she would never fall in love with Jayden

“Then tell me, whose wife do you want to be?” His large hands were getting even more rebellious as they wandered across her body and it seemed like he had no intention to stop it at all.

However, due to his constant pestering and his disrespectful attitude towards her, Silvia flew into a rage and shouted, “Anyone but not you.”

“Anyone? Or was it only Felix? This flashed across Jayden’s mind, but he did

not say it out loud.

In the past, there was also a woman who loved someone else, who hated him and rejected him. This time, history repeated itself once again. Jayden recalled everything that had happened in the past and this was the first time in his entire life that he had ever experienced fear.

Therefore, this time, no matter who Silvia loved, no matter who she wanted to marry, and no matter how reluctant she was to be his wife, none of them would matter to him

He only knew that she was his wife, and only knew that he was the only man who possessed her. Thus, he must keep her by his side, forever and ever, regardless of the sacrifices that he would have to make

“Yes. anyone but not you!” Because of the inexplicable guilt that she felt towards Jayden, Silvia shouted angrily,

“Silvia, only I can be your man. Jayden then forced himself on her, wanting to

mark her as his territory, ensuring that she would never forget him!

“Ah.” Silvia snorted in pain. However, she bit onto her lower lip and refrained herself from uttering a sound,

She hated what was happening at this very moment, she hated that he had forced her into it, she hated that he was always so full of himself, and she hated that he thought he could control her life just because he was her husband.

Even if she was willing to marry him, she was also an independent person, not his appendage. She should have her own right to choose for herself.

He was still thrusting, fiercely and ruthlessly, while Silvia on the other hand was

still biting onto her lips, unwilling to cooperate nor beg for his mercy He possessed her in his way, and she resisted him in her way. They were very close to each other, yet their hearts were extremely distant.

After a long time had passed, everything finally ended. Silvia rolled over and

wanted to leave, but Jayden pulled her back and held her in his arms. “Don’t go!

Let me hold you!”

He was clearly the one who was humiliating her and the one who had s*x with her without her consent. He was clearly the worst person in this universe, but

why did he talk to her in such a pitiful tone?

Did he really think that if he pretended to be pitiful, she would forgive him and forget about those abominable things that he had done to her ?

No, she wouldn’t. She could only hate him, how could she forgive him?

“Don’t go! Don’t leave me again! Let me hold you!” He continued in a sorrowful yet affectionate voice.

How could he bully her and force her to be nice to him? Silvia was so mad that she widened her mouth and bit his chest. Since he had hurt her, she must make him feel the pain too


How could he bully her like this and make her feel guilty?

Silvia did not like the guilt that she was feeling for him so she kicked him. “B*stard, you can’t bully me. Everyone else in the world can bully me, but not


Didn’t he say that he was her husband? Then why couldn’t he do as she wished? Didn’t he know that women needed to be pampered and cared for?

“Don’t cry!” He cupped her face in his palms, and lowered his head to give her a

gentle kiss on her forehead. “Be a good girl.”

“Only pets will obey your orders. I don’t want to be a good girl!” She was his wife, not his pet Why should she listen to him?

“Don’t go!’ Jayden held her against his body so tightly so that he could sense

her breath

No matter what she did, he could bear it as long as she could stay by his side and not leave him, so that his heart would not wander around and he would not have to endure the loneliness of the night by himself

He felt too lonely to spend the night alone, as if he was going to be swallowed by a huge and deep abyss at any time.

Except for her, no one could get him out of that bottomless pit, so he had to hold onto Silvia tightly no matter what.

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