My Husband Warm the Bed- 1084

The night was as dark as ink.

The crickets in the garden of the villa were chirping continuously. On this quiet night, the chirping sound was very noisy, but it was the sound of nature.

The master bedroom on the second floor of the villa was still brightly lit. The

blood- orange light penetrated through the thick curtains and shone on the Lover Silk Tree which was blooming outside. There was a very sad and beautiful legend about the Lover Silk Tree. It was said that the Lover Silk tree was known as the Bitter Silk tree at its early stage, and it

was not supposed to bloom.

Later, a scholar abandoned his wife, and the wife left in hatred. Before she left, she declared that if her husband had a change of heart, this Bitter Silk tree would start to bloom. Her husband would be the leaves, and she would be the flower. The flowers would not grow old, and the leaves would never wither. That way, they would be together forever and ever!

Later on, the woman died, and the Bitter Silk tree bloomed. In memory of the woman’s unreasoning passion for her husband, the people then renamed the tree as the Lover Silk Tree.

This was a beautiful love story which Jayden had heard from his grandmother not longer after he was adopted into the Kyle family. At that time, he was still very young, but this story was deeply embedded in his memory up till this day. Perhaps, it was because he could relate himself to this very legend. He was

also deeply in love with a woman, hoping that she would return to him and that

she would be able to find him among the crowd of people.

However, no matter how many years he had waited, even at the end of his life, the woman who he was waiting for never looked back, and she had even found her other half, but that person was not him.

When he had decided to settle down in Madison City three years ago, he had managed to get his hands on a tiny sapling by chance. He planted it in the garden and right next to his room, as he watched it grow day by day

Now that three years had passed the sapling, which could’ve died, had grown into a mature tree. It bloomed and it would even bear fruits.

The sapling resembled his life. It was when they were at the most helpless

stage of their lives that they had met the people and the things that had changed their fate.

However, his life did not turn out like how the Lover Silk Tree did. His life did not bear any fruits, and it was still the same as before. It was lonely and desolate, and there was not a person who could make his heart at ease.

Until she appeared….

At the thought of her, Jayden subconsciously tightened his grip. Almost at the same time, Silvia, who was in his arms, shouted, “Jayden, can’t you be a little more gentle?! Are you trying to strangle me to death? Jayden ignored her and held her even tighter.

Silvia could not understand why he must go against her in everything they do. He had just bullied her, and the both of them were still in bed, and yet he still would not compromise with her, even just a little.

Silvia was at the verge of snapping, so she shouted. Jayden, you b*stard, you

are addicted to bullying me, aren’t you?

Jayden said, “Mm.

He didn’t know why, but he enjoyed watching her being agitated. She was so bright and bubbly that he couldn’t help but want to get closer to her.

Silvia pinched him and roared, “What did you say? Say it again!”

He actually admitted that he was bullying her.

More importantly, even if he had admitted to it, she still couldn’t do anything to him.

Silvia was furious!

So angry that she felt like she was going to explode!

Jayden bullied her, and she couldn’t even defend herself. However, thinking about it, she did enjoy it when they were making love so she had decided not to

argue with him at first, but this man had gone too far.

After doing what he did, not only did he not let her go, he was holding onto her so tightly that she was suffocating. This bestard, this nasty pervert! What the hall was on his mind?

“Good girl, let’s get some sleep!” Jayden ignored her as he held her tightly in his

arms and pressed her head against his chest.

“Sleep?! He wasn’t wearing anything, neither was she. Two naked people

hugging each other so tightly that they could even feel each other’s warmth. Or,

did he mean that they were going to do it again?

*Do you want to do it again?” This little woman looked thin, but her stamina was rather impressive. They had just done it a while ago, and yet she was still so energetic, she didn’t look tired at all.

“Bastard, are you out of your mind? All you think about was this sort of dirty stuff, huh? Silvia could not believe that she wanted to do it again, so she struck him with her foot.

However, Silvia thought that his suggestion was not that bad after all. The previous time, she was still mad at him so she didn’t cooperate with him at all which made the entire process somewhat unsatisfying,

If she was given another chance, she would definitely cooperate well so that they could enjoy the close intimacy between the two of them.

But this time, she could not let him bully her. She must take the upper hand. She had to be on top of him so that she could bully him.. At the thought of it, Silvia immediately got into action.

She rolled over to him and sat on his body, like a high and mighty queen. “Jayden, it’s up to me this time. You’re not allowed to move

Jayden smirked. “Are you sure?”

Silvia glared at him. “Quit the cr*p, just do whatever I ask you to do!”

Jayden curled his lips into a wicked smile and said, “Alright!”

Silvia then began to get into action… However, Jayden really did what she said. He did not move at all. Silvia was so mad that she felt like she was going to explode. She was working so hard, and yet he did not cooperate with her at all

Was she not womanly enough for him? Or was she not attractive to him? Or could it be that he was not a man at all? That was impossible though, he was so manly when they did it the previous time.

“Beg me!” He said in a hoarse voice with his warm breath in her ear.

“Beg. why should I beg you, you b*stard?” How can he talk terms with her at = this moment, and even asked her to beg him. No, absolutely not. She must control herself. If he didn’t want to move, then she could just give up.

Silvia then rolled off his body and wanted to leave. However, before she could even do so, Jayden had already grabbed onto her. He wanted to tell her through his actions that was not because she was not attractive enough for him, nor was because he couldn’t do it, but he only wanted to mess around with her.

No matter how great Silvia’s stamina was, she was still not comparable to

Jayden. When it ended, she was so exhausted that she felt her bones were detached from her body. Silvia slumped heavily into his arms and said, “You btstard!” Silvia still did not forget to curse at him with her last remaining strength

“Mm.” Jayden caressed her back gently and answered in a soft voice. As long as she was happy with it, he was willing to be one.

“You are bullying me again!” Didn’t she say that she would be the one bullying

him this time? How did it go the other way around?

I’ll let you bully me next time then. There was a hint of unprecedented gentleness in his voice.

“You liar. I’m not going to believe you!” He had never kept his promise, and it was not her first time that she was cheated by him. She didn’t want to believe him anymore.

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