My Husband Warm the Bed-1086

Jayden looked at her with an evil and arrogant look, making Silvia feel like she was a prey that was being targeted by a predator and was to be eaten up in the next second.

Silvia snatched over the quilt and wrapped it around her body. She glared at him and said, “I said not to look, but you’re still looking. If you dare to look again, I’ll

beat you up!” Jayden raised his eyebrows slightly and said with a smile, “So you can look at my naked body but I can’t look at yours?” Jayden was amused by her savagery.

Silvia argued, “Who said that I’m looking at you?”

Jayden said, “If you’re not looking at me, how would you know that I’m looking at you then?”

Since couldn’t reason against Silvia could only use her skill, which was being unreasonable. Therefore, she said, “I can look at you, but you’re not allowed to look at me anymore.”

Her face turned red and it looked so adorable that Jayden wanted to ‘eat’ her again. I’m only looking at my wife’s body, can’t I do that?”

“Who’s your wife? I’m not your wife!” Silvia didn’t want to be recognized as his

wife, but they had already done what married couples would do. How miserable

for her!

At this very moment, she could even recall how much energy Jayden had used the night before as he made love to her. It was as if he wanted to fuse into her bones.

At that time, there was a brief moment that Silvia could feel that this man cherished her, or at least he did not look like the man she had imagined, the man who would only torture her.

Sigh..” Silvia sighed silently. People always said that men only think with their d*cks, but she did not expect that it would be the same for women too

She had only slept with him a few times, but she already felt that he cherished

her. Sure enough this was exactly what the people would say, s*x was

something that could make a woman stay with a man.

In fact, deep down, she really despised him. She hated doing it with a man who she did not love. However, she did not know why whenever she was seduced by

him, she would no longer act like her usual self.

And if she was the one to take the initiative, even she would be afraid of herself.. Sure enough, s*x was capable of turning a pure-hearted person into a reprobate.

“You’re not? Then who is?” Jayden’s eyes darkened. He reached out his hand and pulled her into his arms. He was so strong that when Silvia’s face hit his chest, she could feel a jabbing pain on her face.

Jayden, what on earth did I do? You just want to see me suffer, don’t you?” She said. He obviously wanted to torture her, but she was still being an idiot thinking that he would cherish her.

“Be good, don’t shout! Lie down with me for a little while longer!” He pulled her into his arms and gently rubbed his chin against her forehead. At that moment, he really wished that he could just hug her like this for the rest of his life.

“Lie down? It’s getting late, I have to go to school. How could she be late for school the day after the Principal had a chat with her? Was that how she was

going to be the promising student’ who the Principal had said she was? “Shh!” Jayden put his slender fingers on her lips and pressed them gently

I have to go to school.” Silvia struggled to raise her head while being In his arms. “Please, ‘ll let you hug me to your heart’s content when I come back tonight, okay?

This man was not considerate of her at all. Did he really think that she was like

him, having tons of money to spend without having to do anything?

In the past, it was indeed like this when her father was still alive. She never had to worry about money and her father would give her a vast sum of pocket money every month, which she could spend on whatever she wanted to.

However, ever since her father’s death, everything had completely changed. Everything that she had was being taken away, and even the money in her private account was frozen,

She, a daughter of a rich family, had now become a dawdler who would be looked down at no matter where she went. All of these had really made her witness the true fickleness of the world.

“Okay” Jayden agreed. Silvia suddenly felt as if she had fallen into his trap. Why

would she want to let him hug her at night though? She pushed him away and said, “Then let go of me. I need to go take a shower.”

“Okay.” He agreed without any hesitation. Just as Silvia thought that he was

going to let her go, Jayden immediately picked her up from the bed and carried her naked body in his arms as he walked into the bathroom. n

Silvia said, “Jayden, what are you trying to do?”

Jayden said, “I’m going to help you bathel”

“Who said that I want you to bathe me? Bstard, let go of me!” Dmn it! This man was really shameless. She would never believe that bathing her was his mere intention

Soon enough, Jayden had proved Silvia right. He was indeed not only helping to bathe her, but also reminiscing what they had done together the night before.

Silvia was so mad that she shouted, Jayden, where’s your sense of shame?

With a satisfied look on his face, Jayden smiled evilly and said, “What’s that? Can I eat them?”

Silvia was speechless. “You bastard! You’re so shameless!”

Jayden approached her and bit her earlobe gently. “I like to eat you!”

Silvia never knew that this man was capable of being so shameless, After an hour had passed, Silvia glared at him as she tidied up her clothes. “You


“Did I hurt you just now?” Jayden had already put on his clothes. He was dressed in a formal suit, looking quite a decent man, but unfortunately, he was in fact a hungry wolf in sheep’s skin.

“Shut up!” She would always say no, but whenever he asked for it, she would always give in to him, and this was the very reason that she was so annoyed.

As he approached her and Silvia would immediately step back. He stepped

forward again, and she would retreat again… until she was forced to the corner

with him standing right in front of her.

Because he was much taller than her, he looked down from above and he could see that she was so nervous that her eyebrows were trembling. He could not help but lower his head and kiss her eyes gently

“Stop it, Jayden!” Silvia was so worried about this animal would want to do it again that she did not dare to move. She would let him kiss her if he wanted to.

While he was kissing her, he suddenly stopped and said softly, “Does it hurt?

Silvia was a little confused. “Huh?”

He added in a softer voice, “Did I hurt you just now?”

Silvia was at a loss for words.

Did this a shole have to ask such a difficult question? Silvia did not know how to answer him because not only did he not hurt her, she even felt quite comfortable while they were doing it.

“Sorry! I will be gentler next time!” After that, he lifted her chin and kissed her


“Get out of my face!” Silvia launched her fist at him. They had just finished making love, but he was already thinking about doing it again. Was he a s*x maniac or something that this was the only thing he had on his mind all day?

He could have avoided her fist easily, but he did not. He received the punch, and then held her fist and kissed on it, “Does it hurt?”

Jayden’s behavior had left Silvia speechless.

Was this man really concerned about her?

Was he really concerned if he had hurt her?

he really succumb to his conscience, or was she wrong about this?

Just as Silvia was immersed in her thoughts, Jayden pulled her into his arms once again and hugged her tightly. “I’m sorry!”

It seemed that he had really succumbed to his conscience, Silvia was a little excited as she wondered if she could take this opportunity to make a small request?

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