My Husband Warm the Bed- 1085

“I’m 200% serious this time.” Jayden wanted to laugh. This silly woman was not aware that she was jumping into the trap that he had set up for her.

“Pinky swear!” Silvia insisted on a childish ritual to seal the deal.

“Okay.” Jayden didn’t mind her being childish, so he stretched out his pinky

finger and hooked it against hers. “It’s a deal then. You’re the one who’s going to bully me next time.” “Okay, it’s a deal. Silvia answered in a daze. However, just as she was about to fall asleep, she suddenly thought of something, “Wait.”

Jayden held back his laughter. “What’s wrong?”

Are you lying to me again?” She had a feeling that something was wrong, but she was too tired to think about it. She rubbed her head against his chest, closed her eyes, and fell into a deep slumber.

Silvia was really exhausted. She lied in his arms and fell asleep in a split second. However, she was not sleeping peacefully. She would frown and pout from time to time, and she would even curse at Jayden in her sleep. “Jayden, you b*stard! You’re an animal!”

Silvia, you can’t escape from me anymore!” Upon hearing her, Jayden raised his eyebrows slightly. He had finally appeared in her dreams, and this was a good start.

He had used his own efforts to replace that man, the man who would appear in Silvia’s dream. Even if it was not a good dream, he thought that it was still worth it.

The little woman in his arms moved and stretched out her arms to hold him. After changing into a more comfortable sleeping pose, she continued to sleep soundly in his arms.

“What a silly woman!” He reached out his fingers and pinched the tip of her nose.

Silvia looked beautiful and adorable at the same time. She had a rounded

forehead, and her eyes were bright. Especially those eyelashes, they were so

long, which looked like two little fans. If she was to sit there quietly and did not make vigorous movements, she would definitely look like a fairy from a painting

However, Silvia could not stay still at all. Having known her for so long, Jayden had never seen her being quiet before, as if she would never burn out. She would drink and get into fights. She was the typical naughty and rebellious girl.

However, such a girl had caught Jayden’s attention. He was so attracted to her

that he couldn’t even look away from her and set his gaze on her all the time. He got her through his own means… which was not aware of, and he wouldn’t let her find out about it. Even if one day she had come to know about it, he still would not regret his decisions.

Even if she was to hate and resent him… it wouldn’t matter at all. He would never let go of her. He would leave a trace of himself on her that was so deep that she could never remove him from her memory

For example…

He was gently stroking her lower abdomen with his large hand. They did not use any contraception that night, so she might be carrying his child in her



Believe it or not, it was kind of ridiculous to think about it. He was a grown man, and yet he couldn’t even get love from a woman, so he had to use such a method to make sure that she would stay with him.

In the past, he couldn’t escape his fate so he had to accept it. Everything did not go the way he wanted it to, but none of that would not happen anymore. He would try his best to rewrite his life and fight against fate.

Jayden, you b*stard! You can’t bully me! I want to eat beef., and roasted chicken! I want to eat meat. Silvia frowned and murmured in her sleep.

*You want to eat meat? Haven’t you eaten enough just now?” Looking at her silly face, Jayden’s heart was completely melted. “Then let me satisfy you.” He lifted her chin and kissed her aggressively. “Is that enough?”

She did not answer, but licked her lips instead, as if she was trying to taste his lips. Such an unintentional move was enough to ignite his desire.

Jayden swallowed his saliva. “D*mned silly woman!” If it was not for his strong will power, he might have pounced on her and eaten her up already,

In the end, he was still reluctant to hurt her. He didn’t do anything to her. Instead, he pushed her gently away from his arms and got out of bed cautiously.

After stepping into the bathroom, Jayden got a towel and soaked with warm

water. Then, he returned to the bed and helped her wipe off the sticky semen

that was on her body

Silvia was sleeping like a pig. She was sleeping so soundly that she did not

even know what he had done.

Jayden shook his head. It seemed that he would have one more thing to do in the future. If he couldn’t keep her by his side every single night, then he had to train her to always keep her guard up. He must not let her live so unwarily


If this person was not him, but someone else, would she continue to sleep like a little dead pig too?

He would never allow this to happen.

After a dreamless night, Silvia woke up in the morning and felt extremely refreshed. She stretched her body, and found that there was an arm resting on

her waist.

“Ah.” She immediately recalled what had happened the night before. D*mn it, why was he still here? and hugging her like this?

“You’re awake.” A low and magnetic voice with a little laziness in his tone sounded in her ears. His voice was so seductive that Silvia felt like she was going to pounce on him.

“Not yet.” Silvia got under the quilt again. She was the kind who would only feel embarrassed after everything had ended. Perhaps, her brain was slightly sluggish compared to the others.

“Sleep for a little longer then. Jayden said.

“Why should I sleep just because you want me to?” She did not want to conform to him, so she lifted the quilt and sat up.

However, Silvia regretted her decision in an instant, because her body was

completely bare, just like the night before.

She wanted to go back into the quilt again. However, she saw that Jayden’s gaze was on her body, and there was even a hint of disgust in his eyes.

Silvia was so anxious that she grabbed the pillow and threw it at him. “What are

you looking at? If you dare to look at it one more time, I’ll dig out your eyes.” Jayden smiled evilly and said, “It seems like we’re having some pancakes for breakfast today!”

“You b*stard!” How dare he laugh at her for being flat-chested. He was just so


Silvia pulled away the quilt and Jayden’s body which was also under the quilt

was exposed in the air, Just like her, he was completely naked.

However, he was a man. Not only was he not shy, but he also continued to look

at her with an evil look in his eyes. He then asked her in his seductive voice, “Are you satisfied with what you’ve just seen?”

Silvia hated Jayden’s calm and composed look, so without a second thought, she uttered some offensive words at him. “I’m not interested in baby carrots!” “Baby carrots?” Jayden did not grasp the hidden meaning in Silvia words at that

time, and it was not until one day he had overheard the conversation between

Silvia and Audrey that he had finally realized what Silvia had meant.

He did not understand what she had just said!

How could he not know it?

He knew about ‘pancakes’, but he didn’t understand that ‘baby carrots’ was an insult to the size of his manhood? That was outright unbelievable!

Silvia raised her eyebrows proudly. She wanted to laugh at him, but she still

couldn’t afford to provoke him. She quickly changed her tone and

said, “Yeah, baby carrots are too tiny. I don’t like them!”

Although it was quite random that Silvia had mentioned baby carrots all of a sudden, Jayden, who was in a good mood after satisfying his desire, did not try to get to the bottom of it.

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